Top Stocks Week 21, 2014: Internet Providers

Find best performing sector stocks of week 21 of 2014. Top stock industries are internet service providers, dairy products, electronic stores, internet information providers, etc.

Top Stocks

This post will look into the top performing stocks, industry, sector, and market capitalization. Major market indices have turned positive in 2014. The S&P 500 index has a weekly return of 1.25%. NASDAQ Composite has a weekly return of 2.33%. The Russell 2000 has a positive return of 2.13%.

Best weekly performance of industry stocks of week 21, 2014 (May 19, 2014 – May 25, 2014) are:
    Top Stocks Week 21, 2014: Internet Providers
  1. Internet Service Providers – 10.54%
  2. Dairy Products – 8.55%
  3. Toy & Hobby Stores – 6.61%
  4. Electronics Stores – 6.07%
  5. Internet Information Providers – 6.06%
  6. Jewelry Stores – 5.69%
  7. Hospitals
  8. Computer Peripherals
  9. Synthetics
  10. Healthcare Information Services
  11. Broadcasting - Radio
  12. Movie Production, Theaters
  13. Drug Delivery
  14. Drug Related Products
  15. Manufactured Housing
  16. Semiconductor- Memory Chips
  17. Auto Parts
  18. General Entertainment
  19. Printed Circuit Boards
  20. Catalog & Mail Order Houses

No.NamePerf WeekPerf MonthPerf QuartPerf HalfPerf YearPerf YTD
1Internet Service Providers10.54%7.91%21.19%-1.71%2.85%1.30%
2Dairy Products8.55%4.78%6.52%-11.17%-3.19%-9.99%
3Toy & Hobby Stores6.61%20.37%76.63%62.44%118.57%90.20%
4Electronics Stores6.07%4.72%8.59%-28.35%2.09%-30.88%
5Internet Information Providers6.06%2.73%-11.00%8.52%42.38%-3.75%
6Jewelry Stores5.69%6.60%7.65%24.94%37.74%13.32%
8Computer Peripherals5.61%-4.23%-21.42%-13.13%17.78%-26.90%
10Healthcare Information Services5.41%-0.79%-20.87%-9.79%10.42%-11.55%
11Broadcasting - Radio5.39%-1.21%-13.88%-8.72%3.41%-6.20%
12Movie Production, Theaters5.21%2.49%-1.31%1.32%17.45%-2.04%
13Drug Delivery5.01%-0.91%-9.39%24.48%71.09%12.74%
14Drug Related Products4.79%-7.15%-13.76%-7.43%18.46%-8.57%
15Manufactured Housing4.76%-1.99%1.57%32.06%56.67%13.32%
16Semiconductor- Memory Chips4.69%3.57%10.90%44.99%125.80%25.60%
17Auto Parts4.49%1.60%2.17%11.04%36.27%5.01%
18General Entertainment4.43%2.23%-4.00%10.62%16.28%-0.98%
19Printed Circuit Boards4.27%1.89%2.89%12.67%20.25%11.10%
20Catalog & Mail Order Houses4.19%-7.12%-10.57%-12.65%16.87%-20.09%

Best Weekly Stocks

Looking into best weekly stocks can provide an insight what stock market will bring for the next session. Retail or institutional investors may want to rotate to this sector to avoid bad returns. Can growth stocks finally make a comeback in 2014? Will value stocks continue to slide? Some great sectors in 2014 are major airlines, real estate (REIT), semiconductors, drug manufacturers, etc.

