Top Stocks Week 18, 2014: Wireless Communication

Find best performing sector stocks of week 18 of 2014. Top stock industries are consumer services, wireless communication, oil & gas drilling exploration, etc.

Top Stocks

This post will look into the top performing stocks, industry, sector, and market capitalization. Major market indices have turned positive in 2014. The S&P 500 index has a weekly return of 0.24%. NASDAQ Composite has a weekly return of 1.19%.

Best weekly performance of industry stocks of week 18, 2014 (April 28, 2014 – May 4, 2014) are:
    Top Stocks Week 18, 2014: Wireless Communication
  1. Toy & Hobby Stores – 11.57%
  2. Consumer Services – 6.93%
  3. Building Materials Wholesale – 6.69%
  4. Telecom Services - Foreign
  5. Wireless Communications
  6. Resorts & Casinos
  7. Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration
  8. Surety & Title Insurance
  9. Auto Dealerships
  10. Electronics Stores
  11. CATV Systems
  12. Lodging
  13. Semiconductor- Memory Chips
  14. Home Furnishings & Fixtures
  15. Toys & Games
  16. Broadcasting - TV
  17. Electronic Equipment
  18. Diversified Communication Services
  19. Rental & Leasing Services
  20. Residential Construction

No.NamePerf WeekPerf MonthPerf QuartPerf HalfPerf YearPerf YTD
1Toy & Hobby Stores11.57%22.45%52.46%72.86%97.77%76.29%
2Consumer Services6.93%0.21%3.39%-8.53%16.99%-3.10%
3Building Materials Wholesale6.85%-3.60%-4.57%-2.43%-8.37%-10.13%
4Telecom Services - Foreign6.69%7.44%12.53%6.35%15.86%9.24%
5Wireless Communications5.24%1.18%0.88%-5.40%2.23%-8.55%
6Resorts & Casinos4.83%-2.79%2.07%16.06%41.72%2.57%
7Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration4.46%7.13%20.91%-7.03%-5.15%4.17%
8Surety & Title Insurance4.28%0.58%10.12%17.37%27.73%3.93%
9Auto Dealerships4.27%-0.02%9.12%9.31%15.70%2.09%
10Electronics Stores4.12%-3.88%5.71%-34.66%2.61%-31.62%
11CATV Systems3.81%-0.82%3.75%13.03%31.35%0.59%
13Semiconductor- Memory Chips3.76%7.18%15.18%50.18%162.26%21.57%
14Home Furnishings & Fixtures3.71%-0.69%-0.84%5.25%14.45%-6.24%
15Toys & Games3.57%-1.16%8.59%-4.25%-0.10%-9.91%
16Broadcasting - TV3.22%-5.00%3.64%1.36%27.52%-6.23%
17Electronic Equipment3.19%7.02%16.67%12.06%34.86%5.04%
18Diversified Communication Services3.17%2.87%5.52%8.05%14.46%5.37%
19Rental & Leasing Services3.15%2.09%12.46%28.62%41.43%8.99%
20Residential Construction3.15%-2.76%-4.52%5.84%-8.93%-3.55%

Best Weekly Stocks

Best Weekly StocksLooking into best weekly stocks can provide an insight what stock market will bring for the next session. Retail or institutional investors may want to rotate to this sector to avoid bad performance. Growth stocks have been dud for 2014, value stocks have been holding up better. Some great sectors in 2014 are real estate, semiconductors, oil & gas equipment, etc.

Top consumer services stocks of week 18 are:
  1. Nutrisystem, Inc. – 20.26%
  2. Intersections Inc. – 3.17%
  3. EnviroStar, Inc. – 0.65%
  4. Student Transportation, Inc.
  5. Spark Networks, Inc.
No.CompanyTickerPerf WeekPerf MonthPerf YearPerf YTDPrice
1Nutrisystem, Inc.NTRI20.26%5.79%112.12%3.45%16.8
2Intersections Inc.INTX3.17%0.86%-30.49%-22.38%5.86
3EnviroStar, Inc.EVI0.65%-4.29%164.41%4.00%3.12
4Student Transportation, Inc.STB0.16%0.16%2.14%3.16%6.21
5Spark Networks, Inc.LOV-5.32%-18.80%-33.58%-27.76%4.45

Top wireless communications Stocks of week 18 are:
    Top wireless communications Stocks of week 18
  1. China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited
  2. NTELOS Holdings Corp.
  3. Sprint Nextel Corp.
  4. T-Mobile US, Inc.
  5. Inteliquent, Inc.
  6. Globalstar Inc.
  7. TIM Participacoes S.A.
  8. SK Telecom Co. Ltd.
  9. Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.
  10. Maxcom Telecomunicaciones S.A.B. de C.V.
No.CompanyTickerPerf WeekPerf MonthPerf YearPerf YTDPrice
1China Unicom (Hong Kong) LimitedCHU15.00%16.51%8.95%2.17%15.1
2NTELOS Holdings Corp.NTLS12.93%5.69%12.33%-25.19%14.67
3Sprint Nextel Corp.S11.25%-7.35%22.54%-19.07%8.7
4T-Mobile US, Inc.TMUS10.15%-4.45%80.59%-4.88%32
5Inteliquent, Inc.IQNT9.90%-1.55%304.70%29.07%14.65
6Globalstar Inc.GSAT8.85%--1.07%2.83
7TIM Participacoes S.A.TSU8.39%6.04%41.58%6.40%27.92
8SK Telecom Co. Ltd.SKM7.93%8.52%15.84%-3.78%23.69
9Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.UBNT7.66%-10.23%154.83%-11.01%40.9
10Maxcom Telecomunicaciones S.A.B. de C.V.MXT6.90%8.14%-16.96%14.11%1.86
11Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri ASTKC5.43%2.25%-7.08%9.06%14.56
12Portugal Telecom SGPS SAPT5.20%0.24%-10.53%-1.62%4.25
13China Mobile LimitedCHL5.18%2.91%-10.49%-9.94%47.09
14United States Cellular CorporationUSM4.74%0.50%26.67%-0.05%41.8
15Telefonica Brasil, S.A.VIV4.59%3.43%-16.11%15.92%21.41
16Rogers Communications Inc.RCI3.97%-3.33%-15.69%-11.03%39.83
17Telephone & Data Systems Inc.TDS2.70%1.12%21.71%5.42%27.02
18TELUS CorporationTU2.41%-1.29%2.23%3.34%35.26
19Vodafone Group plcVOD2.24%2.10%28.74%-6.44%37.49
20America Movil S.A.B. de C.V.AMX2.03%-2.00%-3.31%-13.86%20.13

Top Sector Stocks

Looking into the top sectors, you can find only technology sector have turned positive for this week. Is this a dead cat bouncing or is the technology stocks finally turn to positive? Whether you are a momentum or value investor, you need to be vigilant for next several weeks.

Top sector stocks of week 18 are:
  1. Technology – 1.79%
  2. Basic Materials – 1.59%
  3. Healthcare – 1.45%
  4. Services
  5. Financial
  6. Consumer Goods
  7. Industrial Goods
  8. Conglomerates
  9. Utilities
No.NamePerf WeekPerf MonthPerf QuartPerf HalfPerf YearPerf YTD
2Basic Materials1.59%3.33%13.23%7.17%15.93%6.67%
6Consumer Goods1.31%1.49%8.79%3.78%12.96%1.35%
7Industrial Goods0.58%-0.77%5.29%8.46%27.63%0.95%


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