Money Lesson


Money Advice

This page will be dedicated for thing that I learned from 12 years of investing.

Lesson learned from investing:

  1. Never have a "Hope" word in investing. When you are hoping, time to cut loose your investment.
  2. Have a target when you invest stock or fund whether it is downside or upside.
  3. It is okay to take profit and it is okay to take a loss. Look at the big picture. One loss or one gain is nothing.
  4. Don't expect to hit a jackpot when you invest. From time to time you will hit a jackpot (20% or more gain) or a loser (10% loser). Investing is a learning process.
  5. Be Patient for setup
  6. Keep saving and diversified into other field. Investing may not work for everyone.
I'll update this page when I learned new stuff.

If you have any investment advice, please don't hesitate to share by writing it in the comment box. Thanks!

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

The following is the index ETFs which I like to follow:


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