Top Stocks Week 17, 2014: Hospitals, Drug Delivery

Find best performing sector stocks of week 17 of 2014. Top stock industries are hospitals, drug delivery, electronic equipment, etc.

Top Stocks

This post will look into the top performing stocks, industry, sector, and market capitalization. Major market indices have recovered some of their losses in 2014. The S&P 500 index has a weekly return of -0.06%. NASDAQ Composite has a weekly return of -0.49%.

Best weekly performance of industry stocks of week 17, 2014 (April 21, 2014 – April 27, 2014) are:
    Top Stocks Week 17, 2014: Hospitals, Drug Delivery
  1. Hospitals – 9.49%
  2. Drug Delivery – 8.22%
  3. Electronic Equipment – 7.24%
  4. Semiconductor- Memory Chips – 4.77%
  5. Basic Materials Wholesale – 4.26%
  6. Drugs - Generic
  7. Drug Manufacturers - Other
  8. Gold
  9. Long-Term Care Facilities
  10. Lumber, Wood Production
  11. Drug Related Products
  12. Silver
  13. Research Services
  14. Recreational Vehicles
  15. Publishing - Books
  16. Machine Tools & Accessories
  17. Oil & Gas Equipment & Services
  18. Health Care Plans
  19. Copper
  20. Home Improvement Stores
No.NamePerf WeekPerf MonthPerf QuartPerf HalfPerf YearPerf YTD
2Drug Delivery8.22%3.28%-0.50%18.11%73.06%12.65%
3Electronic Equipment7.24%4.84%4.56%8.62%41.06%1.82%
4Semiconductor- Memory Chips4.77%10.43%11.52%50.67%151.00%17.17%
5Basic Materials Wholesale4.26%12.69%4.35%18.38%18.19%14.48%
6Drugs - Generic4.21%0.53%5.74%21.61%51.44%10.42%
7Drug Manufacturers - Other3.98%3.99%16.49%34.37%42.52%22.69%
9Long-Term Care Facilities3.48%0.41%9.85%20.19%31.79%6.73%
10Lumber, Wood Production3.41%2.03%0.74%-7.47%-9.82%-3.58%
11Drug Related Products3.27%-4.87%-1.59%14.62%26.50%-2.37%
13Research Services2.85%6.74%4.15%11.31%9.41%8.51%
14Recreational Vehicles2.64%2.14%7.65%5.83%41.00%-0.78%
15Publishing - Books2.02%7.54%-0.06%-7.54%14.87%-11.98%
16Machine Tools & Accessories2.02%4.71%5.42%3.59%17.31%0.93%
17Oil & Gas Equipment & Services1.95%7.83%17.43%11.76%36.77%13.03%
18Health Care Plans1.75%-4.80%3.04%11.65%27.58%1.16%
20Home Improvement Stores1.74%-0.98%-0.48%2.07%13.81%-4.14%
21Wholesale, Other1.70%-7.43%-3.08%1.50%23.76%-8.74%
22Education & Training Services1.67%-3.23%-8.42%2.76%45.78%-3.70%

Hospitals and Drug Delivery Stocks

Looking into top hospitals & drug delivery stocks can provide an insight what stock market will bring for the next session. Retail or institutional investors may want to rotate to this sector to avoid bad performance. Growth stocks have been dud for 2014, value stocks have been holding up better. Some great sectors in 2014 are real estate, semiconductors, oil & gas equipment, etc.

Top hospitals stocks of week 17 are:
    Top hospitals stocks of week 17 2014
  1. Tenet Healthcare Corp. – 16.11%
  2. Community Health Systems, Inc. – 11.88%
  3. Universal Health Services Inc. – 11.08%
  4. Lifepoint Hospitals Inc.
  5. HCA Holdings, Inc.
  6. Select Medical Holdings Corporation
  7. SunLink Health Systems Inc.
  8. USMD Holdings, Inc.
  9. Concord Medical Services Holdings Limited
  10. AmSurg Corp.
No.CompanyTickerPerf WeekPerf MonthPerf QuartPerf YTDPrice
1Tenet Healthcare Corp.THC16.11%12.68%2.60%9.50%46.12
2Community Health Systems, Inc.CYH11.88%8.60%-0.45%1.66%39.92
3Universal Health Services Inc.UHS11.08%6.08%3.30%2.11%82.92
4Lifepoint Hospitals Inc.LPNT11.07%7.50%5.61%7.63%56.87
5HCA Holdings, Inc.HCA9.04%6.14%10.41%12.01%53.44
6Select Medical Holdings CorporationSEM1.68%17.03%26.82%21.20%13.95
7SunLink Health Systems Inc.SSY-0.68%-11.52%2.82%65.91%1.46
8USMD Holdings, Inc.USMD-1.05%-0.68%-24.08%-34.31%13.21
9Concord Medical Services Holdings LimitedCCM-3.65%-7.89%36.92%71.57%7.12
10AmSurg Corp.AMSG-5.68%-5.64%1.70%-4.92%43.66

Top drug delivery Stocks of week 17 are:
  1. IntelliPharmaCeutics International Inc. – 12.99%
  2. Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. – 9.57%
  3. Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc. – 6.15%
  4. Columbia Laboratories Inc.
  5. Flamel Technologies SA
  6. pSivida Corp.
  7. Alkermes plc
  8. Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
  9. PetMed Express Inc.
  10. Delcath Systems, Inc.
  11. Bio-Path Holdings, Inc.
No.CompanyTickerPerf WeekPerf MonthPerf QuartPerf YTDPrice
1IntelliPharmaCeutics International Inc.IPCI12.99%-7.19%8.70%7.82%4
2Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.VRX9.57%3.61%1.22%13.91%133.73
3Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc.ACUR6.15%-9.80%-18.82%-17.37%1.38
4Columbia Laboratories Inc.CBRX4.58%-5.26%-0.44%3.63%6.85
5Flamel Technologies SAFLML4.00%-2.42%18.40%45.47%11.71
6pSivida Corp.PSDV2.03%-16.78%-23.97%-11.34%3.52
7Alkermes plcALKS1.20%3.21%-8.88%9.81%44.65
8Adamis Pharmaceuticals CorporationADMP-1.42%-12.76%-17.07%-13.30%5.54
9PetMed Express Inc.PETS-1.90%-1.83%0.16%-21.44%12.9
10Delcath Systems, Inc.DCTH-2.41%-26.41%-32.90%-12.26%3.65
11Bio-Path Holdings, Inc.BPTH-12.18%-9.51%-41.23%-40.50%2.38

Top Sector Stocks

Looking into the top sectors, you can find only utilities sector have positive return for this week. Is the sector rotation still happening or is the bull market losing its steam now? Does this mean investors are rotating out from momentum stocks to value stocks?

Top sector stocks of week 17 are:
    Top Sector Stocks 2014
  1. Healthcare – 1.29%
  2. Utilities – 0.83%
  3. Consumer Goods – 0.58%
  4. Basic Materials
  5. Industrial Goods
  6. Services
  7. Financial
  8. Conglomerates
  9. Technology
No.NamePerf WeekPerf MonthPerf QuartPerf HalfPerf YearPerf YTD
3Consumer Goods0.58%2.47%4.45%3.32%12.94%0.15%
4Basic Materials-0.26%5.27%10.45%6.76%14.52%4.99%
5Industrial Goods-0.46%1.99%4.88%8.48%27.19%0.26%


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