Ad of Putnam Funds: Alternative Mutual Fund

Find alternative mutual funds offered by Putnam Funds include Putnam Absolute Return Funds, Putnam Diversified Income Trust, etc.

Popular Putnam Mutual Funds

Putnam mutual funds are provided by Putnam Investments. Putnam has $156 billion in assets under management. There are 80 mutual funds and 50 institutional strategies across a range of assets classes and investment styles.

Top 5 popular funds include Putnam Capital Spectrum Fund, Putnam Diversified Income Trust, Putnam Equity Spectrum Fund, Putnam Equity Income Fund, and Putnam Dynamic Asset Allocation Balanced Fund. These mutual funds can be invested in your brokerage account, 401k plan, retirement account (Roth IRA & traditional IRA).

You can find an investment ad by Putnam as follows:
Alternative Mutual Fund by Putnam FundsAlternatives@Putnam 
Markets demand new ways of thinking. 
Discover Putnam’s proactive approach to managing volatility and pursuing superior results. 
Robert L. Reynolds 
President and CEO, Putnam Investments 
With today’s volatility, simply beating a benchmark may not be enough. Take a targeted approach. Putnam Absolute Return Funds 100 (PARTX), 300 (PTRNX), 500 (PJMDX), 700 (PDMAX) 
When economic factors weigh on an index, individual companies can offer opportunity. Pursue the best ideas, wherever they are. Putnam Capital Spectrum Fund (PVSAX), Putnam Equity Spectrum Fund (PYSAX)
Rising rates could undermine long-duration strategies. Find new drivers of return. Putnam Diversified Income Trust (PDINX) 
Traditional bonds may not be delivering enough income. Harness the power of stock dividends. Putnam Equity Income Fund (PEYAX), Putnam Global Dividend Fund (PGDEX) 
High-volatility stocks don’t always lead to high returns. Focus on risk-adjusted returns. Putnam Low Volatility Equity Fund (PLVEX), Putnam Strategic Volatility Equity Fund (PSVEX) 
This is Putnam today. 
Absolute Return Funds employ strategies that are designed to be largely independent of market direction, and the funds are not intended to outperform stocks and bonds during strong market rallies.

Putnam Absolute Return Funds

There are 4 Putnam Absolute Return Funds, PARTX (Putnam Absolute Return 100 Fund), PTRNX (Putnam Absolute Return 300 Fund), PJMDX (Putnam Absolute Return 500 Fund) and PDMAX (Putnam Absolute Return 700 Fund).

The funds objective is to seek a positive return of 1%, 3%, 5% or 7% above inflation, as measured by T-bills, over a full market cycle of at least three years. PDMAX has the highest total net assets of $1,015 million. The dividends are paid annually. PTRNX has the highest yield of 4.15%.

Putnam Capital Spectrum Fund

The next fund is PVSAX (Putnam Capital Spectrum Fund). The fund has 5-star rating from Morningstar. It has $6.4 billion of total net assets. The annual expense ratio is 1.27%. The Putnam Equity Spectrum (PYSAX) fund has 0.08% dividend yield.

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The top holdings as of December 2013 are Dish Network Corp (12.11%), Jazz Pharmaceuticals (6.56%) and Echostar Corp (5.12%). It has 40.62% 1-year annualized return and 22.96% 3-year annualized return.

Putnam Diversified Income Trust

The objective of PDINX fund is to seek as high a level of current income as Putnam management believes is consistent with preservation of capital. The fund was incepted on October 1988. The CUSIP is 746704105. It is currently open to new investors. The fund uses Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index.

Putnam Equity Income Fund

The total net assets of Putnam Equity Income Fund (PEYAX) are $5.1 billion. Morningstar analysts rated the fund with 4-stars rating. It shares 1.96% dividend yield and also has 1.02% of annual expense ratio. The fund is managed by Darren A. Jaroch. It has a total of 119 holdings. The YTD return is -0.15%.

Putnam Global Dividend Fund

The Putnam Global Dividend fund has just been introduced to public in March 2013. The top industry sectors as of December 2013 are Financials (20.20%), Health Care (12.46%) and Telecommunication services (11.01%).

Putnam Low Volatility Equity Fund

Putnam Low Volatility Equity Fund (PLVEX) has total net assets of $32.1 million. The CUSIP is 74676A642. The fund managers are Robert J. Schoen and Adrian H. Chan. The top holdings are Exxon Mobil Corp (3.48%), Google (2.91%), Johnson Johnson (2.49%) and Berkshire Hathaway (2.45%).

Putnam Strategic Volatility Equity Fund

The PSVEX (Putnam Strategic Volatility Equity Fund) has YTD return of -0.66%. The fund is currently traded at $10.56. The fund benchmark is S&P 500. The top industry sectors are Information Technology (17.29%) and Financials (15.95%).

Money Advice

  • Avoid any high sales load mutual fund. High sales load can significantly cut your total return.
  • Avoid any new mutual funds from Putnam Funds.
  • Choose high dividend fund if you need income.


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