Top Convertible Mutual Funds 2014

Top convertible mutual funds 2014 are PIMCO Convertible, Columbia Convertible Securities, Miller Convertible Bond, etc.

Convertible Funds

Convertible funds use its assets to purchase portfolio of bonds that can be converted into stocks at a set price. These bond funds also pay a high yield due to lower credit quality of the bonds. You can invest in regular investment account, retirement account, 401(k) account, etc.

These best performing mutual funds are sorted based on its year to date return in 2014. You may find other fund review information: expense ratio, fund’s NAV, management, objective, yield, top holdings, etc.

Best Convertibles Mutual Funds

Top convertible mutual funds 2014 are:
    Top Convertible Mutual Funds 2014
  1. PIMCO Convertible A (PACNX)
  2. Columbia Convertible Securities A (PACIX)
  3. Miller Convertible Bond A (MCFAX)
  4. AllianzGI Convertible A (ANZAX)
  5. Victory Investment Grade Convertible A(SBFCX)
  6. Invesco Convertible Securities A(CNSAX)
  7. Vanguard Convertible Securities Investor (VCVSX)
  8. Harbor Convertible Securities Investor (HICSX)
  9. Franklin Convertible Securities A (FISCX)
  10. Putnam Convertible Securities A(PCONX)
Updated on 4/5/2014

PIMCO Convertible A (PACNX)

PIMCO Convertible A (PACNX)
The investment objective of this PIMCO Convertible Fund is to get maximum total return, consistent with prudent investment management. The CUSIP is 693391849. It was incepted in May 2011. The dividend yield of 12.13% is quite high. Investors of this fund have just received the recent dividend in March 19, 2014 ($0.65). It has annual expense ratio of 1.05%.

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Morningstar analysts rated the fund with 3-stars rating. It has YTD return of 4.01%. The 10-year annualized return is 6.30% and the 5-year annualized return is 18.17%. The fund returned 8.42% in their first year (2012) and 17.77% last year. The top industry exposure as of February 2014 is Technology (16.61%) and Banks (11.43%).

Columbia Convertible Securities A (PACIX)

Columbia Convertible Securities A (PACIX)David King and Yan Jin are the current fund managers of this Columbia Convertible Securities Fund. The fund seeks total return, consisting of capital appreciation and current income. It has total net assets of $1.0 billion. The annual expense ratio is 1.15%. It is currently traded at $18.74 from its NAV.

This top convertible mutual fund 2014 has 3-stars rating from Morningstar. The other classes are PHIKX (Class C) and NCIAX (Class Z). It has 3.56% YTD return. The fund has a total of 20 years of positive return and 6 years of negative return. The top holdings as of February 2014 are Micron Technology Inc (2.54%) and Gilead Sciences (2.38%).

Miller Convertible Bond A (MCFAX)

The Miller Convertible Bond A (MCFAX) has total net assets of $545.8 million. The dividend yield is 2.32%. The fund has annual holdings turnover of 104.0% as of March 25, 2014. It is currently managed by Michael Miller.

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This best convertible mutual fund has returned 20.40% in 2013 and 7.24% in 2012. The current YTD return is 3.81%. It also has 1-star rating from Morningstar. The 12b1 fee is 0.50% and it has 5.75% front-end sales load fee.

AllianzGI Convertible A (ANZAX)

AllianzGI Convertible A (ANZAX)The investment objective of this AllianzGI Convertible A (ANZAX) is to get maximum total return, consisting of capital appreciation and current income. The CUSIP is 01900C680. The fund’s yield is 2.04% and is distributed on quarterly basis. It has $2.6 billion of total net assets. The annual expense ratio is 0.96%.

The benchmarks are BofA Merrill Lynch All Convertibles Index and Lipper Convertible Securities Funds Average. The YTD return is 2.92%. It has 3-year annualized return of 9.56% and 1-year annualized return of 19.43%. It is currently managed by Douglas Forsyth and Justin Kass. The top holdings as of February 2014 are Gilead Sciences Inc (2.06%) and Micron Technology Inc (2.0%).

Convertible Bond Fund Performance

NoFund NameTickerRatingNet Assets (Mil) Exp RatioYieldYTD1-Yr Return3-Yr Return5-Yr Return10-Yr Return
1PIMCO Convertible APACNX3$197.80 1.05%12.13%4.63%17.84%7.61%18.48%6.38%
2Columbia Convertible Securities APACIX3$1,000.00 1.15%1.99%4.50%21.45%9.92%16.18%6.82%
3Miller Convertible Bond AMCFAX1$546.60 1.50%2.32%4.46%18.11%7.66%13.57%N/A
4AllianzGI Convertible AANZAX3$2,700.00 0.96%2.04%4.08%21.17%9.97%17.88%9.86%
5Victory Investment Grade Convertible ASBFCX2$23.40 1.50%2.90%3.85%18.60%7.65%13.55%4.64%
6Invesco Convertible Securities ACNSAX4$2,200.00 0.88%2.05%3.75%18.59%9.25%17.15%7.77%
7Vanguard Convertible Securities InvVCVSX4$2,200.00 0.63%2.83%3.66%16.54%7.97%16.56%7.89%
8Harbor Convertible Securities InvestorHICSXN/A$292.20 1.16%1.47%3.21%11.84%N/AN/AN/A
9Franklin Convertible Securities AFISCX3$1,800.00 0.88%2.20%3.12%20.48%9.`4%19.13%7.94%
10Putnam Convertible Securities APCONX3$929.90 1.08%2.24%2.96%18.45%8.99%18.72%7.30%


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