Top Industry Stocks of Week 14, 2014: Synthetics, Trucking

Find best performing sector stocks of week 14, 2014. Top stock industries are Toy & Hobby Stores, Synthetics, Trucking, etc.

Top Stocks

Top Industry Stocks of Week 14, 2014: Synthetics, TruckingThis post will look into the top performing stocks, industry, sector, and market capitalization. Major market indices have mix returns including flat or slightly down or down sharply. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has a weekly return of 0.58%. NASDAQ Composite has a weekly return of -0.67%.

Best weekly performance of industry stocks of week 13, 2014 (March 31, 2014 – April 6, 2014) are:
  1. Toy & Hobby Stores – 18.80%
  2. Synthetics – 7.82%
  3. Research Services – 7.04%
  4. Basic Materials Wholesale – 6.46%
  5. Electronics Stores – 5.29%
  6. Cement
  7. Dairy Products
  8. Trucking
  9. Industrial Metals & Minerals
  10. Semiconductor- Memory Chips
  11. Major Airlines
  12. Appliances
  13. Water Utilities
  14. Foreign Regional Banks
  15. Residential Construction
  16. Auto Dealerships
  17. Medical Appliances & Equipment
  18. Industrial Equipment Wholesale
  19. Life Insurance
  20. Security & Protection Services
No.NamePerf WeekPerf MonthPerf QuartPerf HalfPerf YearPerf YTD
1Toy & Hobby Stores18.80%22.81%43.25%54.16%116.44%44.77%
3Research Services7.04%-0.75%10.11%14.73%14.18%9.00%
4Basic Materials Wholesale6.46%2.69%5.79%12.64%14.74%6.80%
5Electronics Stores5.29%10.22%-28.71%-22.80%15.40%-28.00%
7Dairy Products3.90%3.97%-11.35%-5.09%10.61%-11.05%
9Industrial Metals & Minerals3.49%1.40%3.93%8.88%9.38%1.12%
10Semiconductor- Memory Chips3.05%-7.04%9.15%26.45%131.87%5.66%
11Major Airlines3.01%-4.35%15.10%39.21%71.70%19.94%
13Water Utilities2.91%3.30%4.15%5.46%5.55%2.16%
14Foreign Regional Banks2.82%4.84%5.00%2.32%4.54%1.31%
15Residential Construction2.73%-5.34%0.81%13.22%1.84%-0.75%
16Auto Dealerships2.61%-1.74%0.90%0.64%22.08%-0.32%
17Medical Appliances & Equipment2.55%0.28%6.62%17.78%24.59%6.74%
18Industrial Equipment Wholesale2.54%0.82%5.20%5.00%17.24%3.88%
19Life Insurance2.51%-0.53%0.03%15.74%47.49%-2.13%
20Security & Protection Services2.44%-2.58%-2.93%7.84%12.69%-4.30%
21Regional Airlines2.40%3.31%12.24%24.28%31.67%13.31%
22Printed Circuit Boards2.34%0.07%8.55%-2.68%26.41%7.65%

Best Synthetics Stocks & Trucking Stocks

Looking into top synthetics stocks can provide an insight what stock market will bring during upcoming period. Retail or institutional investors may want to rotate to this sector for undervalued sectors.

Top Synthetics Stocks of week 14 are:
  1. Tronox Limited – 8.56%
  2. Axiall Corporation – 7.30%
  3. Sino Clean Energy Inc
Best Trucking Stocks of week 14 are:
    Best Trucking Stocks
  1. Knight Transportation Inc. – 6.42%
  2. USA Truck Inc. – 6.33%
  3. Swift Transportation Company – 6.00%
  4. Con-way Inc.
  5. JB Hunt Transport Services Inc.
  6. Arkansas Best Corporation
  7. Quality Distribution Inc.
  8. Marten Transport Ltd.
  9. P.A.M. Transportation Services, Inc.
  10. Echo Global Logistics, Inc.
  11. Heartland Express, Inc.
  12. Werner Enterprises Inc.
  13. Patriot Transportation Holding Inc.
  14. Landstar System Inc.
  15. Saia, Inc.
  16. Old Dominion Freight Line Inc.
  17. Universal Truckload Services Inc.
  18. Celadon Group Inc.
No.CompanyTickerPerf WeekPerf MonthPerf QuartPerf YTDPrice
1Knight Transportation Inc.KNX6.42%4.22%27.33%26.85%23.2
2USA Truck Inc.USAK6.33%5.61%18.95%16.82%15.63
3Swift Transportation CompanySWFT6.00%-3.05%19.44%12.88%25.07
4Con-way Inc.CNW5.09%4.51%8.12%5.91%41.94
5JB Hunt Transport Services Inc.JBHT4.83%-0.66%-4.84%-4.85%73.35
6Arkansas Best CorporationABFS4.74%0.82%9.29%9.75%36.93
7Quality Distribution Inc.QLTY4.60%-3.79%-11.42%0.94%12.95
8Marten Transport Ltd.MRTN4.54%3.42%7.35%5.06%21.19
9P.A.M. Transportation Services, Inc.PTSI4.29%-0.49%-2.80%-2.65%20.17
10Echo Global Logistics, Inc.ECHO3.79%5.95%-13.70%-17.04%17.82
11Heartland Express, Inc.HTLD3.65%5.25%14.59%14.59%22.46
12Werner Enterprises Inc.WERN3.18%-2.99%4.53%3.85%25.63
13Patriot Transportation Holding Inc.PATR2.89%-4.55%-11.13%-12.65%36.26
14Landstar System Inc.LSTR2.32%-0.37%3.89%3.73%59.53
15Saia, Inc.SAIA2.21%-6.04%22.90%17.04%37.51
16Old Dominion Freight Line Inc.ODFL1.14%-0.02%6.66%5.70%56.04
17Universal Truckload Services Inc.UACL1.10%1.93%-5.26%-6.47%28.46
18Celadon Group Inc.CGI0.77%-2.80%18.83%21.40%23.6

Top Sector Stocks

Looking into the sector, you can find certain value sectors have gone up. Does this mean investors are rotating out from momentum stocks to value stocks? You can adjust your investment in your brokerage or retirement accounts (IRA).

Top sector stocks of week 14 are:
    Top Sector Stocks 2014
  1. Industrial Goods – 1.45%
  2. Basic Materials – 1.41%
  3. Utilities – 1.04%
  4. Financial
  5. Services
  6. Conglomerates
  7. Healthcare
  8. Consumer Goods
  9. Technology
No.NamePerf WeekPerf MonthPerf QuartPerf HalfPerf YearPerf YTD
1Industrial Goods1.45%-0.89%1.56%13.50%28.77%0.53%
2Basic Materials1.41%2.74%5.04%8.88%13.60%3.15%
8Consumer Goods-0.01%0.25%0.44%6.94%15.66%-1.26%


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