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Welcome to my MEPB Financial website. I have created this blog / website for sharing some investment informations such as best stock, top mutual funds, top performer closed end funds, fund review, etc. The financial contents in this website are free.

About Me

I'm YC. I'm an engineer with interest in financial investment. I have my Master degree in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech. I currently live in Los Angeles, CA USA and work for a public company in Business Service sector. I'll try to share an information a smart choice and investment advice as I see fit. All of the update from this blog is done by myself.

Yusup ChandraI have been investing for the past 5 years since 2007. I start by investing in Mutual Funds. I research extensively and chase a great performing mutual funds using Fidelity. Then, I moved to stock investing since 2008. I start using Zecco when they are offering free trade with no account balance limit. I still have my account with Zecco. I like their web based trading platform.

I currently use Merrill Edge by Bank of America. Although it may not be the best brokerage, I like its 30 free trades per month. You can get the free trades after you satisfy  its requirement. It also introduced MarketPro (java based) trading platform. It has many cool features in it. I have been using it since Zecco doesn't offer 10 free trades per month. Another alternative for free trading is WellsTrade online brokerage by Wells Fargo.

I also use Just2Trade and Lightspeed. I like Just2trade because it provides one of the lowest flat commission fee per trade. It only charges $2.50 per trade. If you are active trader, you might want to consider Interactive Brokers (IB) or Lightspeed.

About my performance, I did loss half of my capital investment during the crash 2008-2009, I learn the hard way. By mid 2010, I recovered all my capital and gain some more. Both my 401k and brokerage account has recovered to pre crash level and more.

My main investment are stocks, CEFs, & ETFs. I have experience investing in the following:
1. Closed End Fund (CEF) - Stock & Bond, hybrid, preferred, convertible, muni, emerging markets
2. Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)
3. Mutual Funds
4. Stocks - large cap, mid cap, small cap, foreign or international, emerging markets

I'll also provide information about online brokerage account review and more. My other interests are: travelling, blogging (programming), meditation.

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What is MEPB Financial?

MEPB Financial = My Engineer's Perspective Blog about Financial.

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