Top Mutual Funds by Columbia Management for Investing

See top mutual funds ad by Columbia Management for investing. You may find these best bond and stock mutual funds for your financial account including 401(k), IRA and brokerage account.

Investment Ad

Top Mutual Funds by Columbia Management for InvestingFlipping through a financial magazine or newspaper like Bloomberg or Barron’s, you will find lots of investing ads. One of the ads is Columbia Management ad about their best mutual funds. Columbia ad provides a diverse selection of top funds including U.S. stock mutual fund, bond mutual fund, emerging market bond fund, and balanced fund.

Should you invest in your brokerage, retirement, or 401(k) account? Find my fund review below. Select the best funds for your investing account or long term account. I provide various aspects of review including fund performance, expense fee, sales load, etc.

The investment ad is described below:
51 funds with 4 or 5 stars.
All from Columbia Management. 
Here are a few.
  • Columbia Dividend Opportunity Fund (CDOZX) – 5 stars
  • Columbia Dividend Income Fund (GSFTX) – 5 stars
  • Columbia Limited Duration Credit Fund (CLDZX) – 5 Stars
  • Columbia Corporate Income Fund (SRINX) – 5 Stars
  • Columbia U.S. Government Mortgage Fund (CUGZX) – 5 Stars
  • Columbia Thermostat Fund (COTZX) – 4 Stars
  • Columbia Contrarian Core Fund (SMGIX) – 5 Stars
  • Columbia Emerging Markets Bond Fund (CMBZX) – 4 Stars
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Before investing, consider the Fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. For this and other information, visit for a prospectus. Read it carefully before you invest. 
Past performance does not guarantee future results. For the most recent month-end performance, visit Class Z shares are sold at Net Asset Value and have limited eligibility, and the investment minimum may vary. Only eligible investors may purchase Class Z shares directly or by exchange.

Columbia Fund Review

Columbia Mutual FundsThe Columbia Dividend Opportunity Fund (CDOZX) is rated with 5-stars by Morningstar among 1,047 funds. This U.S. stock mutual fund seeks a high level of current income. The second objective seeks for growth income and capital. It has 0.80% annual expense ratio.

This large value mutual fund has $6.2 billion of total net assets. It also provides a high dividend yield of 3.25%. The most current yield was distributed in September 2013 in the amount of $0.08. The annual holdings turnover as of October 8, 2013 is 62.00%. The performance of the fund since its inception in 2010 is 7.00% in 2011 and 13.34% in 2012. The other classes are Class A (INUTX), Class C (ACUIX). The fund’s benchmark is Russell 1000 Value Index.

The top 3 stocks in its portfolio as of September 2013 are Chevron (3.6%), General Electric (3.4%) and JPMorgan Chase & Co (3.0%).

Another top Large Value fund, Columbia Dividend Income (GSFTX), seeks total return, consisting of current income and capital appreciation. Ranked with the 5-stars and Silver rating from Morningstar, it shares a decent dividend yield of 2.10%. It has total net assets of $8.8 billion. The current NAV is $17.45.

This best fund has 20.16% YTD return and 14.35% 5-year annualized return. It has returned in 12 years of positive return and 2 years of negative return. This is a no load fund. The top holdings are Pfizer, Philip Morris International and Microsoft.

Next fund on the list is Columbia Limited Duration Credit Fund (CLDZX). The fund’s total assets are $1.0 billion. It has 30-day SEC Yield of 1.71%. It invests mainly in corporate bonds with short- and intermediate-term maturities. It has a low expense ratio of 0.60%.

This bond mutual fund is ranked in 23rd among its peers. It also has 5-stars rating from Morningstar. The fund has returned 6.14% in 2012 and 2.69% in 2011. The other classes are Class A (ALDAX) and Class C (RDCLX). The portfolio managers are Tom Murphy, Timothy J. Doubek and Royce Wilson.

If you want to invest in corporate bond mutual fund, you can choose the Columbia Corporate Income Fund (SRINX). The 5-year average return of it is 10.29%. The fund has its best 1-year total return in 2009 with 28.56%.

This Intermediate-Term Bond fund has total net assets of $1.4 billion. The annual expense ratio is 0.70%. Investors in this fund receive 3.08% yield. The benchmark is Barclays U.S. Corporate Index. It has 5.01 years of effective duration.

Another 5-stars fund is Columbia U.S. Government Mortgage Fund (CUGZX). This best fund invests the assets primarily in mortgage-related securities. The fund has no 12b1 fee and no front-end sales load fee. It has total net assets of $2.0 billion.

This CUGZX fund is managed by Jason J. Callan and Tom Heuer. It has a total of 370 holdings with 4.22 years of average effective duration. The CUSIP is 19766J607.

Columbia Contrarian Core Fund also has 5-stars rating from Morningstar. This Bronze rated fund has a current NAV of $20.25. The fund’s total net assets are $3.4 billion. It uses Large Growth investment style. The minimum initial investment is $2,000 for brokerage account. The YTD return is 25.23%.

The performance of this SMGIX fund based on the load adjusted returns is as below:
  • 1-year: 23.37%
  • 3-year: 17.92%
  • 5-year: 12.09%
  • 10-year: 9.53%
If you a ‘set-and-forget-it’ investor, you might want to consider Columbia Thermostat Fund (COTZX). It invests in other mutual funds including stock and bond assets. Its yield is 1.75%. The portfolio turnover rate is 109%. This moderate allocation mutual fund has a 3 year average returns of 10.62%.

The top 3 funds in its portfolio are Columbia Short Term Bond I, Columbia Intermediate Bond I, and Columbia Income Opportunities I.

Like to diversify in emerging markets or international debts sector, Columbia Emerging Markets Bond Fund (CMBZX) is another investment choice from Columbia Management. It uses its assets to buy debts of emerging markets issuers. It has a high yield of 5.42%.

This mutual fund has a 3 year average returns of 5.79%. The short term return has been slightly above average with top 35% in its category.

Last Words

  • Most of these funds are class Z. They are not available through retail brokerage. If you manage to invest in these funds, you won’t be charged with sales load.
  • Some of the top mutual funds are categorized in the same category of large value such as Columbia Dividend Opportunity Fund and Columbia Dividend Income Fund. Invest in one of these funds to diversify and prevent an overlap between funds.


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