Popular Mutual Funds in 2017

Find the popular mutual funds in 2017. This mutual fund include stock, bond, and hybrid funds.

Invest in Popular Mutual Funds

As a prospective investor, you need to ask whether you should invest in the biggest and most popular mutual funds. Can you get the extra return with these popular mutual funds? You can find many companies which provide ratings on mutual funds including Morningstar, US News, Lipper, Forbes, Money, Kiplinger, etc.

Index Funds

Popular Mutual Funds in 2017Index funds are popular funds in 401k plan or retirement account (IRA). Some of the best index mutual funds are provided by Vanguard & Fidelity.

  • Index funds are cheaper than actively managed stock funds in term of expenses.
  • The funds may provide diverse selection of US companies than funds tracking the index such as S&P 500, etc.
  • There is no sales load on these funds.
  • Many of index funds are part of these popular mutual funds in 2017.
  • These funds will not beating its index, so don’t expect a super return.

Popular Mutual Funds in 2017 List

The following popular mutual fund in 2017 include 30 largest mutual funds. You will find Vanguard mutual fund, American Funds mutual funds, Fidelity mutual funds, etc.

NoFund NameTicker
1Vanguard Total Stock Market Index InvVTSMX
2Vanguard 500 Index InvestorVFINX
3Vanguard Total Intl Stock Index InvVGTSX
4Vanguard Total Bond Market Index InvVBMFX
5American Funds Growth Fund of America AAGTHX
6American Funds Europacific Growth AAEPGX
7Vanguard Total Bond Market II Idx InvVTBIX
8Fidelity 500 Index InvestorFUSEX
9Fidelity ContrafundFCNTX
10American Funds American Balanced AABALX
11American Funds Income Fund of America AAMECX
12American Funds Capital Income Builder ACAIBX
13Vanguard Wellington InvVWELX
14American Funds Washington Mutual AAWSHX
15American Funds Capital World Growth & Income ACWGIX
16PIMCO Total Return APTTAX
17American Funds Investment Company of America AAIVSX
18American Funds Fundamental Investors AANCFX
19Metropolitan West Total Return Bond MMWTRX
20Franklin Income AFKINX
21Vanguard Mid Cap Index InvestorVIMSX
22Vanguard Small Cap Index InvNAESX
23Vanguard Developed Markets Index InvVDVIX
25Vanguard Total Intl Bd Idx InvestorVTIBX
26Vanguard REIT Index InvestorVGSIX
27Dodge & Cox StockDODGX
28Vanguard Growth Index InvestorVIGRX
29DoubleLine Total Return Bond NDLTNX
30Dodge & Cox International StockDODFX


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