Best BlackRock Mutual Funds 2015

BlackRock is one of the largest asset investment firms in the world. It offers financial products & services. Some of the products are mutual funds, iShares ETFs, closed end funds, alternative investments, and money market funds.

We review rankings from Morningstar, Lipper, Zacks,, U.S. News, and Standard & Poor’s. You can learn from our methodology from variety of our previous articles.

Popular BlackRock Funds

You can find these popular BlackRock funds for different sectors such as U.S. stock fund, international stock fund, municipal bond fund, balanced fund, target date fund, taxable bond fund. Depend on your risk tolerance; you may pick and choose from this best BlackRock funds list.

Best BlackRock Mutual Funds for 2015 are:
    Top BlackRock Funds
  1. BlackRock US Mortgage Portfolio Fund (BMPAX)
  2. BlackRock National Municipal Fund Investor A (MDNLX)
  3. BlackRock Multi-Asset Income Investor A (BAICX)
  4. BlackRock PA Municipal Bond Inv A (MEPYX)
  5. BlackRock High Yield Bond Inv A (BHYAX)
  6. BlackRock NJ Municipal Bond Inv A1 (MDNJX)
  7. BlackRock Health Sciences Opps Inv A (SHSAX)
  8. BlackRock S&P 500 Stock Investor A (BSPAX)
  9. BlackRock Global SmallCap Inv A (MDGCX)
  10. BlackRock NJ Municipal Bond Inv A (MENJX)
  11. BlackRock Total Return Inv A1 (MEHQX)
  12. BlackRock Russell 1000 Index Investor A (BRGAX)
  13. BlackRock Lifepath Index 2020 Investor A (LIQAX)
  14. BlackRock Secured Credit Portfolio Inv  A (BMSAX)
  15. BlackRock Small Cap Index Fund (MDSKX)
  16. BlackRock International Opportunities Inv A (BREAX)
  17. BlackRock Global Allocation Inv A (MDLOX)
  18. BlackRock Moderate Prepared Inv A (BAMPX)
  19. BlackRock World Income Inv A (MDWIX)
  20. BlackRock Inflation Protected Bond Inv A (BPRAX)
  21. BlackRock Floating Rate Income Inv A (BFRAX)
  22. BlackRock Science & Technology Opportunities Inv A (BGSAX)
  23. BlackRock NY Municipal Bond Inv A (MENKX)
  24. BlackRock Lifepath Index Retire Inv A (LIRAX)
  25. BlackRock Pacific Inv A (MDPCX)
  26. BlackRock LifePath Retirement Investor A (LPRAX)
  27. BlackRock US Opportunities Inv A (BMEAX)
  28. BlackRock High Yield Municipal Inv A (MDYHX)
  29. BlackRock Emerging Markets Div Inv A (BACHX)
  30. BlackRock Managed Volatility Inv A (PCBAX)
  31. BlackRock Low Duration Bond Inv A (BLDAX)
  32. BlackRock Balanced Capital Inv A (MDCPX)
  33. BlackRock Natural Resources Inv A (MDGRX)
  34. BlackRock Lifepath Index 2050 Investor A (LIPAX)
  35. BlackRock Lifepath Index 2030 Investor A (LINAX)
  36. BlackRock Global Dividend Inv A (BABDX)
  37. BlackRock GNMA Inv A (BGPAX)
  38. BlackRock Lifepath Index 2045 Investor A (LIHAX)
  39. BlackRock Equity Dividend Inv A (MDDVX)
  40. BlackRock Strategic Income Opportunities  Inv A (BASIX)
  41. BlackRock Focus Growth Inv A (MDFOX)
  42. BlackRock Lifepath Index 2040 Investor A (LIKAX)
  43. BlackRock Strategic Muni Opps Inv A (MEMTX)
  44. BlackRock Growth Prepared Inv A (BAGPX)
  45. BlackRock Basic Value Inv A (MDBAX)


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