Janus Triton Fund (JANIX)

Janus Triton Fund (JANIX) is a popular US stock mutual fund. This fund invests its assets in common stocks selected for their growth potential. This investment fund uses its assets to purchase stocks of small- and medium-sized companies have a market capitalization of less than $10 billion. The fund may also invest in foreign securities, which may include investments in emerging markets.

This fund has $6.9 billion of assets. The fund manager is Jonathan D. Coleman. Its expense fee is 0.84%. The portfolio turnover rate is 30%. The fund has a yield of 0.08%. This class D fund has no sales load. The current share price is $25.29.

JANIX Fund Profile

    Janus Triton Fund | JANIX
  • Fund Inception Date: 02/25/2005
  • Ticker Symbol: JANIX
  • CUSIP: 47103E692
  • Beta (3yr): 0.95
  • Rank in category (YTD): 27%
  • Category: Small Growth
  • Yield: 0.08%
  • Capital Gains: -
  • Expense Ratio: 0.84%
  • Net Assets: $ 17.74 billion
  • Number of Years Up: 8 years
  • Number of Years Down: 1 year
  • Annual Turnover Rate: 30%

Janus Triton Fund Performance

Morningstar has ranked this Janus fund with 5 star and neutral rating. In 2015, it has year-to-date return of 7.43%. It has a 3 year annualized return of 19.90%. It has returned 19.10% per year, and 14.07% over the past decade. The past 5 years performance is as follows:
  • Year 2015: 7.43% (YTD)
  • Year 2014: 9.51%
  • Year 2013: 36.48%
  • Year 2012: 16.58%
  • Year 2011: 2.72%
You can buy this mutual fund from brokerages. For brokerage account, you need $2,500 initial funding. For IRA (individual retirement account), you need $1,000 of initial funding. Other classes of Janus Triton fund are:
  • Janus Triton A (JGMAX)
  • Janus Triton A Load Waived (JGMAX.LW)
  • Janus Triton C (JGMCX)
  • Janus Triton I (JSMGX)
  • Janus Triton N (JGMNX)
  • Janus Triton R (JGMRX)
  • Janus Triton S (JGMIX)
  • Janus Triton T (JATTX)
As of 2015, the top 5 stocks are SS&C Technologies Holdings Inc, Carter's Inc, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Sensient Technologies Corp, and Blackbaud Inc. Top 3 sectors are Industrials, Technology, and Healthcare.

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  • The Janus Triton fund has great performance.
  • There is no sales load for class D fund.
  • There is little yield.

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Why Invest in This Fund

  • It uses unique business model. This fund seeks small cap companies that stand out from competitors - through differentiated business models.
  • It is managed by specialized team. The management uses in-depth fundamental research supported by analysts and small-mid-cap specialists who look for small-cap companies early in their life cycle that have the potential to grow into mid-sized companies.
  • Its investment style is moderate approach to growth.


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