Best Performing Closed End Funds October 2014

Closed end funds or CEFs are popular among value investors and income seekers. Like exchange traded funds (ETFs), closed end funds are being traded like a stock on a stock exchange. The fund is a publicly traded investment company that raises a fixed amount of capital through an IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Closed end fund is also known as closed-end mutual fund or closed-end investment.

These best performing closed end funds are sorted based on its year to date return up to October 4, 2014. You may find other fund review information: expense ratio, fund’s NAV, management, objective, yield, top holdings, etc.

Best performing closed end funds October 2014 are:
    Best Performing Closed End Funds October 2014
  1. MS India Investment (IIF) - 41.59%
  2. Thai Fund Inc (TTF) - 36.12%
  3. Kayne Anderson Energy Dev Co (KED) - 34.34%
  4. India Fund Inc (IFN) - 33.72%
  5. EV Municipal Income (EVN) 30.10%
  6. Columbia Seligman Premium Tech (STK) - 29.88%
  7. Pioneer Municipal High Income Advantage (MAV) - 28.54%
  8. Massachusetts Tax-Exempt Trust (MHE) - 27.79%
  9. EV MA Municipal Bond (MAB) - 25.29%
  10. Tortoise Pipeline & Energy (TTP) - 25.18%

Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund

Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund objective is to provide capital appreciation. This closed end fund uses its assets to purchase Indian equity securities. The annual expense ratio is 1.45%. Total net assets are $419 million. The fund manager is Ruchir Sharma. The inception date is 2/25/1994.

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In 2014, the year-to-date return is 41.59%. This Morgan Stanley fund has returned 58.45% over the past 1 year, 14.82% over the past 3 year, and 6.57% over the past 5 year. This equity fund has 49 holdings.

The top 5 stocks in its holdings are Reliance Industries Ltd, Larsen & Toubro Limited, HDFC Bank, Ltd., Icici Bank Ltd., and Eicher Motors Ltd. Top 2 sectors are general equity (97.68%) and net current assets (1.79%).

Thai Fund

Thai Fund invests mainly in equity securities of Thai companies. It is managed by Munib Madni and Samuel Rhee. Its expense ratio is 1.00%. The dividend yield is 7.46%. The current market price is trading at 13.15% discount to its NAV (Net Asset Value).

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Morningstar hasn’t ranked this stock fund with any rating. In 2014, the YTD return is 36.12%. The fund performance is as follows:
  • Year 2013: -4.88%
  • Year 2012: 67.60%
  • Year 2011: -0.10%
  • Year 2010: 49.64%

Eaton Vance Municipal Income Fund

This Eaton Vance Municipal Income Fund objective is to provide tax free income for investors. This municipal bond fund has a high dividend yield of 6.98%. The fund sponsor is Eaton Vance. The fund manager is Thomas M. Metzold since 1999. Its total net assets are $422 million. The total expense ratio is 1.96%.

This bond closed end fund has a 3 year average return of 9.82%. The average coupon is 4.82%. The average maturity is 22.89 years. The annual portfolio turnover rate is 42%. Top 3 bond sectors are Healthcare, insured special tax, and insured water & sewer.

Best Performing Closed End Funds October 2014 Returns

NoFund NameTickerYTD Rtn on PriceStrategyNAVDistribution Rate
1MS India InvestmentIIF41.59%Non-US/Other-Asia Equity$27.08 --
2Thai Fund IncTTF36.12%Non-US/Other-Asia Equity$13.92 7.46%
3Kayne Anderson Energy Dev CoKED34.34%US Equity-MLP$38.62 5.72%
4India Fund IncIFN33.72%Non-US/Other-Asia Equity$29.60 0.79%
5EV Municipal IncomeEVN30.10%Tax-Free Income-National$12.76 6.98%
6Columbia Seligman Premium TechSTK29.88%US Equity-Covered Call$17.24 10.78%
7Pioneer Muni High Inc AdvMAV28.54%Tax-Free Income-High Yield$12.62 7.42%
8Massachusetts Tax-Exempt TrustMHE27.79%Tax-Free Income-Massachusetts$14.08 5.19%
9EV MA Municipal BondMAB25.29%Tax-Free Income-Massachusetts$15.27 5.17%
10Tortoise Pipeline & EnergyTTP25.18%US Equity-Energy/Resources$39.02 4.75%
11Virtus Total Return FundDCA24.95%Non-US/Other-Global Growth & Income$5.19 8.68%
12Nuveen MO Premium Income MunNOM24.63%Tax-Free Income-Missouri$14.18 4.84%
13EV Municipal Income Term TrustETX23.89%Tax-Free Income-National$19.62 4.89%
14Salient Midstream & MLP FundSMM23.88%US Equity-MLP$31.80 5.07%
15Nuveen Real Asset Inc & GrowthJRI23.61%US Equity-Real Estate (Global)$20.82 8.28%
16BlackRock MuniYield ArizonaMZA23.42%Tax-Free Income-Arizona$14.79 5.47%
17PIMCO NY Municipal IncomePNF22.41%Tax-Free Income-New York$11.82 5.81%
18Brookfield Glo List Infr IncINF22.16%Non-US/Other-Global Equity$26.18 6.10%
19Cohen & Steers MLP Inc&EnergyMIE21.77%US Equity-MLP$23.43 5.99%
20BlackRock NJ Municipal BondBLJ21.46%Tax-Free Income-New Jersey$16.36 5.80%


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