10 YTD Top Performing Municipal Bond Closed End Funds 2014

See 10 YTD top performing municipal bond closed end funds 2014. Top funds are Federated Premier Muni Income Fund, EV Municipal Income Term Trust, BlackRock Muni Target Term Trust, etc.

Best Muni Bond CEF Funds

If you invest in municipal bond, you probably invest in closed end funds. Closed end funds are popular for tax free income seeker. The municipal bond closed end funds are among the largest assets in the whole sector closed end funds. These municipal bond funds provide tax free income for investors. The yield is exempt from federal income tax rate and possibly state income tax & local income tax.

Whether you should invest in these top performing municipal bond closed end funds, you need to do details research. You can buy these CEF funds using your brokerage for your investment account, retirement account, etc. These investment funds are managed actively by the fund manager(s). Find the fund review below. The funds are sorted based on its performance in 2014 (up to January 20, 2014).

10 YTD top performing municipal bond closed end funds 2014 are:
    YTD Top Performing Municipal Bond Closed End Funds 2014
  1. Federated Premier Muni Income
  2. EV Municipal Income Term Trust
  3. BlackRock Muni Target Term Trust
  4. PIMCO Municipal Income
  5. DWS Strategic Muni Income
  6. BlackRock PA Strategic Muni
  7. Nuveen Premier Muni Income
  8. BlackRock MuniHoldings Inv Qty
  9. Pioneer Muni High Inc Adv
  10. BlackRock MuniVest
Updated on 1/20/2014

Federated Premier Municipal Income Fund (FMN)

Federated Premier Municipal Income FundFederated Premier Municipal Income Fund utilizes its assets to purchase investment grade tax exempt debt securities. The total assets are $127 million. Current expense ratio fee is 1.84%. The fund’s managers are Lee Cunningham II and RJ Gallo. The current shares price is $14.29. The current high yield is 6.34%.

This YTD top performing municipal bond closed end fund is ranked with 5 star rating by Morningstar. The year-to-date return is 8.26% in 2014. This best fund has returned 12.12% over the past 3 year and 14.26% over the past 5 year.

EV Municipal Income Term Trust (ETX)

EV Municipal Income Term Trust is a new muni bond closed end fund. This best fund is incepted in March 2013. The fund manager is Thomas M Metzold. The current total net assets are $172 million. The current market price is trading 6.37% discount to its net asset value (NAV). The tax free yield is currently stood at 5.40%. The YTD return is 7.81%.

BlackRock Muni Target Term Trust (BTT)

BlackRock Muni Target Term Trust is one of the popular municipal bond closed end fund. With total assets of $2.1 billion, it uses its assets to buy high quality muni bonds around the U.S. The annual expense ratio fee is 1.02%. The % structural leverage is 36.20%. In 2013, the annual return is -22.37%.

This top performing muni bond closed end fund has YTD return of 7.80% in 2014. The top 2 bond sectors are long duration municipal debts (78.49%), and municipal debt (19%).

PIMCO Municipal Income Fund (PMF)

PIMCO Municipal Income FundRanked with 5 stars rating, PIMCO Municipal Income Fund is managed by Joe Deane since 2001.The total net assets are $492 million. The fund has an effective leverage of 40.35%. This fund has an average duration of 16.49 years. The total holdings are 170.

This best performing municipal bond closed end fund has a 5 year annualized return of 11.74%. The YTD return is 7.25%. The fund performance for the past 3 years is as follows:
  • Year 2013: -16.13%
  • Year 2012: 17.91%
  • Year 2011: 21.82%
The top 3 states in its holdings are California (16.33%), New York (12.17%), and Texas (10.45%). The top 5 bond sectors are hospital revenue, industrial development/ pollution control, state/local government, transportation, and tobacco.

Fund Performance

NoFund NameTickerFund TypeNAV PriceYieldMarket CapYTD Return %
1Federated Premier Muni IncomeFMNTax-Free Income-National$14.24 6.34%$88M8.26%
2EV Municipal Income Term TrustETXTax-Free Income-National$16.81 5.40%$161M7.81%
3BlackRock Muni Target Term TrBTTTax-Free Income-National$19.64 6.13%$1,294M7.80%
4PIMCO Municipal IncomePMFTax-Free Income-National$11.91 7.48%$330M7.25%
5DWS Strategic Muni IncomeKSMTax-Free Income-National$12.63 7.09%$145M6.83%
6BlackRock PA Strategic MuniBPSTax-Free Income-Pennsylvania$13.53 6.37%$25M6.63%
7Nuveen Premier Muni IncomeNPFTax-Free Income-National$14.10 6.59%$261M6.59%
8BlackRock MuniHoldings Inv QtyMFLTax-Free Income-National$14.11 6.47%$501M6.48%
9Pioneer Muni High Inc AdvMAVTax-Free Income-High Yield$11.70 8.42%$318M6.40%
10BlackRock MuniVestMVFTax-Free Income-National$9.56 7.20%$603M6.37%
11Nuveen Dividend AdvantageNADTax-Free Income-National$14.40 6.67%$523M6.31%
12BlackRock VA Municipal BondBHVTax-Free Income-Virginia$14.86 5.63%$24M6.29%
13American Municipal IncomeXAATax-Free Income-National$14.22 6.96%$79M6.24%
14Nuveen AMT-Free Municipal IncNEATax-Free Income-National$13.83 6.47%$1,003M6.14%
15EV CA Municipal IncomeCEVTax-Free Income-California$12.80 6.63%$86M6.12%
16EV Municipal IncomeEVNTax-Free Income-National$10.83 8.14%$252M5.99%
17PIMCO Municipal Income IIPMLTax-Free Income-National$11.12 6.95%$684M5.88%
18EV PA Municipal BondEIPTax-Free Income-Pennsylvania$13.06 6.36%$36M5.83%
19Nuveen Dividend Advantage 2NXZTax-Free Income-National$14.61 6.25%$394M5.75%
20Nuveen Select Quality MuniNQSTax-Free Income-National$14.32 6.12%$459M5.71%
21PIMCO CA Municipal IncomePCQTax-Free Income-California$13.12 6.76%$254M5.71%
22PIMCO NY Municipal Income IIPNITax-Free Income-New York$10.11 7.40%$117M5.68%
23BlackRock Strategic MuniBSDTax-Free Income-National$13.32 6.97%$93M5.65%
24Putnam Managed Muni IncomePMMTax-Free Income-National$7.41 6.66%$402M5.57%
25PIMCO Municipal Income IIIPMXTax-Free Income-National$9.70 8.02%$340M5.55%


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