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Top home health care stocks of week 21, 2014 are:
  1. Trulia, Inc. – 16.51%
  2. Sify Technologies Limited – 7.50%
  3. Internet Initiative Japan Inc. – 7.03%
  4. SMTP, Inc.
  5. United Online, Inc.
No.CompanyTickerPerf WeekPerf MonthPerf QuartPerf YTDPrice
1Trulia, Inc.TRLA16.51%12.12%25.88%9.64%38.67
2Sify Technologies LimitedSIFY7.50%8.59%4.88%1.42%2.15
3Internet Initiative Japan Inc.IIJI7.03%6.13%27.81%-5.46%12.64
4SMTP, Inc.SMTP2.47%1.30%0.48%345.00%6.23
5United Online, Inc.UNTD-2.85%-12.00%-8.57%-23.26%10.56

Top Internet Information Providers stocks of week 21, 2014 are:
    Top Internet Information Providers stocks
  1. LiveDeal, Inc. – 44.92%
  2. India Ltd. – 30.73%
  3. Move, Inc. – 20.71%
  4. YY Inc.
  5. Everyday Health, Inc.
  6. TripAdvisor Inc.
  7. Professional Diversity Network LLC
  8. ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc.
  9. Yelp, Inc.
  10. SouFun Holdings Ltd.
  11. Phoenix New Media Limited
  12. ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd.
  13. Bitauto Holdings Limited
  14. Baidu, Inc.
  15., Inc.
  16. Yandex N.V.
  17. Group, Inc.
  18. Autohome Inc.
  19. Google Inc.
  20. HomeAway, Inc.
No.CompanyTickerPerf WeekPerf MonthPerf HalfPerf YTDPrice
1LiveDeal, Inc.LIVE44.92%-4.33%365.26%232.33%4.42 India Ltd.REDF30.73%33.80%30.73%22.84%2.85
3Move, Inc.MOVE20.71%2.93%-22.45%-23.08%12.3
4YY Inc.YY17.40%-2.21%24.23%26.03%63.37
5Everyday Health, Inc.EVDY16.17%19.33%-23.48%16.67
6TripAdvisor Inc.TRIP14.92%13.10%8.37%13.99%94.42
7Professional Diversity Network LLCIPDN13.35%1.96%-31.26%-20.82%3.65
8ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc.CNET12.50%-15.09%21.62%7.14%0.9
9Yelp, Inc.YELP12.46%-1.85%-1.27%-10.75%61.54
10SouFun Holdings Ltd.SFUN11.53%-9.37%-5.90%-25.49%12.28
11Phoenix New Media LimitedFENG9.42%-2.79%8.59%4.98%10.11
12ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd.CCIH9.23%-16.16%76.42%46.13%13.02
13Bitauto Holdings LimitedBITA9.13%14.37%35.08%29.76%41.47
14Baidu, Inc.BIDU8.31%4.94%5.59%-5.76%167.63, Inc.CRCM7.64%-14.51%--52.47%11.55
16Yandex N.V.YNDX7.26%20.68%-10.90%-25.35%32.21 Group, Inc.WWWW7.13%11.32%33.38%11.98%35.6
18Autohome Inc.ATHM6.83%4.32%--4.24%35.04
19Google Inc.GOOGL6.72%5.49%10.19%0.51%563.8
20HomeAway, Inc.AWAY6.36%-11.75%-10.66%-20.25%32.6

Top Sector Stocks

Looking into the top sectors, you can find only technology sector is recovering and become the best performing sector for this week. Is this a dead cat bounce or holiday rally? Whether you are a momentum or value investor, you need to be vigilant for upcoming weeks.

Top sector stocks of week 21 are:
    Top sector stocks of week 21 2014
  1. Technology – 1.97%
  2. Services – 1.66%
  3. Healthcare – 1.01%
  4. Financial
  5. Industrial Goods
  6. Consumer Goods
  7. Basic Materials
  8. Conglomerates
  9. Utilities
No.NamePerf WeekPerf MonthPerf QuartPerf HalfPerf YearPerf YTD
5Industrial Goods0.94%-0.13%1.72%7.34%21.16%1.05%
6Consumer Goods0.60%2.64%6.29%5.78%12.08%2.98%
7Basic Materials0.40%1.82%7.67%8.43%14.39%7.45%


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