Top Performing Municipal Bond Closed End Funds 2013

Find performing municipal bond closed end funds 2013 article. The top CEF funds are BlackRock CA Muni 2018 Term fund, BlackRock FL Municipal 2020 fund, Nuveen Select Maturities Muni, and more.

Best Muni Bond CEF Funds

Investing in municipal bond closed end funds is popular among investors and tax free high yield income seekers. In 2013, any bond funds have returned either a little return or a big negative return. This post will look into the best performing funds. You may find various different type of municipal bond closed end funds including diversified national muni bond fund, California muni bond fund, high yield bond fund, etc.

Will these top funds stay on top in 2014? Find the fund review below. Whether you are investing for your brokerage fund or retirement fund, you need to be sure you are making the right choice. You may find the fund yield, performance return, expense ratio, total assets, and rating.

Top performing municipal bond closed end funds 2013 are:
    Top Performing Municipal Bond Closed End Funds
  1. BlackRock CA Muni 2018 Term
  2. BlackRock FL Municipal 2020
  3. BlackRock Muni 2018 Term Trust
  4. BlackRock Municipal 2020
  5. Nuveen CA Muni Value
  6. BlackRock NY Muni 2018 Term
  7. Nuveen Select Maturities Muni
  8. Western Asset Muni Defined Opp
  9. Neuberger Berman CA Inter Muni
  10. BlackRock Investment Quality Muni
Updated on 12/25/2013

BlackRock CA Muni 2018 Term Fund (BJZ)

Top CEF Fund - BJZThis BlackRock fund utilizes its assets to purchase undervalued investment grade California municipal bonds. With total net assets of $140 million, it has a high yield of 3.85%. This BlackRock CA Muni 2018 Term Fund has a low expense ratio of 0.90% per year. This tax free muni bond CEF fund is trading 3.97% premium to its NAV (net asset value).

Morningstar hasn’t ranked this municipal bond fund. This best performing muni bond CEF has returned 6.36% over the past 3 year, and 13.65% over the past 5 year. In 2013, the year to date return is 2.59%. Top 3 bond sectors are tax-backed debt, utility debt, and transportation debt.

BlackRock Muni 2018 Term Trust Fund (BPK)

This BlackRock Muni 2018 Term Trust Fund is also not being ranked by Morningstar yet. The total net assets are $255 million. The total leverage ratio is 26.53%. This top performing muni bond CEF fund has a taxable equivalent yield of 7.00%. The average coupon is 4.99%. In 2013, it managed to return 1.73%.

As of December 2013, the top 2 sectors are taxed backed debt and corporate backed muni. The top 3 holdings are Centerline Equity Issuer Trust, 6.80% 6.80 31 Oct 2052, Railsplitter Tobacco Settlement Authority 6.00 01 Jun 2028, and County Of Lowndes Mississippi, Refunding 6.80 01 Apr 2022. The top 3 municipal states are Texas, New Jersey, and Illinois.

Nuveen Select Maturities Muni Fund (NIM)

Nuveen Select Maturities Muni Fund (NIM)Nuveen Select Maturities Muni Fund uses its assets to buy municipal debts. Its objective is to provide income exempt from regular federal income tax. With assets of $126 million, its annual expense ratio of 0.55%. In 2103, its YTD return of -2.54%. The past 3 years, the fund performance is as follows:
  • Year 2012: 0.77%
  • Year 2011: 11.74%
  • Year 2010: 0.24%
This best performing municipal bond closed end fund has annual portfolio turnover rate of 17%. The top 3 debt sectors are tax obligation/limited debt, utilities debt, and health care debt.

Fund Performance

NoFund NameTickerTypeYieldPremium / DiscountYTD Return
1BlackRock CA Muni 2018 TermBJZCalifornia Muni Bond$15.37 3.85%3.97%2.59%
2BlackRock FL Municipal 2020BFOFlorida Muni Bond$15.20 3.97%-0.13%1.87%
3BlackRock Muni 2018 Term TrustBPKNational Muni Bond$15.57 4.55%3.28%1.73%
4BlackRock Municipal 2020BKKNational Muni Bond$15.89 4.67%0.63%1.20%
5Nuveen CA Muni ValueNCACalifornia Muni Bond$9.68 4.99%-3.10%-1.81%
6BlackRock NY Muni 2018 TermBLHNew York Muni Bond$15.05 3.58%0.86%-1.86%
7Nuveen Select Maturities MuniNIMNational Muni Bond$10.20 3.50%-4.12%-2.54%
8Western Asset Muni Defined OppMTTNational Muni Bond$21.69 4.77%-2.58%-4.09%
9Neuberger Berman CA Inter MuniNBWCalifornia Muni Bond$14.31 5.81%-1.89%-4.73%
10BlackRock Invst. Quality MuniBKNNational Muni Bond$13.99 6.59%4.15%-4.75%
11Neuberger Berman Inter MuniNBHNational Muni Bond$14.36 5.76%1.60%-5.00%
12PIMCO CA Municipal Income IIPCKCalifornia Muni Bond$7.59 8.11%21.87%-5.49%
13Pioneer Municipal High IncomeMHIHigh Yield Muni$12.71 8.30%8.03%-5.73%
14MFS High Yield Municipal TrustCMUHigh Yield Muni$4.43 6.99%-3.16%-5.80%
15Nuveen CA Select Tax-FreeNXCCalifornia Muni Bond$14.30 5.10%-6.29%-5.86%
16Nuveen CA Municipal Value 2NCBCalifornia Muni Bond$16.06 5.35%-9.22%-5.88%
17Nuveen Municipal ValueNUVNational Muni Bond$9.46 4.84%-3.07%-6.22%
18Nuveen Select TaxFree Income 3NXRNational Muni Bond$13.78 4.85%-5.73%-6.89%


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