Top 15 American Funds Mutual Funds in 2015

See top 15 American Funds mutual funds in 2015. These best mutual funds are American Funds SMALLCAP World Fund, American Funds Growth Fund, etc.

Best American Funds

These best American mutual funds in 2015 are selected based on its performance history for the past 1 year. The funds may be ranked by other financial websites such as Morningstar, US News, Forbes, etc. You may find the fund review below and other fund information.

Top 15 American FundsTop 15 American Funds Mutual Funds in 2015 are:
  1. American Funds SMALLCAP World Fund (SMCWX)
  2. American Funds Growth Fund (AGTHX)
  3. American Funds AMCAP Fund (AMCPX)
  4. American Funds New Economy Fund (ANEFX)
  5. American Funds Fundamental Investments Fund (ANCFX)
  6. American Funds American Mutual Fund (AMRMX)
  7. American Funds New Perspective Fund (ANWPX)
  8. American Funds Investment Company of America Fund (AIVSX)
  9. American Funds Washington Mutual Fund (AWSHX)
  10. American Funds High-Income Municipal Bond Fund (AMHIX)
  11. American Funds 2050 Target Retirement Fund (AALTX)
  12. American Funds 2045 Target Retirement Fund (AAHTX)
  13. American Funds 2040 Target Retirement Fund (AAGTX)
  14. American Funds 2035 Target Retirement Fund (AAFTX)
  15. American Funds American Balanced Fund (ABALX)

American Funds SMALLCAP World Fund

As one of top 15 American Funds mutual funds in 2015, American Funds SMALLCAP World Fund uses its assets to purchase growth-oriented common stocks and other equity-type securities. Its expense fee is 1.07% per year. This fund is popular among investors. It has $28 billion of assets. There is no yield currently.

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Morningstar has ranked this world stock mutual fund with 4 star rating. For the past 1 year, it has returned 10.05%. The average 3 year return is 17.24%. Top 3 stocks in its portfolio are Incyte Corp, Netflix Inc, and Domino's Pizza Inc.

American Funds Growth Fund

This American Funds Growth Fund invests mainly in U.S. growth stocks. Its expense fee is only 0.66%. This class A fund has a sales load of 5.75%. The current dividend yield is 0.34%. The portfolio turnover rate is 26%. It has total assets of $146 billion.

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This best American Funds is ranked with 3 star and bronze rating by Morningstar. This equity fund has returned 19.56% over the past 3 year, and 15.48% over the past 5 year.

American Funds Performance

NoFund NameTickerNAV1 Yr Return
1American Funds SMALLCAP World FundSMCWX50.186.79%
2American Funds Growth FundAGTHX44.766.17%
3American Funds AMCAP FundAMCPX28.225.29%
4American Funds New Economy FundANEFX39.954.58%
5American Funds Fundamental Investments FundANCFX52.934.22%
6American Funds American Mutual FundAMRMX36.622.88%
7American Funds New Perspective FundANWPX38.562.83%
8American Funds Investment Company of America FundAIVSX36.942.65%
9American Funds Washington Mutual FundAWSHX40.661.61%
10American Funds High-Income Municipal Bond FundAMHIX15.321.32%
11American Funds 2050 Target Retirement FundAALTX13.091.31%
12American Funds 2045 Target Retirement FundAAHTX13.381.28%
13American Funds 2040 Target Retirement FundAAGTX13.311.18%
14American Funds 2035 Target Retirement FundAAFTX13.151.14%
15American Funds American Balanced FundABALX24.711.13%


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