Stock Market is in Turmoil for 2015

Is the stock market dead? During week 36, 2015, top stock market industries are memory chips semiconductor, and regional airlines stocks.

Top Equity Industries

This post will look into the top performing stocks, industry, and sector. The S&P 500 index has a weekly return of -3.36%. NASDAQ Composite has a weekly return of -2.99%. Dow Jones Industrials Average has a weekly return of -1.59%. The small cap (Russell 2000) has a return of -2.28%.

Stock market highlights for week 36 are:
    Stock Market is in Turmoil for 2015
  • Stocks are dropping to near low again. Stocks reverse course again and close in negative territory for 2015.
  • China’s slowdown can be felt regionally
  • Fed uncertain to raise or hold interest rates in near term
  • Technology sector may have little impact to China
  • Oil is stabilizing
Top 15 stock industries in week 36, 2015 (August 31, 2015 to September 6, 2015) are:

No.NamePerf WeekPerf MonthPerf YTD
1Semiconductor- Memory Chips4.67%-8.99%-48.18%
2Basic Materials Wholesale2.82%4.92%2.55%
3Regional Airlines1.83%-2.68%-4.27%
4Sporting Activities1.24%-2.01%7.25%
5Tobacco Products, Other0.91%-11.30%19.94%
6Internet Service Providers0.83%0.53%-59.90%
7Apparel Stores0.56%-3.39%1.97%
8Home Health Care0.54%-8.84%23.91%
9Electronics Stores0.37%8.02%4.09%
10Residential Construction0.14%1.42%8.05%
11Paper & Paper Products0.10%-2.38%-7.86%
12General Building Materials-0.06%-2.11%19.25%
13Drug Stores-0.06%-6.74%14.83%
14Textile Industrial-0.10%-7.01%12.52%
15Home Furnishing Stores-0.10%-6.00%-9.89%

Best Stocks Return

Looking into best weekly stocks can provide an insight what stock market will bring for the next session. Retail or institutional investors may want to rotate to this sector to avoid bad returns. Can growth stocks finally make the comeback? Will value stocks continue to be the winner? Some great sectors in 2015 are drug, health care, grocery, consumer, etc.

Top 4 memory chips semiconductor stocks in 2015 are:

No.CompanyTickerPerf WeekPerf MonthPerf Year
1Micron Technology, Inc.MU5.39%-10.15%-48.94%
2SunEdison Semiconductor LimitedSEMI1.27%-6.54%-27.23%
3Rambus Inc.RMBS0.45%1.27%10.11%
4Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.ISSI0.09%0.87%49.15%
The 8 best regional airlines stocks in 2015 are:

No.CompanyTickerPerf WeekPerf MonthPerf Year
1Republic Airways Holdings Inc.RJET23.02%-13.98%-68.13%
2SkyWest Inc.SKYW7.26%-1.22%90.05%
3JetBlue Airways CorporationJBLU6.37%1.93%89.15%
4Alaska Air Group, Inc.ALK3.65%1.32%68.52%
5Ryanair Holdings plcRYAAY3.21%0.87%36.81%
6Hawaiian Holdings Inc.HA2.79%-1.30%53.52%
7Virgin America Inc.VA2.32%-3.90%-
8Southwest Airlines Co.LUV0.35%-1.35%14.16%
Top stock issues are:
  • Indices are bouncing lower again.
  • Oil is finally catching a bid.
  • Is China in trouble?
  • Bearish Divergence on stock charts gives warning to investors to skip stock markets for a while.


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