Year to Date Best Performing Closed End Funds 2014

Find year to date best performing closed end funds 2014 for investment. The top CEF funds are Latin American stock, municipal bond fund, commodities fund, etc.

Top Funds

Investing in closed end funds can provide great opportunity for investors. These investment funds are similar to exchange traded funds (ETFs). You can buy and sell during the market hours through your brokerage. They also may have a high yield for income.

While year 2014 is just starting, looking into the top performing fund may provide an insight where the investors are investing. Some of the best performing funds are worst performing funds in 2013. The top performing sectors include Latin American stock, municipal bond, taxable bond, commodities fund, etc. You can find the fund review below. Check the fund performance, expense ratio, objective, and yield below.

Year to date best performing closed end funds 2014 are:
    Year to Date Best Performing Closed End Funds 2014
  1. Aberdeen Chile Fund
  2. Central GoldTrust
  3. PIMCO Municipal Income
  4. BlackRock VA Municipal Bond
  5. EV Municipal Income Term Trust
  6. BlackRock MuniHoldings Inv Qty
  7. Pioneer Muni High Inc Adv
  8. AllianceBernstein Income Fund
  9. Nuveen Premier Muni Income
  10. NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund
Updated on 1/12/2014

Aberdeen Chile Fund (CH)

This Aberdeen Chile Fund invests mainly in Chilean equity securities. The fund’s manager is Devan Kaloo since 2009. Its total net assets are $95 million. The annual expense ratio fee is 1.70%. Up to January 12, 2014, it has a year-to-date return of 6.64%. In 2013, it has the YTD return of -21.97%.

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As of January 2013, this top performing closed end fund has 24 holdings. The annual portfolio turnover rate is 8%. The top 5 stocks are Banco Santander-Chile, Empresas Copec SA, Falabella Sociedad Anomina Comercial E I, Enersis SA, and Empresas Cmpc SA. Top 2 sectors are financials and consumer staples.

Central GoldTrust Fund (GTU)

Central GoldTrust FundInvesting in Gold has been easy for the past 2 years. There is a period of up and down, but the current trend is down. The Central GoldTrust Fund uses its assets to purchase gold bullion. It has total net assets of $877 million. Its annual expense ratio is only 0.36%. There is no yield currently.

Morningstar analysts have ranked this best performing closed end fund in 2014 with bronze rating. In 2014, the YTD return is 6.43%. It has returned -4.91% over the past 3 year, and 5.24% over the past 5 year.

PIMCO Municipal Income Fund (PMF)

Ranked with 5 stars rating, PIMCO Municipal Income Fund objective is to provide income exempt from federal income tax. It utilizes its assets to buy investment grade municipal bonds. This tax free municipal bond is managed by Joe Deane since 2001. It has a high yield of 7.56%. In 2014, the YTD return is 5.93%.

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The fund’s performance for the past 5 years is:
  • Year 2013: -16.23%
  • Year 2012: 17.91%
  • Year 2011: 21.82%
  • Year 2010: 9.66%
  • Year 2009: 76.88%

Best Fund Returns

NoFund NameTickerFund TypeNAVYieldAssets YTD Return
1Aberdeen Chile FundCHLatin American Equity$10.07 12.26%$106M6.64%
2Central GoldTrustGTUCommodities$45.46 --$852M6.43%
3PIMCO Municipal IncomePMFNational Municipal Bond$11.78 7.56%$327M5.93%
4BlackRock VA Municipal BondBHVVirginia Municipal Bond$14.75 5.65%$24M5.90%
5EV Municipal Income Term TrustETXNational Municipal Bond$16.54 5.54%$158M5.89%
6BlackRock MuniHoldings Inv QtyMFLNational Municipal Bond$14.01 6.52%$501M5.64%
7Pioneer Muni High Inc AdvMAVHigh Yield Municipal$11.70 8.49%$317M5.38%
8AllianceBernstein Income FundACGGovernment Bond$8.18 5.60%$1,824M5.28%
9Nuveen Premier Muni IncomeNPFNational Municipal Bond$14.02 6.64%$260M5.17%
10NexPoint Credit Strategies FundNHFSenior Loan Bond$12.08 6.08%$636M5.10%
11Sprott Physical Silver TrustPSLVCommodities$7.64 --$1,007M5.09%
12Nuveen Dividend AdvantageNADNational Municipal Bond$14.30 6.72%$519M5.08%
13BlackRock Muni Target Term TrBTTNational Municipal Bond$19.37 6.28%$1,263M5.08%
14BlackRock Income OpportunityBNAMulti Sector Bond$11.18 7.03%$352M5.05%
15BlackRock MuniVestMVFNational Municipal Bond$9.51 7.26%$596M4.83%
16Nuveen Dividend Advantage 2NXZNational Municipal Bond$14.51 6.28%$392M4.65%
17EV Municipal IncomeEVNNational Municipal Bond$10.64 8.25%$249M4.65%
18Sprott Physical Platinum & PalSPPPCommodities$9.13 --$247M4.61%
19EV CA Municipal IncomeCEVCalifornia Municipal Bond$12.64 6.72%$85M4.51%
20Nuveen Quality Income MuniNQUNational Municipal Bond$14.10 6.42%$697M4.49%
21Federated Premier Muni IncomeFMNNational Municipal Bond$14.09 6.60%$85M4.39%
22Central Fund of CanadaCEFCommodities$14.19 0.07%$3,519M4.38%
23BlackRock MuniYieldMYDNational Municipal Bond$13.78 7.25%$623M4.37%
24Invesco Trust NY Inv Gra MnVTNNew York Municipal Bond$14.05 7.43%$266M4.29%
25BlackRock MuniHoldings Fund IIMUHNational Municipal Bond$14.67 7.13%$157M4.27%


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