Best 15 Municipal Bond Closed End Funds 2015

Find best performing municipal bond closed end funds 2015. Top muni bond funds are PIMCO Municipal Income fund, Eaton Vance Municipal Bond fund, etc.

Top 15 Muni Closed End Funds

Municipal Bond Closed End FundsMunicipal bond funds use its assets to purchase high quality municipal bonds. These bond funds provide tax free high yield income for investors. The yield from the funds is exempted from federal tax rate, and state income tax, etc.

From this best performing funds list, you may find each individual fund review. You can find the fund performance, expense ratio, and yield or dividend from the table below. The list is sorted based on its 1 year total return (up to April 2015).

Best performing municipal bond closed end funds 2015 are:
  1. PIMCO Municipal Income Fund (PMF)
  2. EV Municipal Income Fund (EVN)
  3. BlackRock MuniAssets Fund (MUA)
  4. Nuveen Enhanced Muni Value Fund (NEV)
  5. MainStay DefinedTerm Municipal Opportunities Fund (MMD)
  6. BlackRock Municipal Bond Fund (BBK)
  7. Dreyfus Municipal Bond Infrastructure Fund (DMB)
  8. Western Asset Managed Muni Fund (MMU)
  9. Nuveen Investment Quality Muni Fund (NQM)
  10. Invesco Value Muni Income Fund (IIM)
  11. BlackRock Municipal Income Fund (BFK)
  12. EV Muni Income 2028 Term Trust Fund (ETX)
  13. BlackRock MuniYield Investment Fund (MYF)
  14. BlackRock MuniVest Fund II (MVT)
  15. BlackRock MuniHoldings Fund (MHD)

PIMCO Municipal Income Fund

This PIMCO Municipal Income fund utilizes its assets to purchase investment grade municipal bonds. The annual expense fee is 1.29%.The current high yield is 6.26%. The fund manager is Joseph Deane. The fund’s CUSIP is 72200R107. The current market price is $15.58.

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This fund has an effective duration of 12.10 years. Morningstar has ranked this top municipal bond fund with 5 star rating. It has returned 8.31% over the past 3 year, and 10.60% over the past 5 year.

Top 4 sectors are Hospital Revenue, Industrial Development/Pollution Control, Transportation, and Tobacco. It has 176 holdings in its portfolio.

Eaton Vance Municipal Income Fund

This EV Municipal Income fund has a high yield of 6.61%. The fund’s objective is to provide current income exempt from Federal income tax. It has $434 million of assets. The current market price is trading at 3.02% premium of its NAV (Net Asset Value).

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The fund’s performance is as follows:
  • Year 2015: 5.12% (YTD)
  • Year 2014:37.70%
  • Year 2013: -17.41%
  • Year 2012: 16.08%

Muni Bond Fund Performance

NoFund NameTickerYield1 Year Return %
1PIMCO Municipal IncomePMF6.26%24.10%
2EV Municipal IncomeEVN6.61%21.11%
3BlackRock MuniAssets FundMUA5.35%20.20%
4Nuveen Enhanced Muni ValueNEV6.13%18.85%
5Mainstay DefTerm Muni OppsMMD6.21%18.79%
6BlackRock Municipal BondBBK5.92%18.39%
7Dreyfus Muni Bond InfrastructuDMB5.96%18.18%
8Western Asset Managed MuniMMU5.54%17.41%
9Nuveen Investment Quality MuniNQM6.27%17.34%
10Invesco Value Muni IncomeIIM5.17%17.31%
11BlackRock Municipal IncomeBFK6.20%17.13%
12EV Muni Income 2028 Term TrustETX4.75%16.72%
13BlackRock MuniYield Inv FundMYF6.21%16.62%
14BlackRock MuniVest Fund IIMVT6.10%16.56%
15BlackRock MuniHoldings FundMHD6.15%16.30%
16PIMCO Municipal Income IIIPMX6.55%16.18%
17Western Asset Muni High IncomeMHF4.46%16.06%
18Western Asset Municipal PartMNP5.60%16.03%
19BlackRock MuniYieldMYD6.15%15.41%
20EV National Muni Opps TrustEOT4.80%15.39%
21PIMCO Municipal Income IIPML6.24%15.10%
22BlackRock MuniVestMVF6.30%15.09%
23BlackRock Invst. Quality MuniBKN5.86%15.01%
24Nuveen Div Adv Muni IncNVG5.04%14.99%
25Nuveen Intermediate Dur MuniNID5.25%14.98%



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