Top Lowest Cost International Stock Mutual Fund for 2014

Top lowest cost international stock mutual funds for 2014, best stock fund. The top mutual funds are American Funds New World HLS fund, DFA United Kingdom Small Company, etc.

Top Lowest Cost International Stock Mutual Fund for 2014 Best Low Cost Mutual Funds

International stock mutual fund invests mainly in equities of foreign companies. It may invest in developed countries and emerging markets. Depending on the fund’s objective, it may invest in certain sector only. This mutual fund invests in countries such as Japan, German, UK, Spain, France, Brazil, Italy, China, Australia, and more.

These lowest cost five star mutual funds are sorted based on its expense ratio and top star rating. You can invest this mutual fund in your brokerage account and retirement account (Roth IRA, traditional IRA or 401k). These best mutual funds may provide high yield and high capital appreciation for investors.

Top lowest cost international equity mutual funds for 2014 are:
  1. American Funds New World HLS IB (HVWBX)
  2. DFA United Kingdom Small Company I (DFUKX)
  3. GMO International Growth Equity III (GMIGX)
  4. Hartford International Opportunities HLS IA (HIAOX)
  5. Mutual Quest Z (MQIFX)
  6. Lazard Intl Strategic Equity Institutional (LISIX)
  7. MainStay Epoch Global Equity Yield I (EPSYX)
  8. FPA Paramount (FPRAX)
  9. Franklin Intl Small Cap Growth Adv (FKSCX)
  10. Morgan Stanley Institutional International Equity I (MSIQX)
  11. Harbor Global Growth Institutional (HGGAX)
  12. Fidelity China Region (FHKCX)
  13. Morgan Stanley Institutional Global Franchise I (MSFAX)
  14. Mutual Global Discovery Z (MDISX)
  15. Federated Intl Strategic Val Dividend A (IVFAX)
  16. Fidelity Series International Growth (FIGSX)
  17. Aberdeen Emerging Markets Institutional (ABEMX)
  18. Oakmark International I (OAKIX)
  19. MassMutual Premier International Equity S (MIEDX)
  20. JOHCM International Select I (JOHIX)
  21. Matthews Asian Growth & Income Investor (MACSX)
  22. Old Westbury Global Small & Mid Cap (OWSMX)
  23. Mutual European Z (MEURX)
  24. Lazard Global Listed Infrastructure Port Institutional (GLIFX)
  25. PIMCO International StocksPLUS AR Strategy A (PIPAX)
  26. Artisan International Value Investor (ARTKX)
  27. Delaware Pooled Emerging Markets (DPEMX)
  28. ING Morgan Stanley Global Fran Port S (IVGTX)
  29. MFS International Value A (MGIAX)
  30. Oakmark Global Select I (OAKWX)
Updated on August 26, 2013

DFA United Kingdom Small Company Fund DFA United Kingdom Small Company Fund (DFUKX)

This DFA fund objective is to achieve for long-term appreciation. This DFA United Kingdom Small Company Fund is a no-load mutual fund. It uses its assets to purchase its corresponding Master Fund, The United Kingdom Small Company Series. The fund’s CUSIP is 233-203-207. It has small total assets of $34.4 million. The annual expense ratio is 0.63%. Its dividend yield is 2.66%. Karen E. Umland is the current fund manager.

This top lowest cost mutual fund has no rating from Morningstar yet. It has 16.18% YTD return as of July 24, 2013. The fund has returned in 16 years of positive return with the highest in 2009 (60.08%). Based on the load adjusted returns, the fund has returned 30.52% over the past 1-year and 11.99% over the past 10-year.

As of May 2013, this stock mutual fund has a total of 350 holdings. The top 5 stocks in its portoflio are William Hill PLC (1.61%), Persimmon PLC (1.60%), Ashtead Group PLC (1.42%), Taylor Wimpey PLC (1.40%) and Travis Perkins PLC (1.38%). Industrials (27.4%) and Consumer Discretionary (27.4%) are the top sector allocations.

GMO International Growth Equity Fund (GMIGX)

The objective of this GMO International Growth Equity fund is to seek high total return. It invests mainly in equity securities that is believed will provide a higher return than the MSCI EAFE Growth Index. This equity fund is categorized in the Foreign Large Growth category. It has $2.1 billion of total net assets. The 12-month trailing yield is 1.66%. The fund managers are Thomas Hancock and David Cowan.

Morningstar analysts rank this GMIGX fund with 5-stars and Silver rating. This low cost mutual fund has 5-year average return of 2.40%. The best 1-year total return was achieved in 2003 with 20.40%. The worst return was occurred in 2008 with -36.72%. Based on the load adjusted returns, it has returned 14.52% over the past 3-year and 9.01% over the past decade.

The top holdings are Future Contract On Dax Index Future (4.11%), Roche Holdings AG (3.03%), Nestle SA (2.61%), Diageo PLC (2.53%) and Novo Nordisk (2.44%).

FPA Paramount Fund (FPRAX)

FPA Paramount FundThis FPA Paramount fund is the top mutual fund in World Stock category. It seeks a high total investment return, including capital appreciation and income. The fund managers are Eric S. Ende, Steven R. Geist, Gregory A. Herr and Pierre O. Py. It was first introduced to public in 1958. The annual expense ratio is 0.94%. The total net assets are $296.7 million. You can buy the mutual fund from your brokerage for your retirement account, investment account, 401k account, etc.

