Top Money Market Mutual Funds

Find top money market mutual funds list. These money market funds provide yields for income. The list includes various fund families: Fidelity, Vanguard.

Money Market Funds

Top Money Market Mutual FundsA Money market fund invests in a low risk, low return investment such as certificates of deposit (CD), short term U.S. treasury securities (T-Bills), and corporate commercial paper. Money market fund shares are always worth $1.00. The only change is the interest rate or yield. This money market fund may come with limited check-writing priveleges.

Investing in a money market fund has risk. This money market fund is not insured or guaranteed by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. The investing risks include interest rate risk, economic downturn risk, political risk, market risk, regulatory risk, etc. Historically, money market funds have been exceptionally safe investments. They are regulated under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

Whether you should invest in these money market funds, please check the fund review below. I also provide the 24 largest money market funds for you. Whether you want to invest for short term or retirement, you need to find out the fund details.

Top money market mutual funds are:
  1. Fidelity Cash Reserves (FDRXX)
  2. Vanguard Prime Money Market Investor (VMMXX)
  3. Schwab Cash Reserves (SWSXX)
  4. Schwab Advisor Cash Reserves Premier (SWZXX)
  5. Schwab Money Market (SWMXX)
  6. Dreyfus General Money Market B (GMBXX)
  7. Federated Capital Reserves (FRFXX)
  8. Edward Jones Money Market Investor (JNSXX)
  9. Fidelity Prime Capital Reserves (FPRXX)
  10. Fidelity Prime Daily Money (FDAXX)
  11. Morgan Stanley Liquid Asset (DWLXX)
  12. Schwab Value Advantage Money Investor (SWVXX)
  13. Northern Money Market (NORXX)
  14. T Rowe Price Prime Reserve (PRRXX)
  15. RBC Prime Money Market Reserve (TRMXX)
  16. Morgan Stanley Active Assets Money Trust (AAMXX)
  17. UBS RMA Money (RMAXX)
  18. Schwab Advisor Cash Reserves Sweep (SWQXX)
  19. T. Rowe Price Summit Cash Reserves (TSCXX)
  20. JPMorgan Liquid Assets Money Market E*Tr (JLEXX)
  21. BIF Money Fund (CMEXX)
  22. USAA Money Market (USAXX)
  23. Fidelity Select Money Market (FSLXX)
  24. SSgA Money Market (SSMXX)
Updated on 3/1/2014

Fidelity Cash Reserves Fund

Fidelity Cash Reserves FundAs one of the largest money market fund, Fidelity Cash Reserves Fund (FDRXX) was incepted in May 1979. The main objective is to seek as high a level of current income as is consistent with the preservation of capital and liquidity. It has total net assets of $116.9 billion. The annual expense ratio is 0.28%. The current 7 day yield is 0.01%.

This money market fund has 54 days of average maturity and 98 days of average life. The top composition by instrument as of December 2013 is Certificates of Deposit (45.14%).

Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund

Vanguard Prime Money Market Investor (VMMXX) is categorized in the Taxable Money Market category. It has low annual expense ratio of 0.17%. The total net assets are $130.9 billion. The benchmark is Money Market Funds Average. The current yield is 0.01%.

This best money market fund has a total of 454 holdings. It has average maturity of 52 days. The top portfolio compositions as of January 2014 are Yankee/Foreign (44.4%) and U.S. Treasury Bills (20.8%).

Schwab Cash Reserves Fund

Schwab Cash Reserves FundThis Schwab Cash Reserves (SWSXX) Fund is designed for income, stability and convenient access to the investors’ own money. It has $38.7 billion of total net assets. The annual expense ratio is 0.23%. The dividend is distributed on monthly basis to the investors. There is no minimum initial investment and the minimum subsequent investment is $1.

This top money market mutual fund is managed by Linda Klingman, Mike Neitzke, Michael Lin and Jonathan Roman. The top portfolio composition by security type is Certificate of Deposit (47.6%).

Best Mutual funds

Dreyfus General Money Market Fund

The minimum initial investment for investing in Dreyfus General Money Market B (GMBXX) is $2,500. The funds’ total net assets are $14.7 billion. It also has 0.19% annual expense ratio.

Federated Capital Reserves (FRFXX)

The total net assets of Federated Capital Reserves (FRFXX) are $12.3 billion. The annual expense ratio is 0.32%. The money market rate is 0.00%.

Other Top Funds

NoFund NameTickerPriceAssets
1Fidelity Cash ReservesFDRXX$1.00$117,761,000,000
2Vanguard Prime Money Market InvVMMXX$1.00$102,937,000,000
3Schwab Cash ReservesSWSXX$1.00$38,879,700,000
4Schwab Advisor Cash Reserves PremierSWZXX$1.00$17,343,800,000
5Schwab Money MarketSWMXX$1.00$14,904,700,000
6Dreyfus General Money Market BGMBXX$1.00$12,762,500,000
7Federated Capital ReservesFRFXX$1.00$12,358,300,000
8Edward Jones Money Market InvJNSXX$1.00$11,444,800,000
9Fidelity Prime Capital ReservesFPRXX$1.00$10,036,400,000
10Fidelity Prime Daily MoneyFDAXX$1.00$9,105,000,000
11Morgan Stanley Liquid AssetDWLXX$1.00$8,346,800,000
12Schwab Value Advantage Money InvSWVXX$1.00$8,291,300,000
13Northern Money MktNORXX$1.00$8,137,500,000
14T Rowe Price Prime ReservePRRXX$1.00$6,333,700,000
15RBC Prime Money Market ReserveTRMXX$1.00$6,289,900,000
16Morgan Stanley Active Assets Money TrAAMXX$1.00$6,200,300,000
17UBS RMA MoneyRMAXX$1.00$6,183,900,000
18Schwab Advisor Cash Reserves SweepSWQXX$1.00$5,995,400,000
19T. Rowe Price Summit Cash ReservesTSCXX$1.00$5,888,800,000
20JPMorgan Liquid Assets Money Market E*TrJLEXX$1.00$5,654,000,000
21BIF Money FundCMEXX$1.00$5,531,900,000
22USAA Money MarketUSAXX$1.00$5,253,900,000
23Fidelity Select Money MarketFSLXX$1.00$4,744,600,000
24SSgA Money MarketSSMXX$1.00$3,761,700,000


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