TD Bank USA Online Banking Review

One of the leading banks in Northeast and Southeast America is TD Bank. TD Bank has expanded its business. As part of TD Bank Financial Group, TD Bank USA offers online banking and variety banking services review. More details on online banking is described below.


TD Bank is American bank subsidiary division of TD Bank Financial Group (NYSE: TD, TSX:TD, TYO: 8640) which provides financial services to US personal and commercial banking. As the 10 largest banks in US, TD Bank provides a full range of financial products such as banking, insurance, brokerage, and investment banking. It has >1,250 convenient local branches from Maine to Florida. TD Bank also has more than 2,700 ATM machines.

TD Bank was formed with merger of TD Banknorth and Commerce Bank in 2008. The current TD Bank USA CEO is Bharat B. Masrani. The current TD Bank (USA) headquarters are located at Cherry Hill, New Jersey and Portland, MaineUSA. TD Bank tag line is “America's Most Convenient Bank.”

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Bank Competitors
  • USA Bank Competitors: HSBC, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo
  • Canadian Bank Competitors: Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal, CIBC.

TD Bank Product and Services

There are 4 main products offered by TD Bank such as:
TD Bank: Setup Alerts
  • Personal Banking – include checking account, savings account, credit cards, mortgage loan, Home Equity Loans and more
  • TD Insurance products – TD Auto insurance, TD Home insurance, TD Life insurance, valuable items insurance and more
  • Investment account – client can invest through TD Ameritrade brokerage account
  • TD Wealth Management – client may find portfolio manager through private investment counsel, also use private banking feature

TD Bank Online Banking Review

TD Bank: Setup BillPay
Access to online banking is free for all TD Customer by going to TD bank website, To sign up for TD Bank online banking, you will need:
  • Your Social Security number (SSN #)
  • Your ATM or debit card number
  • Your personal savings or checking account number
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Once you sign up for the online banking, you can go to TD website to put in your TD login and TD password information for access. With TD Bank online banking or internet banking, you can do the following financial transactions:
  • Get real time account information anytime and anywhere for 24 hours and 7 days a week
  • Update your account information such as address, email, and password
  • Transfer funds between your TD Bank accounts such as checking or savings
  • Check your credit card balances and transaction
  • View your canceled check images online
  • Set up Stop payments on checks if you make a mistake or lost your check
  • Review, save and print online statements or e-statement
  • Pay bills online with FREE Bill Pay feature
  • Access deposit accounts directly with financial software such as Quicken or Microsoft Money
  • Receive e-mail alerts about your account information to manage your finances
  • Contact customer service for any questions about your account
  • Report any suspicious activities in your deposit account or credit card statement

TD Bank Mobile Banking

TD Bank: Online Overview
TD Bank offered mobile app for any blackberry, iphone and android phones customer. Customer can download the TD mobile app online on TD Bank website. You can do the following banking activities such as
  • Help find the nearest TD Bank branch or ATM location and provide direction
  • Check your deposit balance, loan account and credit card account balances
  • Access to any pending transactions and account history such as checking, savings or credit cards
  • Transfer funds between TD Bank accounts
  • Make single bill payments with mobile feature

TD Bank Checking account

There are 6 main online checking accounts such as
TD Bank: View Online Statement
  1. Convenience Checking – free for 1st year, $15 monthly maintenance fee waived with $100 account balance, no minimum initial deposit required
  2. Premier Checking – checking with competitive interest, $25 monthly fee waived with $2,500 min. account balance
  3. Relationship Checking – earn interest, combine statement for all deposit accounts, $25 monthly fee waived with $20,000 combined min. daily balance
  4. Value Checking – No minimum daily balance, $3 monthly fee, allowed 8 checks per statement cycle ($0.50 extra per check)
  5. Student Checking – No minimum balance requirement, no monthly fee, can be linked to parent account
  6. 50 Plus Checking – earn interest, $100 minimum balance after 1st year, $10 monthly fee waived if meet balance requirement

TD Bank Credit cards

There are 3 TD Bank Credit Cards:
  1. TD Easy Rewards Visa Credit Card – No annual fee, 2x rewards points for 1st 6 months after that 1 point per $1 spent
  2. TD Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card - No annual fee, 2% cash back for 1st 6 months after that 1% per $1 spent
  3. TD Payment Plus Visa Credit Card - No annual fee, discount interest rate based on account balance payment

TD Ameritrade

For investment brokerage account, TD Bank customers may apply for TD Ameritrade Online Brokerage account. TD Ameritrade offers:
  • Complete independent research from various industry leaders
  • Variety of investment choices to invest in stocks, options, CDs (certificate of deposit), Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), futures, mutual funds, forex, bonds, etc.
  • Online and phone customer service 24/7. It also has 100 branches offices nationwide
  • It provide flat rate of commission fee for equity trade with no maintenance fee. It only cost $9.99 per trade to buy stock online.
  • It also provide variety of complex trading tools.
Note: As of 9/17/2011, there is a limited time offer by TD Ameritrade for trading commission free for 30 days (up to $500)

Advantages & Disadvantages

Pros of TD Bank
  • View Online Statement
  • Big bank with variety of financial products and services
  • Provide lots of ATM and local branches
  • Provide access to TD Ameritrade Brokerage
  • Offer Online Banking and Mobile Banking features
  • Website looks great and provides lot of services
Cons of TD Bank
  • Local branches are concentrated at Eastern part of North America
  • Extra fees on services and products
  • No ‘true’ free checking account
  • Credit card rewards is not as attractive as other issuers

Final Thoughts

TD Bank does provide variety of financial banking products such as checking account, saving account, Certificate of Deposit (CD), credit card, insurance and investment. TD Bank can be your “One Stop Shop” for all your banking needs.

I would recommend using TD bank if you are based on eastern part of North America especially Northeastern part. TD Savings account and investment account through TD Ameritrade are highly recommended. The savings account doesn’t have any monthly fee and provide competitive interest rate. TD Ameritrade provides complete tools for active trader as well as investor.


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