Advertising Agencies Stocks

Advertising agencies stocks are part of services stock sector. The advertising agencies companies develop advertisements, marketing strategies, and communication strategies. They serve businesses on local, national, and international levels.

Advertising agencies are generally structured as corporations.  The stock offers dividend yields that are above average when compared to the wider market such as S&P 500 index.

Advertising Agencies Companies List

In its simplest form an advertisement is mass media content intended to convince consumers to take action on a product or service. Advertisements is used by any business to convey what a product or service does and how it can help a consumer. Top 3 large companies include WPP plc, Omnicom Group Inc, and The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc.

Advertising agencies companies are:
    Advertising Agencies
  • WPP plc (WPPGY)
  • Omnicom Group Inc (OMC)
  • The Interpublic Group of Companies Inc (IPG)
  • Rocket Fuel Inc (FUEL)
  • Sizmek Inc (SZMK)
  • YuMe Inc (YUME)
  • ReachLocal Inc (RLOC)
  • VisionChina Media Inc (VISN)
  • Tiger Media Inc (IDI)
  • ChinaNet Online Holdings Inc (CNET)

Top Performing Advertising Agencies Stocks 2015

The following is the year-to-date return of these stocks in 2015. Some of these stocks are listed in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, etc. They may be part of international stocks listed in US stock exchange.

Top performing advertising agencies stocks 2015 are:
  1. Tiger Media, Inc. (IDI) 62.20%
  2. VisionChina Media Inc. (VISN) 43.88%
  3. ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc. (CNET) 33.04%
  4. Sizmek Inc. (SZMK) 18.37%
  5. WPP plc (WPPGY) 10.66%
  6. The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (IPG) 5.47%
  7. YuMe, Inc. (YUME) 3.17%
  8. Omnicom Group Inc. (OMC) 1.68%

Advertising Agencies Stocks Table

No.CompanyTickerCountryMarket CapPrice
1WPP plcWPPGYUnited Kingdom30.25B116.35
2Omnicom Group Inc.OMCUSA19.31B78.91
3The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc.IPGUSA8.98B21.93
4Rocket Fuel Inc.FUELUSA379.32M9.07
5Sizmek Inc.SZMKUSA218.89M7.52
6YuMe, Inc.YUMEUSA173.32M5.21
7ReachLocal, Inc.RLOCUSA87.58M2.96
8VisionChina Media Inc.VISNChina72.66M13.81
9Tiger Media, Inc.IDIChina48.55M6.75
10ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc.CNETChina34.24M1.61


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