Top Core Funds Closed End Funds 2014

Core funds or large blend funds are investing mainly in large companies stocks. These funds may provide instant diversification for investors. Some of these core funds may provide income for investors. The funds objective is to provide total return including capital growth & income.

Large Blend Funds

Closed end funds (CEFs) are popular among retiree or value investors. Investors may get better income and return from these funds due to its unique features. The closed end funds are traded like stocks or exchange traded funds (ETFs).

These best performing core funds closed end funds are sorted based on its 1 year total return up to November 23, 3014. You may find other fund review information: expense ratio, fund’s NAV, management, objective, yield, top holdings, etc.

Top Core Funds Closed End Funds 2014Top core funds closed end funds 2014 are:
  1. Guggenheim Equal Weight Enhanced Equity Income Fund (GEQ)
  2. Adams Express Company (ADX)
  3. Denali Fund (DNY)
  4. Cohen & Steers Closed-End Opportunity Fund (FOF)
  5. Tri-Continental Corp (TY)
  6. Zweig Fund (ZF)
  7. Boulder Total Return Fund (BTF)
  8. General American Investors (GAM)
  9. Source Capital (SOR)

Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Strategy Fund

This Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Strategy Fund invests mainly in stocks included in the S&P 500 Equal Weight Index and instruments designed to replicate the index. The fund’s managers are Jayson Flowers, Jamal Pesaran, and Farhan Sharaff. Its total net assets are $222 million. The annual expense ratio fee is 1.67%.

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Morningstar has ranked this core funds with 2 stars rating. The 1 year total return is 2015%. It has a 3 year annualized return of 12.70%.

As of Nov 2014, this top performing core funds closed end fund has 501 holdings. The annual portfolio turnover rate is 154%. The top 5 stocks are Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Covidien, Integrys Energy Group, Inc., Williams Companies Inc, and Iron Mountain Inc. Top 3 sectors are consumer discretionary, financials and information technology.

Adams Express Company 

The Adams Express Company uses its assets to purchase US equity and convertible securities. It has total net assets of $1.4 billion. Its annual expense ratio is only 0.66%. This core funds has a high yield of 8.54%.

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Morningstar analysts have ranked this top core fund with 3 stars and neutral rating. In 2014, the YTD return is 10.43%. It has returned 22.23% over the past 3 year, and 14.16% over the past 5 year. Top 3 stocks are Apple Inc, Petroleum & Resource Corporation, and Gilead Sciences Inc.

Denali Fund

Ranked with 4 stars rating, Denali Fund objective is to produce both income and long-term capital appreciation through investing in both equities and fixed income securities. This large blend fund is managed by Brendon Fischer and Stewart R. Horejsi. It has a yield of 0.39%. In 2014, the YTD return is 17.49%.

The fund’s performance for the past 5 years is:
  • Year 2013: 24.20%
  • Year 2012: 24.25%
  • Year 2011: -6.54%
  • Year 2010: 10.06%
  • Year 2009: 37.87%

Top Core Fund Returns

NoFund Description (Ticker)1 Year Return %Expense RatioYield
1Guggenheim EW Enh Eq Inc (GEQ)20.15%1.68%8.92%
2Adams Express Company (ADX)19.73%0.60%5.89%
3Denali Fund (DNY)18.91%2.07%4.55%
4Cohen & Steers CE Oppty (FOF)15.53%0.95%7.77%
5Tri-Continental Corp (TY)15.22%0.50%3.37%
6Zweig Fund (ZF)14.75%1.19%6.81%
7Boulder Total Return (BTF)13.87%1.91%0.40%
8General Amer Investors (GAM)12.97%1.27%5.63%
9Source Capital (SOR)12.17%0.84%4.57%
10Guggenheim Enh Eq Strat (GGE)11.28%1.78%10.37%
11Liberty All-Star Equity (USA)11.17%1.04%6.69%
12Royce Micro-Cap Trust (RMT)10.68%1.11%13.93%
13Eagle Capital Growth (GRF)9.64%1.37%12.75%
14Royce Value Trust (RVT)7.41%0.79%7.56%
15Guggenheim Enh Eq Inc (GPM)7.20%1.66%10.84%
16Royce Focus Trust (FUND)7.11%1.17%5.41%


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