Hartford World Bond Fund Ad by HarfordFund

Find Hartford World Bond Fund ad by HarfordFund. This mutual fund invests in international debts round the world. The investment advertisement is titled as Think outside the States.

Investing Idea

Hartford World Bond Fund AdInvesting internationally can be done through many different ways. Using a mutual fund, investors can invest in international bond or stock funds. Recently, HartfordFund produces an investment ad which title “Think outside the States.” This ad features one top bond mutual fund, Hartford World Bond Fund (HWDAX).

Whether the investment is for your long term retirement account or short term brokerage account, you need to find out the fund review and details. I will provide this bond fund review below. Note: This advertisement can be found in financial newspaper or magazine.

The ad content is as follows:
Hartford World Bond Fund (HWDAX) 
The fixed-income landscape has changed It’s time to globalize your opportunity set if your portfolio is going to keep up. Wellington Management Company, LLP, sub-adviser to Hartford World Bond Fund, has $361 billion in fixed-income AUM*. The resources and
expertise utilized in managing Hartford World Bond Fund seek opportunities in the global fixed-income and currency markets, and strive to reduce the volatility of returns across a variety of investment environments. 
Learn more about hartfordfunds.com/globalizedcore
Think Independently. Invest Actively. 
All mutual funds are subject to risk, including possible loss of principal. Fixed income investments are subject to interest rate, credit, and call risk. Foreign investments are subject to additional risks. Investors should carefully consider investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of Hartford Funds before investing…

Fund Review

The objective of this Hartford World Bond Fund (HWDAX) is seeking capital appreciation with income as a secondary goal. This mutual fund is managed by Robert L. Evans and Mark H. Sullivan. It invests in US and non-U.S. government bonds, corporate debts, and other fixed income. Its yield is 1.67%.

This high performing mutual fund has $1.8 billion of total net assets. The annual expense ratio (0.95%) is lower than the average ratio in World Bond category, 1.08%. The 1.67% dividend is distributed monthly. The September distribution was $0.01.

Because the fund has just been incepted in May 2011, it has no Morningstar rating yet. However, the fund is ranked in the top 25th percentile among its peers. It has a total return of 8.83% in 2012. The minimal investment is $2,000 for either brokerage or retirement account. For 401(k) account, please check with your account administrator. The class A fund has 0.25% 12b1 fee and 4.50% front-end sales load fee.

As of September 2013, the top countries are United States, Sweden, Australia, Belgium and Netherlands. Developed Global Government Bonds is the top sector exposure (74%). The top issuers are US Treasury Notes/ Bonds (8.86%), Sweden (8.56%) and Finland (8.07%).

Last Words

  • Class A has a steep sales load. Pick a no sales load mutual fund for long term investment such as class I (HWDIX), Class Y (HWDYX), Class R3 (HWDRX), Class R4 (HWDSX), Class R5 (HWDTX), and Class A load waived (HWDAX.lw).
  • This mutual fund is still relatively new. If you want to invest, please invest as an alternative fund choice only.


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