Best John Hancock Mutual Funds for 2013 Investing

Find best John Hancock mutual funds for 2013 investing. Check the top performing stock fund, bond fund, and balanced fund.

John Hancock Funds

Best John Hancock Mutual Funds 2013
John Hancock Funds
John Hancock is a popular financial company which provides products and services such as 401(k) plan, college saving, life insurance, mutual funds, long term care, and more. John Hancock is part of Manulife Financial Corp since 2004. Its headquarters is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

John Hancock provides individual funds and asset allocation funds. For individual funds, there are more than 50 mutual funds for investors to select. It offers equity fund, fixed income fund, international and sector funds. For asset allocation funds or balanced fund, there are 5 lifestyle portfolios and 8 lifecycle portfolios.

Top Mutual Funds

These popular John Hancock mutual funds for 2013 are selected based on its performance history. The funds are ranked with 3 star rating or higher by Morningstar. You may find the fund review below and other fund information including yield, expense ratio, sales load, etc. More information about how to purchase these funds are listed below as well.

The best John Hancock mutual funds 2013 are:
  1. JHancock3 Disciplined Value Mid Cap Fund (JVMAX)
  2. JHancock3 Global Shareholder Yield Fund (JGYAX)
  3. JHancock3 Core High Yield Fund (JYIAX)
  4. JHancock3 Disciplined Value Fund (JVLAX)
  5. JHancock Bond Fund (JHNBX)
  6. JHancock2 US Equity Fund (JHUAX)
  7. JHancock Income Fund (JHFIX)
  8. JHancock2 Lifestyle Growth Fund (JALGX)
  9. JHancock Balanced Fund (SVBAX)
  10. JHancock US Global Leaders Growth Fund (USGLX)
  11. JHancock Regional Bank Fund (FRBAX)
  12. JHancock2 Lifestyle Conservative Fund (JALRX)
  13. JHancock2 Lifestyle Moderate Fund (JALMX)
  14. JHancock Tax-Free Bond Fund (TAMBX)
  15. JHancock2 Floating Rate Income Fund (JFIAX)
  16. JHancock3 Rainier Growth Fund (RGROX)
Updated on June 9, 2013

JHancock3 Disciplined Value Mid Cap Fund (JVMAX)

JHancock3 Disciplined Value Mid Cap Fund
JVMAX fund
JHancock3 Disciplined Value Mid Cap Fund invests mainly in a diversified portfolio consisting primarily of value equity securities with medium market capitalizations. Steven L. Pollack and Joseph F. Feeney, Jr. are the current fund managers. This John Hancock fund was incepted on June 1997. The total net assets are $3.3 billion. It has an expense ratio of 1.29%. The annual holdings turnover as of April 24, 2013 is 41.00%. The yield is 0.29%.

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Morningstar ranks this mid cap value mutual fund with 5-stars rating. As one of the best John Hancock mutual funds, it has a year-to-date return of 11% as of May 1, 2013. The best 1-year total return was occurred in 2009 with 40.78%. The performance of this fund, based on the load adjusted returns, is as below:
  • 1-year: 11.45%
  • 3-year: 12.86%
  • 5-year: 10.20%
  • 10-year: 13.03%
The top 5 stocks in its holdings as of March 2013 are Robert Half International Inc (1.79%), CBS Corp (1.55%), AmerisourceBergen Corp (1.54%), Lear Corp (1.52%) and Noble Energy Inc (1.51%). The top sectors are Financials (25.34%), Industrials (16.45%), Information Technology (12.06%) and Consumer Discretionary (10.14%).

JHancock3 Global Shareholder Yield fund (JGYAX)

JHancock3 Global Shareholder Yield fund uses its assets to purchase common stocks of companies located around the world. It invests mainly in dividend-paying companies. The fund’s CUSIP is 47803U103. The fund has $2.1 billion of total assets. It has a high yield of 2.45%. The fund’s expense ratio is 1.42% per year. It is currently managed by William W. Priest, Eric Sappenfield and Michael A. Welhoelter.

