Investing in Vanguard Total International Bond ETF: Investment Ad

Investing in Vanguard Total International Bond ETF is good for long term planning. This top fund invests in non-U.S. debts including debts from developed and developing countries.

Vanguard ETF Fund Vanguard ETF Fund

Known for its index mutual funds, Vanguard has branched out and offers low cost index exchange traded funds (ETFs). One of the popular index ETFs is Vanguard Total International Bond ETF (BNDX). If you read a financial newspaper or magazine, you might see the ads from Vanguard Group Inc.

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One of the investment ad is as follows:
Vanguard Total International Bond ETF 
Help extend the reach of your clients’ portfolios abroad. 
Are you Vanguarding your clients’ portfolios?
Clients looking to invest in international fixed income now have a new ETF option. With hedged currency exposure that can lead to lower volatility, BNDX has an expense ratio that’s 52% lower than the industry average, making it the lowest in its category. So no matter what your clients’ goals are, Vanguard Total International Bond ETF can help achieve them. 
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Investing Review

The investment objective of Vanguard Total International Bond ETF fund is to track the performance of a benchmark index that measures the investment return of non-U.S. dollar-denominated investment-grade bonds. This exchange traded fund has just been incepted in May 31, 2013. The current NAV is 449.86. It is traded with premium 0.36% from its NAV. The SEC-yield is 1.79%. It has total net assets are $17.16 billion.

The fund’s expense ratio is only 0.20%. This fee is 81% lower than the average expense ratio of funds with similar holdings. This World Bond uses an index benchmark of Barclays GA ex-USD FIAj RIC CplxHdg. The average maturity is 8.2 years and average duration is 6.6 years.

The top distribution by issuers is Foreign (80.3%), finance (6.6%), and other (6.3%). The top region allocations are Europe (57.90%), and Pacific (28.20%).

If you like to invest in mutual fund, you can select one of these top index mutual funds:
  • Vanguard Total International Bond Index Fund Admiral Shares (VTABX)
  • Vanguard Total International Bond Index Fund Investor Shares (VTIBX)

Last Word

  • Invest in index ETF is a no brainer. With vanguard ETF, you might get low expense fee as well.
  • This new ETF fund performance is closely related to its benchmark.
  • It is great for long term diversification and any accounts (i.e. brokerage, retirement or 401(k) account).


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