Best Performing Balanced ETFs August 2013

Best performing balanced ETFs August 2013, top balanced exchange traded fund. The top ETFs are SPDR Barclays Capital Convertible Securities fund, iShares Aggressive Allocation fund, and more.

Best Performing Balanced ETFs August 2013 Top Performer Balanced Funds

Balanced ETFs have become popular choice for investors. There are several types of balanced ETFs are convertible ETF, conservative allocation ETF, moderate allocation ETF, and aggressive allocation ETF. Balanced fund invests in stocks, bonds, and short term cash or money market. Some of these funds are index funds.

These top performing ETFs are sorted based on its 1 year return (up to August 19, 2013). You can find the fund review from this post. Other fund information can be found below such as fund performance, expense ratio, Morningstar rating, ETF share price, managers, fund’s holdings, yield, etc.

Best performing balanced ETFs August 2013 are:
  1. SPDR Barclays Capital Convertible Securities (CWB)
  2. iShares Aggressive Allocation (AOA)
  3. db X-trackers In-Target Date ETF (TDX)
  4. AdvisorShares Meidell Tactical Advantage ETF (MATH)
  5. iShares Growth Allocation (AOR)
  6. SPDR SSgA Global Allocation ETF (GAL)
  7. Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield ETF (GYLD)
  8. AdvisorShares Global Echo ETF (GIVE)
  9. iShares Moderate Allocation (AOM)
  10. iShares Target Date 2010 (TZD)
  11. Claymore CEF GS Connect ETN (GCE)
  12. db X-trackers 2010 Target Date ETF (TDD)
  13. PowerShares CEF Income Composite (PCEF)
  14. iShares Target Date Retirement Income (TGR)
  15. iShares Conservative Allocation (AOK)
  16. SPDR SSgA Income Allocation ETF (INKM)
  17. AdvisorShares Cambria Global Tactical ETF (GTAA)
  18. iShares Morningstar Multi-Asset Income(IYLD)
  19. SPDR SSgA Multi-Asset Real Return ETF (RLY)
  20. IQ Real Return ETF (CPI)
Updated on August 19, 2013

SPDR Barclays Capital Convertible Securities ETF SPDR Barclays Capital Convertible Securities ETF (CWB)

SPDR Barclays Capital Convertible Securities ETF is to provide investment results that correspond to the price and yield performance of the Barclays US Convertible Bond >$500MM Index. The fund’s CUSIP is 78464A359. This balanced exchange traded fund has a high dividend yield of 3.85. It also has $1.33 billion of total net assets. The annual expense ratio is 0.40%.

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This best performer fund has 3-stars rating from Morningstar. Its YTD return is 7.42%. The fund has returned 14.03% in 2010, -7.66% in 2011 and 15.90% in 2012. It has 10.73 years of average maturity.

This top fund has a total of 93 holdings as of July 19, 2013. The top 5 stock in its holdings are General Motors Co (4.61%), Wells Fargo & Company (4.55%), Bank of America Corp (3.24%), Gilead Sciences Inc (3.16%) and EMC Corp (2.54%).

iShares Aggressive Allocation Fund (AOA)

As one of the best performing balanced ETFs, this iShares Aggressive Allocation fund has a yield of 1.36%. It invests based on a more aggressive risk tolerance over a longer-term investment horizon. As an index fund, it uses S&P Target Risk Aggressive Index as its benchmark. It has $163.67 million of total net assets. The expense ratio fee is only 0.11% per year. This exchange traded fund is currently traded at premium of 0.02% from its NAV.

Morningstar analysts rank this balanced fund with 5-stars rating. As Aggressive Allocation ETF, it has YTD return in 2013 of 12.80%. The fund has returned 20.03% over the past 1-year and 15.07% over the past 3-year.