Since its inception, this top lowest cost international stock mutual fund has recorded 42 years of positive return and 12 years of negative return. It has 5-stars rating and Silver rating from Morningstar. It has YTD return of 20.02% as of July 2013. The 3-year beta risk is 0.77. Based on the load adjusted returns, it has returned 9.71% over the past 10-year.

The top 10 holdings represent 48.1% of the total net assets. They are O’Reilly Automotive (6.8%), Carmax (6.7%), Signet Jewelers (6.3%), Wabco (5.6%) and Scansource (4.5%). The top sectors are Producer Durables (22.19%) and Retailing (20.72%).

Top Fund Profile

NoFund DescriptionTickerRatingExpense RatioYieldNet Assets
1American Funds New World HLS IBHVWBX50.56%1.54%$42.70
2DFA United Kingdom Small Company IDFUKXN/A0.63%2.66%$34.40
3GMO International Growth Equity IIIGMIGX50.65%1.66%$2,100.00
4Hartford International Opp HLS IAHIAOX50.74%1.77%$1,500.00
5Mutual Quest ZMQIFX50.79%2.18%$5,500.00
6Lazard Intl Strategic Equity InstlLISIX50.86%0.90%$2,200.00
7MainStay Epoch Global Equity Yield IEPSYX50.88%3.39%$2,400.00
8FPA ParamountFPRAX50.94%0.17%$296.70
9Franklin Intl Small Cap Growth AdvFKSCX50.95%1.22%$1,200.00
10Morgan Stanley Inst International Eq IMSIQX50.95%1.99%$5,200.00
11Harbor Global Growth InstlHGGAX50.96%0.27%$26.60
12Fidelity China RegionFHKCX50.98%1.38%$1,300.00
13Morgan Stanley Inst Glbl Franchise IMSFAX50.98%1.63%$595.30
14Mutual Global Discovery ZMDISX51.02%1.70%$20,400.00
15Federated Intl Strategic Val Dividend AIVFAX51.04%3.70%$516.40
16Fidelity Series International GrowthFIGSX51.04%1.51%$9,700.00
17Aberdeen Emerging Markets InstlABEMX51.05%1.88%$11,300.00
18Oakmark International IOAKIX51.06%1.92%$19,100.00
19MassMutual Premier International Eq SMIEDX51.07%1.36%$524.00
20JOHCM International Select IJOHIX51.09%0.52%$490.10

Best Foreign Stock Mutual Fund Performance

NoFund DescriptionTickerYTD Return1-Year Return3-Year Return5-Year Return10-Year Return
1American Funds New World HLS IBHVWBX2.20%16.75%5.67%3.20%11.66%
2DFA United Kingdom Small Company IDFUKX16.18%43.37%19.27%9.58%12.71%
3GMO International Growth Equity IIIGMIGX12.66%28.88%13.44%4.20%9.73%
4Hartford International Opp HLS IAHIAOX8.97%26.18%9.50%3.09%10.04%
5Mutual Quest ZMQIFX16.13%24.44%12.13%7.09%9.56%
6Lazard Intl Strategic Equity InstlLISIX13.58%34.17%13.91%5.62%-
7MainStay Epoch Global Equity Yield IEPSYX14.24%21.14%14.35%7.25%-
8FPA ParamountFPRAX20.02%35.34%17.51%9.76%9.62%
9Franklin Intl Small Cap Growth AdvFKSCX16.95%48.19%14.31%10.98%16.96%
10Morgan Stanley Inst International Eq IMSIQX10.70%27.28%10.88%3.26%8.23%
11Harbor Global Growth InstlHGGAX20.36%31.01%15.47%--
12Fidelity China RegionFHKCX3.95%26.68%6.53%5.72%13.11%
13Morgan Stanley Inst Glbl Franchise IMSFAX11.37%19.24%15.21%11.55%11.79%
14Mutual Global Discovery ZMDISX15.82%26.29%11.93%7.39%10.97%
15Federated Intl Strategic Val Dividend AIVFAX5.18%15.38%9.93%1.27%-
16Fidelity Series International GrowthFIGSX9.50%24.21%12.20%--
17Aberdeen Emerging Markets InstlABEMX-6.32%9.48%7.56%8.75%-
18Oakmark International IOAKIX17.53%51.70%13.72%10.70%11.67%
19MassMutual Premier International Eq SMIEDX12.81%33.01%13.29%5.64%11.31%
20JOHCM International Select IJOHIX22.04%39.49%15.58%--
21Matthews Asian Growth & Inc InvestorMACSX5.32%21.00%10.42%8.35%13.52%
22Old Westbury Global Small & Mid CapOWSMX13.46%28.75%13.70%10.25%-
23Mutual European ZMEURX12.72%29.63%9.36%5.26%10.74%
24Lazard Global Listed Infras Port InstGLIFX17.99%33.28%13.49%--
25PIMCO International StocksPLUS AR Stra APIPAX13.52%33.85%12.33%9.93%-
26Artisan International Value InvestorARTKX15.34%37.44%15.42%10.02%13.50%
27Delaware Pooled Emerging MarketsDPEMX-7.12%10.30%4.65%3.10%15.52%
28ING Morgan Stanley Glbl Fran Port SIVGTX11.07%19.42%15.09%11.38%11.51%
29MFS International Value AMGIAX17.31%30.68%14.13%6.18%11.51%
30Oakmark Global Select IOAKWX22.53%44.66%16.86%13.54%-
31Dynamic Canadian Equity Income IDWGIX1.56%5.30%10.85%--
32Oppenheimer International Growth AOIGAX12.31%32.76%13.23%5.67%11.46%
33USAA World GrowthUSAWX15.19%33.92%15.83%7.88%10.30%


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