Best Performing Moderate Allocation ETFs 2015

Find the best performing moderate allocation ETFs in 2015. Top funds are iShares Core Growth Allocation ETF. You may find the best funds review.

Best Moderate Allocation Funds

Moderate allocation mutual fund invests mainly in a combination of equities, bonds, and money market. It typically invests about 50-70% of assets in stocks. The rests are invested in bonds or money market. As part of balanced fund category, it provides regular income and capital growth opportunity for investors. You can invest either through your brokerage or retirement accounts.
Moderate Allocation ETFs

These best performing moderate allocation exchange traded funds are sorted based on its 1 year performance up to May 10, 2015.

The best performing moderate allocation ETFs 2015 are:
  1. iShares Core Growth Allocation ETF (AOR)
  2. AdvisorShares Global Echo ETF (GIVE)
  3. Claymore CEF GS Connect ETN (GCE)
  4. Multi-Asset Diversified Income ETF (MDIV)
  5. First Trust Strategic Income ETF (FDIV)
  6. UBS ETRACS Diversified High Income ETN (DVHI)
  7. AdvisorShares Pring Turner Bus Cycle ETF (DBIZ)
Updated on 5/10/2015

iShares Core Growth Allocation ETF

iShares Core Growth Allocation ETF invests in other iShares ETFs to get a broad mix of bonds and global stocks. You can build a diversified core portfolio focused on growth using one low-cost fund. Total net assets are $485 million. Its expense fee is 0.24%. The current share price is $41.33.

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Morningstar has ranked this exchange traded fund with 3 stars. As one of the best performing moderate allocation ETFs in 2015, it has returned 7.54% over the past 1 year. The average 3 year return is 10.52%.

As of May 2015, the top 5 holdings in its portfolio are:
  • iShares Core S&P 500 ETF
  • iShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETF
  • iShares Core MSCI Europe ETF
  • iShares Core MSCI Pacific ETF
  • iShares Core US Treasury Bond ETF

Multi-Asset Diversified Income ETF

The Multi-Asset Diversified Income ETF is tracking the NASDAQ Multi-Asset Diversified Income Index. It invests in common stocks, real estate investment trusts (REITs), preferred, MLPs, and exchange traded fund (ETF). Its expense fee is 0.60%. This fund has $1.08 billion of assets. The current yield is 6.12%.

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As one of the best performing moderate allocation funds, it has a 1 year annualized return of 1.76%. The past 3 year performance is as follows:
  • Year 2015: 1.49% (YTD)
  • Year 2014: 8.07%
  • Year 2013: 10.68%

Moderate Allocation ETFs Information

NoFund DescriptionTickerExpense Ratio1 Year return %
1iShares Core Growth AllocationAOR0.118.25
2AdvisorShares Global Echo ETFGIVE1.56.57
3Claymore CEF GS Connect ETNGCE0.954.15
4Multi-Asset Diversified Income ETFMDIV0.62.05
5First Trust Strategic Income ETFFDIV0.690
6UBS ETRACS Diversified High Income ETNDVHI0-3.07
7AdvisorShares Pring Turner Bus Cycle ETFDBIZ1.49-4.68


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