Top Large Cap Stocks Mutual Funds 2015: YTD Performance

Find top large cap stocks mutual funds in 2015 based on its YTD performance. Find best funds for large growth, large blend, and large value mutual fund.

Equity Funds

Large cap stock funds are investing mainly in U.S. companies with big market capitalization, 10 billion or more of assets. Depending on the management style, the fund may invest in value stocks or growth stocks or mix of both stocks. They may provide some dividend yield for income.
Top Large Cap Stocks Mutual Funds 2015

From this best performing funds list, you may find each individual fund review. The fund is sorted based on its year to date returns (up to August 9, 2015). Whether it is for your brokerage account or retirement account or 401k plan, you need to find the right fund for your long term plan. You can find the fund performance, expense ratio, and yield or dividend from the table below.

Large Growth

Large-growth mutual funds invest in big U.S. companies or corporations that are projected to grow faster than other large-cap stocks.
Growth is defined based on fast growth and high valuations.

Best performing large growth mutual funds in 2015 are:

NoFund NameTickerYTD Return %Expense Fee %
1Scotia Dynamic U.S. Growth Fund Class IDWUGX18.370.84
2Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund, Inc. Opportunity Portfolio Class AMEGPX17.861.23
3Sequoia FundSEQUX15.651.00
4John Hancock Funds Technical Opportunities Fund Class AJTCAX12.721.68
5The Hartford Growth Opportunities Fund Class AHGOAX12.721.12
6JPMorgan Growth Advantage Fund Class AVHIAX12.701.25
7Brown Advisory Sustainable Growth Fund Investor SharesBIAWX12.580.90
8Dunham Focused Large Cap Growth Fund Class ADAFGX12.341.46
9Janus Forty Fund Class AJDCAX12.161.01
10Polen Growth Fund Retail ClassPOLRX12.031.25
11RidgeWorth Aggressive Growth Stock Fund Class ASAGAX11.961.45

Sequoia Fund

This Sequoia fund has no yield. It has an expense fee of 1.00%. The total net assets are $8.9 billion. There is no yield. The portfolio turnover rate is 8%. The minimum investment is $1,000. This fund invests mainly in equity securities of U.S. and non-U.S. companies.

Morningstar has ranked this large growth fund with 5 stars and gold rating. In 2015, the year-to-date return of 17.18%. This top mutual fund has returned 19.73% over the past 3 year, and 19.23% over the past 5 years.

Large Value

Large value mutual funds utilize their assets to purchase stocks of big U.S. companies that are less expensive or growing more slowly than other large-cap stocks. Value is defined based on low valuations and slow growth.

Best performing large value mutual funds in 2015 are:

NoFund NameTickerYTD Return %Expense Fee %
1Diamond Hill Select Fund Class ADHTAX7.561.20
2Touchstone Focused Fund Class ATFOAX6.341.20
3INTECH U.S. Managed Volatility Fund Class AJRSAX5.471.07
4Invesco Diversified Dividend Fund Investor ClassLCEIX5.200.81
5DoubleLine Shiller Enhanced CAPE Class NDSENX4.220.87
6Frost Value Equity Fund Investor Class SharesFADVX4.171.06
7Oppenheimer Dividend Opportunity Fund Class AOSVAX4.071.15
8SEI Institutional Investments Trust U.S. Managed Volatility Fund Class ASVYAX4.010.23
9SEI Institutional Managed Trust Tax-Managed Volatility Fund Class ATMMAX3.981.00
10Meridian Equity Income Fund Investor ClassMRIEX3.891.35
11Federated Strategic Value Dividend Fund Class A SharesSVAAX3.691.05
12Hotchkis & Wiley Value Opportunities Fund Class AHWAAX3.641.20

Meridian Equity Income Fund

This Meridian Equity Income Fund is ranked with 3 stars rating. The annual expense fee is 1.35%. The total assets are $50 million. This fund has a yield of 1.56%.

This top fund has returned 9.78% over the past year, 14.24% over the past three years, and 13.16% over the past five years. Risk is Below Average compared to other funds in the same category according to Morningstar.

Large Blend

Large-blend funds are fairly representative of the overall U.S. stock market in size, growth rates, and price. The blend style is assigned to portfolios where neither growth nor value characteristics predominate.

Best performing large blend mutual funds in 2015 are:

NoFund NameTickerYTD Return %Expense Fee %
1Clipper FundCFIMX7.910.74
2Independent Franchise Partners US Equity FundIFPUX7.840.80
3Franklin Focused Core Equity Fund Class AFCEQX7.761.28
4T. Rowe Price U.S. Large-Cap Core FundTRULX7.471.15
5Thornburg Value Fund Class ATVAFX7.341.37
6Hartford Core Equity Fund Class AHAIAX7.101.09
7John Hancock Funds Fundamental Large Cap Core Fund Class AJFLAX6.871.30
8Mainstay U.S. Equity Opportunities Fund Class AMYCTX6.631.31
9John Hancock Large Cap Equity Fund Class ATAGRX6.611.03
10SEI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund Class ASDLAX6.570.07
11AQR Large Cap Defensive Style Fund Class NAUENX6.560.74
12Deutsche Core Equity Fund Class ASUWAX6.530.88


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