Top Performing Large Growth Mutual Funds 2014

Large growth mutual funds invest mainly in large U.S. companies with high growth potentials. These funds provide little yield or income.

Best Performing Funds

From this best performing funds list, you may find each individual fund review. You can find the fund performance, expense ratio, and yield or dividend from the table below. If you are interested in large growth ETFs, you can check my previous article. The list is sorted based on its year to date return up to August 25, 2014.

Top performing large growth mutual funds 2014 are:
    Top Performing Large Growth Mutual Funds 2014
  1. Sterling Capital Special Opportunities Equity Fund (BOPAX)
  2. Biondo Focus Fund (BFONX)
  3. ClearBridge Aggressive Growth Fund (SHRAX)
  4. USAA NASDAQ-100 Index Fund (USNQX)
  5. Rydex Series Trust Nasdaq-100 Strategy Fund (RYOCX)
  6. Vanguard PRIMECAP Fund (VPMCX)
  7. Vanguard PRIMECAP Core Fund (VPCCX)
  8. ProFunds NASDAQ-100 Fund (OTPIX)
  9. Vanguard Capital Opportunity Fund (VHCAX)
  10. PNC Large Cap Growth Fund (PEWAX)
  11. Fidelity Independence Fund (FDFFX)
  12. Manning & Napier Tax Managed Series Fund (EXTAX)
  13. Goldman Sachs Large Cap Growth Insights Fund (GLCGX)
  14. Manning & Napier Equity Fund (EXEYX)

Sterling Capital Special Opportunities Equity Fund

Ranked with 3 stars rating by Morningstar, this top large growth mutual fund has total assets of $1.1 billion. Its expense fee is 1.24%. The fund manager is George F. Shipp. This Sterling Capital Special Opportunities Equity Fund uses its assets to buy domestically traded U.S. common stocks and U.S. traded equity stocks of foreign companies, including ADRs.

You can buy this U.S. stock fund with $1,000 initial funding. There are 77 brokerages that offered this mutual fund. In 2014, the year-to-date return is 14.05%. It has returned 24% over the past 1 year, and 18.99% over the past 3 year.

Top 3 stocks in its holdings are Directv, Comcast Corporation, and Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. Top 2 sectors are technology and healthcare.

ClearBridge Aggressive Growth Fund

ClearBridge Aggressive Growth Fund Class A has a sales load of 5.75%. As one of popular large growth fund, it has $11.9 billion of assets. Its expense fee is only 1.23%. You can invest in your IRA (Individual Retirement Account) with as little as $250. This top performing large growth mutual fund has a 3 year average return of 25.40%.

Top 5 equities in its holdings are Biogen Idex Inc, UnitedHealth Group Inc, Forest Laboratories Inc, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, and Amgen Inc. Top 3 stock sectors are healthcare, technology, and energy.

Vanguard PRIMECAP Core Fund

Vanguard PRIMECAP Core Fund is an actively managed Vanguard fund. This best large growth mutual fund has a dividend yield of 0.80%. Its expense is quite low, only 0.45%. The portfolio turnover rate is only 5%. This U.S. stock fund is limited to new investors.

MoreTop Large Value Mutual Funds

This equity fund invests mainly in stocks considered to have above-average earnings growth potential that is not reflected in their current market prices. Morningstar has ranked this best mutual fund with 5 stars rating. The 3 year annualized return is 22.71%.

Top 3 stocks are Biogen Idec Inc, Amgen Inc, and Eli Lilly and Co. Top 3 sectors are technology, healthcare, and industrials.

Fidelity Independence Fund

With $4.8 billion of assets, Fidelity Independence Fund has a low expense fee of 0.60%. This large growth fund is managed by Robert C. Bertelson. Top 3 holdings are Apple Inc, Gilead Sciences Inc, and Comcast Corp.

Large Growth Funds Performance

NoFund NameTickerYTD Return %Expense Ratio %Price
1Sterling Capital Special Opportunities Equity Fund Class ABOPAX14.051.2123.38
2Biondo Focus Fund Investor ClassBFONX13.512.8215.8
3ClearBridge Aggressive Growth Fund Class ASHRAX11.861.16202.88
4USAA NASDAQ-100 Index FundUSNQX11.530.6411.51
5Rydex Series Trust Nasdaq-100 Strategy Fund Class InvestorRYOCX11.051.2923.71
6Vanguard PRIMECAP Fund Investor SharesVPMCX10.660.44102.17
7Vanguard PRIMECAP Core Fund Investor SharesVPCCX10.490.521.48
8ProFunds NASDAQ-100 Fund Investor ClassOTPIX10.421.65124.34
9Vanguard Capital Opportunity Fund Investor SharesVHCAX10.260.4750.92
10PNC Large Cap Growth Fund Class APEWAX10.261.0825.36
11Fidelity IndependenceFDFFX10.160.6939.91
12Manning & Napier Tax Managed Series Fund Class AEXTAX101.233.66
13Goldman Sachs Large Cap Growth Insights Fund Class AGLCGX9.910.9620.85
14Manning & Napier Equity FundEXEYX9.861.0521.62
15Rydex Series S&P 500 Pure Growth Fund Class ARYLGX9.591.5253.58
16Catalyst Dynamic Alpha Fund Class ACPEAX9.431.3515.43


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