Best Performing Emerging Markets ETFs 2014

Emerging market stock funds have been among the best performing ETFs in 2014. These best performing emerging markets stock ETFs 2014 are First Trust BICK Index, etc.

Emerging Markets ETFs

Emerging markets ETFs invest in the often rapidly-growing emerging economies in Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. Exchange Traded Funds in this category may invest in a broad basket of countries or a single country, or focus on specific types of equities, industries or investment styles. Emerging markets sector may include Brazil, Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Turkey, etc.

Year 2014 has been great investment for emerging markets sector. With developed countries economy is slowing, emerging markets may provide opportunity for capital growth. Of course, the emerging markets are not without risks. It is recommended investing in the emerging markets through diversified pools in the form of exchange-traded funds and open and closed-end mutual funds.

Top Performing ETFs

These top performing ETFs are sorted based on its 1 year return (up to May 2014). You can find the fund review from this article. Other fund information can be found below such as expense ratio, Morningstar rating, fund’s NAV, managers, fund’s holdings, yield, etc.

Best performing emerging markets stock ETFs 2014 are:
    Best Performing Emerging Markets ETFs 2014
  1. First Trust BICK Index
  2. iShares MSCI Emerging Mkts Cnsmr Discret
  3. PowerShares S&P Emerging MktsHigh Beta
  4. Guggenheim MSCI Emerging Markets Eq Wt
  5. iShares MSCI Emerging Markets EMEA
  6. SPDR S&P BRIC 40
  7. SPDR S&P Emerging Markets
  8. iShares MSCI Emerging Markets
  10. iShares Core MSCI Emerging Market
Updated on 5/27/2014

First Trust BICK Index Fund (BICK)

First Trust BICK Index Fund utilizes its assets to purchase stocks of companies located in Brazil, India, China, and South Korea. This index fund has total assets of only $18.27 million. The current yield is 1.80%. Its expense ratio fee is 0.64%.

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In 2014, this emerging markets ETF has year to date return of 4.79%. It has an average 1 year return of 11.65%. The top 5 stocks in its portfolio are State Bank of India GDR, Sesa Sterlite Ltd ADR, Axis Bank Ltd GDR, Relianxe Industires LTD ADT, and Vedanta Resources Plc.

iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Consumer Discretionary ETF (EMDI)

iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Consumer Discretionary ETF (EMDI)iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Consumer Discretionary ETF is an index ETF that is tracking emerging market equities in the consumer discretionary sector. The current share price is $57.27. This fund has a YTD return of 5.53%. It also has an expense ratio of 0.67%.

Top 3 holdings are Naspers Ltd, Hyundai Motor Co, and Hyundai Mobis Co Ltd. It has a dividend yield of 0.63%.

PowerShares S&P Emerging Markets High Beta Portfolio (EEHB)

PowerShares S&P Emerging Markets High Beta Portfolio has a high yield of 1.70%. With total assets of $2.25 million, it has an expese fee of 0.25%. This top emerging markets fund has a 52 week price range of $17.67-$23.09. Top 2 stocks in its assets are Turkiye Halk Bankasi AS, and Haci Omer Sabanci Holding AS.

Guggenheim MSCI Emerging Markets Equal Weight ETF (EWEM)

Guggenheim MSCI Emerging Markets Equal Weight ETF (EWEM)With net asset value of $35.07 per share, Guggenheim MSCI Emerging Markets Equal Weight ETF has 518 stocks in its holdings. This top emerging markets stock ETF has gross expense ratio of 0.81%. It has total net assets of $10 million. Morningstar has ranked this ETF with 2 stars rating. In 2014, it has YTD return of 5.41%.

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Top 3 sectors are financials, ETFs, and industrials. Top 5 countries in its investment are South Korea, Taiwan, China, Brazil, and India. Top 3 holdings are WisdomTree India (EPI), iShares  MSCI Brazil Index (EWZ), and Hiwin Technolgies Corp.

Emerging Markets Stock Funds Performance

NoETF NameSymbolExpense Ratio (%)Market Return YTDMarket Return 1-Year
1First Trust BICK IndexBICK0.644.7911.65
2iShares MSCI Emerging Mkts Cnsmr DiscretEMDI0.673.7910.58
3PowerShares S&P Emerging MktsHigh BetaEEHB0.3110.237.06
4Guggenheim MSCI Emerging Markets Eq WtEWEM0.65.414.41
5iShares MSCI Emerging Markets EMEAEEME0.490.994.13
6SPDR S&P BRIC 40BIK0.5-1.353.54
7SPDR S&P Emerging MarketsGMM0.593.423.46
8iShares MSCI Emerging MarketsEEM0.673.223.38
9SPDR MSCI EM 50 ETFEMFT0.5-0.163.34
10iShares Core MSCI Emerging MarketIEMG0.053.513.24
11BLDRS Emerging Markets 50 ADR IndexADRE0.33.693.08
12iShares Emerging Markets InfrastructureEMIF0.753.162.67
13Schwab Emerging Markets Equity ETF™SCHE0.154.312.66
14Guggenheim BRICEEB0.640.062.45
15iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ValueEVAL0.493.442.32
16Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Idx ETFVWO0.154.562.17
17SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Small CapEWX0.655.952.14
18FlexShares Mstar Emrg Mkts Fct Tl IdxTLTE0.652.741.56
19iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Small-CapEEMS0.673.921.53
20EGShares Emerging Markets ConsumerECON0.852.311.48


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