Top Performing Real Estate Closed End Funds August 2013

Top performing real estate closed end funds August 2013, best REIT CEFs fund for financial investment. Top real estate funds are Alpine Global Premier Property, RMR Real Estate Income, LMP Real Estate Income, and more.

Top Performing Real Estate Closed End Funds August 2013 Best Performer REIT Closed End Funds

Real Estate closed end fund invests mainly in stocks of companies related in real estate industries. It may invest in real estate investment trusts (REITs) or bond issued by real estate companies. It may invest in U.S or foreign real estate companies. This REIT closed end fund provides high dividend yield for investors.

These best performing closed end funds are sorted based on its 1 year total return up to August, 1 2013. You may find other fund review information: expense ratio, fund’s NAV, management, objective, yield, top holdings, etc.

Top performing real estate closed end funds August 2013 are:
  1. Alpine Global Premier Property (AWP)
  2. RMR Real Estate Income (RIF)
  3. LMP Real Estate Income (RIT)
  4. CBRE Clarion Global Real Estate Income (IGR)
  5. Nuveen Real Estate Income Common (JRS)
  6. Cohen & Steers Total Return Realty (RFI)
  7. Nuveen Diversified Dividend & Income (JDD)
  8. Neuberger Real Estate Securities Income (NRO)
  9. Cohen & Steers Quality Realty (RQI)
  10. Cohen & Steers REIT & Proffered Income (RNP)
Updated on August 4, 2013

Alpine Global Premier Property Fund Alpine Global Premier Property Fund (AWP)

The Alpine Global Premier Property fund seeks current income through investment in global equity and debt securities. This REIT fund has market value of $664.3 million. It is managed by Samuel A. Lieber, Bruce Ebnother and Joel E. D. Wells. The expense ratio is 1.28% include 1.25% of baseline expense. It has a high yield of 7.96%. This closed end fund is currently trading 6.10% discount to its NAV. The CUSIP is 02083A103.

This top performer real estate closed end fund has Neutral rating from Morningstar. It has returned 50.37% in 2012, -19.14% in 2011 and 25.69% in 2010. This CEF fund also has 8.21% YTD return. The benchmarks are FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global Index, MSCI US REIT Index Gross USD and S&P Developed Property Net TR Index.

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The top 5 holdings as of June 2013 are ARA Asset Management Ltd (4.44%), Simon Property Group Inc (3.45%), Regus PLC (2.94%), Colony Financial Inc (2.88%) and MFA Financial Inc (2.38%). Financials (21.24%) and Retail (19.98%) are the top sector allocations.

RMR Real Estate Income Fund (RIF)

RMR Real Estate Income FundAs one of the top performer in Real Estate CEF category, this equity fund utilizes its assets to purchase portfolio of common and preferred securities issued by REITs and other real estate companies. It aims to earn and pay a high level of current income. Fernando Diaz, Adam Portnoy and Barry Portnoy are the current fund managers. The fund’s shares value is $19.37 as of August 5, 2013.

This RMR Real Estate Income Fund is ranked with 2-stars rating by Morningstar. It has returned 26.24% over the past 1-year and 6.15% over the past 5-year. Since the inception in December 2003, this equity fund also has returned 2.92%. The expense ratio is 1.54%.

As of the second quarter of 2013, the top 5 stocks in its holdings are Ventas Inc (2.4%), Carador Income Fund PLC (2.3%), HCP Inc (2.2%) and Ashford Hospitality Trust (2.2%). The top sub-sector allocations are Lodging/ Resorts (16.2%), Shopping Centers (14.0%), Health Care (11.4%) and Office (11.4%).

LMP Real Estate Income Fund (RIT)

This LMP Real Estate Income Fund objective is to get high current income and capital appreciation. This closed end fund invests in income producing common, preferred and convertible preferred shares and debt securities which are issued by real estate companies. As of July 29, 2013, this CEF fund is currently trading 8.02% discount to its NAV. It has a high yield of 6.04%. The yield is distributed monthly.

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This top performing closed end fund has annual expense ratio of 1.66% and the effective leverage of 21.02%. The YTD return is 12.43%. It has returned 16.96% over the past 1-year and 8.71% over the past 10-year. The fund also has 3-stars rating from Morningstar.

This REIT fund has a total of 30 holdings as of March 2013. The top holdings are Macerich Company (4.18%), Westfield Group (3.81%), Omega Healthcare Investors Inc (3.69%) and Liberty Property Trust (3.63%).

Top Closed End Funds Returns

NoFund NameTickerRatingYieldPremium/DiscountMarket Cap Exepense RatioYTD Return
1Alpine Glbl Prem Prop AWPNeutral7.88%-6.10%$664.30 1.29%8.21%
2RMR Real Estate IncomeRIF26.19%-8.56%$156.90 1.95%16.29%
3LMP Real Estate IncomeRIT36.08%-8.02%$136.40 1.68%12.43%
4CBRE Clarion Glbl RE IncIGRGold6.45%-7.39%$1,037.70 0.99%3.85%
5Nuveen Real Estate IncJRS37.90%8.98%$345.80 1.90%19.87%
6Cohen & Steers TR RltyRFI410.46%-0.44%$129.40 0.95%-4.56%
7Nuveen Dvs Div & IncomeJDD48.29%-8.48%$240.90 1.95%8.37%
8Neuberger RE Sec IncNRO24.98%-13.98%$285.40 1.86%8.42%
9Cohen & Steers Qual RltyRQI26.41%-6.97%$1,203.40 1.80%11.15%
10Cohen & Steers REIT&PrefRNP36.94%-9.83%$833.60 1.63%5.54%


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