Best Performing High Yield Bond Closed End Funds 2015

Find best performing high yield bond closed end funds 2015. Top funds are Babson Capital Corporate Investors Fund, Deutsche High Income Trust Fund, etc.

High Yield Debt Funds

These top performing closed end funds are selected based on its 1 year total return up to February 8, 2015. Most of these high yield bond funds may also be rated among the best in their category. I have also provided some details about its management, performance, expense ratio, initial investment requirement, risk, top holdings, etc.

Best performing high yield bond closed end funds 2015 are:
    High Yield Bond Funds
  1. Babson Capital Corporate Investors Fund (MCI)
  2. Deutsche High Income Opportunities Fund (DHG)
  3. Deutsche High Income Trust Fund (KHI)
  4. Putnam High Income Securities Fund (PCF)
  5. Wells Fargo Advantage Income Opportunities Fund (EAD)
  6. New America High Income Fund (HYB)
  7. Prudential Global Short Duration High Yield Fund (GHY)
  8. BlackRock Corp High Yield Fund (HYT)
  9. First Trust Strategic High Income 2 (FHY)
  10. MFS Intermediate High Income Fund (CIF)

Babson Capital Corporate Investors Fund

This Babson Capital Corporate Investors Fund utilizes its assets to buy non-investment grade long term corporate debt obligations with equity features such as warrants, conversion rights and preferred shares. The fund manager is Raymond Abbott since 1971. This bond fund has total expense fee of 2.24%. The current yield is 7.55%.

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Morningstar has ranked this top performing high yield bond fund with 5 stars rating. This fund has returned 4.57% over the past 3 year, 12.61% over the past 5 year, and 9.29% over the past 10 year. This fixed income fund has an annual portfolio turnover rate of 34%.

Top 3 debt sectors are long duration corporate debt (60%), corporate bond (33.4%), and net current assets (3.7%).

Deutsche High Income Trust Fund

This Deutsche High Income Trust Fund is ranked with 3 star rating by Morningstar. With assets of $230 million, it is managed by Gary Sullivan. The expense fee is only 1.53%. It also has a high yield of 8.08%. The fund performance for the past 3 years is as follows:
  • Year 2014: 15.43%
  • Year 2013: 5.93%
  • Year 2012: -8.07%

Fund Performance

Fund NameTickerYield1 Year Return
Babson Capital Corporate InvsMCI7.55%12.51%
Deutsche High Income OpposDHG7.56%7.31%
Deutsche High Income TrustKHI8.08%4.83%
Putnam High Income SecuritiesPCF4.53%4.43%
Wells Fargo Adv Inc OppEAD9.25%4.18%
New America High Income FundHYB8.56%4.13%
Prudential Global Short Dur HiGHY9.01%3.88%
BlackRock Corp High YieldHYT7.91%3.87%
First Trust Strategic HighInc2FHY10.01%3.12%
MFS Intermediate High IncomeCIF7.50%2.76%
Prudential Sht Duration Hi YldISD8.95%1.96%
Neuberger Berman High Yield StNHS8.63%1.15%
Babson Cap Global Short DuratiBGH9.57%0.62%
Ivy High Income OpportunitiesIVH9.36%0.48%
Brookfield High Income FundHHY10.16%0.38%
Apollo Tactical Income Fund InAIF8.59%0.32%
Invesco High Income IIVLT8.30%0.19%
Managed High Yield PlusHYF8.57%0.13%
KKR Income Opportunities FundKIO9.16%0.03%

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