Top 15 US Stocks Mutual Funds in 2015

Find top 15 US stocks mutual funds in 2015. Best funds are Driehaus Micro Cap Growth fund, Turner Small Cap Growth Fund.

Best US Equity Funds

US stock mutual funds invest in US companies. The funds may invest in small cap, mid cap, and large cap stocks.

You can buy these top mutual funds for your brokerage account, retirement account (IRA), and 401k account. The minimum initial funding may be as little as $100 for retirement account. These top US stock mutual funds in 2015 are sorted based on its year to date performance in 2015 (up to July 19, 2015). You can find the fund review below as well.

Top 15 US stocks mutual funds in 2015 are:
    Top 15 US Stocks Mutual Funds in 2015
  1. Driehaus Micro Cap Growth Fund (DMCRX)
  2. Turner Small Cap Growth Fund (TSCEX)
  3. Meyers Capital Aggressive Growth Fund (MAGFX)
  4. Federated Kaufmann Small Cap Fund (FKASX)
  5. Tocqueville Opportunity Fund (TOPPX)
  6. Oberweis Small-Cap Opportunities Fund (OBSOX)
  7. Emerald Growth A (HSPGX)
  8. Tanaka Growth Fund (TGFRX)
  9. Morgan Stanley Institutional Opportunity Fund (MEGPX)
  10. Lazard US Small Cap Equity Growth Open (GRWOX)
  11. Wells Fargo Advantage Emerging Growth A (WEMAX)
  12. JHancock Technical Opportunities A (JTCAX)
  13. Federated Kaufmann A (KAUAX)
  14. BlackRock Mid-Cap Growth Equity Inv A (BMGAX)
  15. RidgeWorth Aggressive Growth Stock Fund (SAGAX)

Driehaus Micro Cap Growth Fund

This Driehaus Micro Cap Growth fund invests mainly in companies that have similar market capitalization as companies in the Russell Microcap Growth Index. The fund manager is Michael Buck and Jeffrey James. With assets of $178 million, this equity fund has no yield. Its expense fee is 1.59%.

This top US stock mutual fund in 2015 has year to date return of 18.22%. It has returned 46% over the past 1 year, 33.24% over the past 3 year, and 23% over the past 5 year.
Top 3 socks in its portfolio are Ambarella Inc, AtriCure In, and AMN Healthcare Services Inc. Top 2 sectors are healthcare and technology.

Turner Small Cap Growth Fund

As one of the top 15 US stock mutual funds in 2015, this Turner Small Cap Growth Fund has small assets of $80 million. This no load fund also has no dividend yield. Its expense fee is 1.25% per year.

Morningstar has ranked this small growth fund with 3 star rating. Top 5 stocks are Digimarc Corporation, LDR Holding Corp, Cavium Inc, XPO Logistics Inc, and HubSpot Inc. It has a 3 years annualized return of 22.02%

Stock Fund Performance

NoFund NameTickerCategoryYTD Return %
1Driehaus Micro Cap Growth FundDMCRXSmall Growth22.49
2Turner Small Cap Growth FundTSCEXSmall Growth22.08
3Meyers Capital Aggressive Growth FundMAGFXSmall Growth21.28
4Federated Kaufmann Small Cap FundFKASXSmall Growth20.75
5Tocqueville Opportunity FundTOPPXMid-Cap Growth19.37
6Oberweis Small-Cap Opportunities FundOBSOXSmall Growth19.27
7Emerald Growth AHSPGXSmall Growth18.55
8Tanaka Growth FundTGFRXMid-Cap Growth18.25
9Morgan Stanley Institutional Opportunity FundMEGPXLarge Growth17.76
10Lazard US Small Cap Equity Growth OpenGRWOXSmall Growth17.5
11Wells Fargo Advantage Emerging Growth AWEMAXSmall Growth16.78
12JHancock Technical Opportunities AJTCAXLarge Growth16.75
13Federated Kaufmann AKAUAXMid-Cap Growth16.29
14BlackRock Mid-Cap Growth Equity Inv ABMGAXMid-Cap Growth16.21
15RidgeWorth Aggressive Growth Stock fundSAGAXLarge Growth16.16


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