The top 6 holdings are Exxon Mobil Corp (1.02%), Treasury Note (1.01%), Apple Inc (0.98%), Treasury Bill (0.66%), Microsoft Corp (0.65%) and Johnson & Johnson (0.61%).

db X-trackers In-Target Date ETF (TDX)

db X-trackers In-Target Date ETFThe objective of this db X-trackers In-Target Date ETF fund is to track the performance, before fees and expenses, of the Zacks In-Target Lifecycle Index. It is a lifecycle fund designed for investors who are at or near their target date at the time of investment. The CUSIP is 233052505. It is currently trading 7.28% discount to its NAV. It also has 0.51% dividend yield.

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This top ETF has 2-stars rating from Morningstar. It has returned 5.40% in 2011 and -4.90% in 2012. It also has returned 2.50% over the past 3-year and 2.05% over the past 5-year.

The top 3 sector allocations are Financials (21.367%), Consumer Staples (20.79%) and Consumer Discretionary (11.157%). United States (88.67%) are the top country exposure. The top 5 equity holdings are Exxon Mobil Corp (0.86%), Apple Inc (0.81%), General Electric Co (0.52%), Microsoft Corp (0.51%) and Berkshire Hathaway Inc (0.51%).

Top Fund Returns

NoFund DescriptionTickerYTD1-Year Return3-Year Return5-Year Return
1SPDR Barclays Capital Convertible SecsCWB11.33%22.43%10.62%N/A
2iShares Aggressive AllocationAOA12.66%20.29%15.10%N/A
3db X-trackers In-Target Date ETFTDX7.14%14.93%2.50%2.05%
4AdvisorShares Meidell Tacticl Advtge ETFMATH9.95%14.20%N/AN/A
5iShares Growth AllocationAOR8.53%13.94%11.22%N/A
6SPDR SSgA Global Allocation ETFGAL6.17%13.56%N/AN/A
7Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield ETFGYLD3.37%13.26%N/AN/A
8AdvisorShares Global Echo ETFGIVE9.03%11.59%N/AN/A
9iShares Moderate AllocationAOM5.37%9.56%8.17%N/A
10iShares Target Date 2010TZD5.12%9.36%8.36%N/A
11Claymore CEF GS Connect ETNGCE5.94%9.31%11.05%6.07%
12db X-trackers 2010 Target Date ETFTDD7.50%8.95%1.01%0.94%
13PowerShares CEF Income CompositePCEF2.31%6.20%8.55%N/A
14iShares Target Date Retirement IncomeTGR3.91%6.20%7.24%N/A
15iShares Conservative AllocationAOK3.09%6.09%6.52%N/A
16SPDR SSgA Income Allocation ETFINKM0.46%4.87%N/AN/A
17AdvisorShares Cambria Global Tacticl ETFGTAA-1.11%2.78%N/AN/A
18iShares Morningstar Multi-Asset IncomeIYLD-0.40%1.62%N/AN/A
19SPDR SSgA Multi-Asset Real Return ETFRLY-5.26%0.32%N/AN/A
20IQ Real Return ETFCPI-1.00%-0.88%1.24%N/A

Fund Information

NoFund DescriptionTickerRatingExpense RatioYieldNet Assets
1SPDR Barclays Capital Convertible SecsCWB30.40%3.85%$1,310.00
2iShares Aggressive AllocationAOA50.11%1.38%$163.49
3db X-trackers In-Target Date ETFTDX20.65%0.51%$11.34
4AdvisorShares Meidell Tacticl Advtge ETFMATHN/A1.35%0.82%$9.23
5iShares Growth AllocationAOR30.11%1.47%$209.75
6SPDR SSgA Global Allocation ETFGALN/A0.05%2.89%$53.33
7Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield ETFGYLDN/A0.75%6.24%$77.78
8AdvisorShares Global Echo ETFGIVEN/A1.50%0.00%$5.61
9iShares Moderate AllocationAOM20.11%1.52%$186.76
10iShares Target Date 2010TZD40.11%2.11%$8.58


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