Top Performing U.S. Large Cap Stock Mutual Funds 2013

Find top performing U.S. large Cap Stock Mutual Funds in 2013. The best funds are Dodge & Cox Stock fund, Vanguard PRIMECAP fund, Homestead Growth Fund, etc.

U.S. Large Cap Funds

Planning to invest in mutual funds in 2014, you might need to find these top performing U.S. large cap stock mutual funds in 2013. These best funds are suitable for core investment assets. Some of these funds also has a great long term returns and ranked among the top funds in its category.
U.S. large cap stock mutual funds invest mainly in U.S. companies with more than 10 billion of market capitalization. These funds may be listed in S&P 500 index or Dow or Russell index. It may provide capital growth or dividend for income.

Find the fund review below. Whether you are investing for your brokerage, retirement, or 401(k) account, you need to be sure it is a good choice for long term investment. Check the fund returns, net asset value (NAV), fee, sales load, etc.

Top Mutual Funds

Top performing U.S. large cap stock mutual funds 2013 are:
    Top Performing U.S. Large Cap Stock Mutual Funds 2013
  1. Hotchkis and Wiley Large Cap Value R
  2. Sound Shore
  3. Matrix Adv Value Fund
  4. Dodge & Cox Stock
  5. Homestead Growth
  6. SA US Value
  7. Ariel Focus Inv
  8. Vanguard PRIMECAP Inv
  9. Northern Instl Large Cap Equity Port A
  10. Fidelity Large Cap Stock
Updated on 1/4/2014

Sound Shore Fund (SSHFX)

Ranked with 4 stars rating, Sound Shore Fund has a year to date return of 41.53% in 2013. This top fund uses a value investment strategy to its selection of predominantly Large Cap and Mid Cap common stocks for the portfolio. It has a yield of 0.65%. You can buy it with $10,000 initial funding for your brokerage account or $2,000 for your retirement account.

The fund has total net assets of $2.1 billion. It has a 3 year annualized return of 15.69%. The top 3 stocks are Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Schlumberger NV, and Qualcomm Inc.

Dodge & Cox Stock Fund (DODGX)

Dodge & Cox Stock fund is popular among investors. Whether you have a brokerage account, an IRA (individual retirement account), or a 401k account; you will find this equity mutual fund. It invests in a diversified portfolio of common stocks. It is managed by 9 portfolio managers. It also has total net assets of $54 billion.

This top performing no load mutual fund has returned 17.24% over the past 3 year, and 18.63% over the past 5 year. Morningstar has ranked it with gold stars. The minimum to invest is only $2,500. Its expense ratio fee is only 0.52%. The top 3 stocks are Capital One Financial Corp, Wells Fargo & Co, and Microsoft Corporation.

Homestead Growth Fund (HNASX)

Homestead Growth Fund is managed by Robert W. Sharps. In 2013, it has an annualized return of 43.40%. It utilizes its assets to purchase common stocks of large companies with growth potential. This no load fund has an expense ratio fee of 0.95%. The 3 year beta risk is 1.19.

This best performing U.S. stock mutual fund’s performance is as follow:
  • Year 2013: 43.40%
  • Year 2012: 17.57%
  • Year 2011: -2.09%
  • Year 2010: 15.54%

Vanguard PRIMECAP Fund (VPMCX)

Vanguard PRIMECAP Fund invests mainly in stocks considered to have above-average earnings growth potential that is not reflected in their current market prices. It has a low expense ratio fee of 0.45%. This best performing U.S. large cap stock mutual fund is ranked with 4 stars and gold rating. Its yield is 0.87%.

As of December 2013, the top 3 equities in its portfolio are Biogen Idec Inc, Amgen Inc, and Roche Holding AG. The top 3 sectors are healthcare, technology, and industrials.

Fund Returns

NoFund NameTickerNAV1 Yr Return5 Yr Return10 Yr ReturnSince Inception
1Hotchkis and Wiley Large Cap Value RHWLRX24.3842.00%20.37%5.75%N/A
2Sound ShoreSSHFX48.5941.39%17.64%8.19%N/A
3Matrix Adv Value FundMAVFX56.7840.70%15.26%4.76%10.00%
4Dodge & Cox StockDODGX167.540.49%19.71%8.30%N/A
5Homestead GrowthHNASX7.8440.08%24.01%8.67%N/A
6SA US ValueSABTX16.7840.08%20.39%7.95%-1.00%
7Ariel Focus InvARFFX14.1440.04%16.91%N/A5.01%
8Vanguard PRIMECAP InvVPMCX91.639.49%19.44%10.20%N/A
9Northern Instl Large Cap Equity Port ABDVAXN/A38.07%2.01%7.47%N/A
10Fidelity Large Cap StockFLCSX2738.00%24.14%8.65%N/A
11Active Portfolios Multi-Manager Gr ACSLGX13.8137.64%N/AN/A18.38%
12American Century Legacy Lg Cap InvACGOX15.4337.27%15.87%N/A6.38%
13T Rowe Price ValueTRVLX33.5237.26%20.40%9.02%N/A
14T Rowe Price Blue Chip GrowthTRBCX63.9837.04%22.80%8.96%N/A
15TCW Concentrated Value NTGFVX16.6736.92%14.60%5.73%2.16%


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