Ranked with 5-stars rating by Morningstar, this best mutual fund has 12.54% year-to-date return as of May 1, 2013. The 5-year average return is 5.69%. The fund has recorded its best 1-year total return in 2009 with 22.98%. The worst 1 year total return was occurred in 2008 with -30.49%. The 3-year beta risk is 0.64.

The fund’s top sectors as of March 2013 are Consumer Staples (16.11%), Utilities (15.66%) and Telecommunication Services (14.45%). The top holdings are BCE Inc (1.91%), Swisscom AG (1.75%), Vodafone Group PLC (1.74%), Kimberly-Clark Corp (1.69%) and PPL Corp (1.68%).

JHancock3 Disciplined Value fund (JVLAX)

JHancock3 Disciplined Value fund is managed by Mark E. Donovan and David J. Pyle. This equity fund was first introduced to market in 1997. The other classes of this fund are Class B (JVLBX) and Class C (JVLCX). It has total net assets of $4.7 billion. The fund’s yield is 0.71% and is distributed annually. The annual expense ratio is 1. 24%. It also has annual holdings turnover of 44.00% as of April 24, 2013.

As part of best John Hancock mutual funds, it is rated with 4-stars and Bronze rating by Morningstar. The year-to-date return is 12.03%. It has 7.43% of 5-year average return. Based on the load adjusted returns, the fund has returned 10.09% over the past 3-year and 9.60% over the past decade. The best 1-year total return was in 2009 with 26.05%.

Financials (29.31%) and Health Care (19.44%) are the top 2 sectors of this fund. And the top holdings as of March 2013 are Wells Fargo & Company (4.03%), Berkshire Hathaway Inc (3.97%), General Electric Company (3.73%), Pfizer Inc (3.60%) and Exxon Mobil Corp (3.50%).

JHancock3 Core High Yield fund (JYIAX)

JHancock3 Core High Yield fund
JYIAX fund
The total net assets of this JYIAX fund are only $274.2 million. Its objective is to provide total return through capital growth and income. It utilizes its assets to buy below investment-grade corporate debt securities. The management team includes Terry Carr, Konstantin Kizunov and Richard Kos. Its expense ratio is 1.24%. This class A fund has a sales load of 4.50%. It also has a high dividend yield of 6.72%.

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The minimum initial investment for brokerage or retirement account is $2,500 with no minimum subsequent investment. The other classes of this fund are Class B (JYIBX), Class C (JYICX), and Institutional Class (JYIIX). The JYIIX fund has no sales load.

Since the inception in 2009, this top John Hancock mutual fund has always provided positive returns. In 2010, the 1 year total return was 20.82%. This high yield bond fund is ranked with 5-stars rating by Morningstar. Based on the load adjusted returns, it has returned 6.78% over the past 1-year and 12.65% over the past 3-year.

The top industry as of March 2013 is Oil, Gas & Consumable Fuels (12.78%). The top issuers are Reddy Ice Corp (2.43%), Thompson Creek Metals Co Inc (2.43%), HD Supply Inc (2.21%), National Mentor Holdings Inc (2.19%) and Heckmann Corp (1.73%).

JHancock Bond fund (JHNBX)

JHancock Bond fund
JHNBX fund
As part of John Hancock fund family, this JHNBX fund has total assets of $2.0 billion. It utilizes its assets to purchase a diversified portfolio of bonds including government and corporate debts. It has a high yield of 4.22%. The fee level is considered as high. The 12b1 fee is 0.30% and the front-end sales load fee is 4.50%. The fund’s expense ratio is 1.02% per year.

This John Hancock fund has an average maturity of 7.84 years. It has 33 years record of positive return and 6 years of negative return. The best achievement was in 2009 with 28.43%. The 3-year beta risk is 0.47. This fund is ranked with 4-stars rating by Morningstar. The year-to-date return is 2.98%. Based on the load adjusted returns, it has returned 7.72% over the past 5-year.

The top asset mix is Corporate Bonds (36.67%). The top 5 issuers of this JHNBX fund are Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp (12.99%), Federal National Mortgage Association (10.0%), US Treasury Notes/ Bonds (7.64%), JP Morgan Chase & Company (2.54%) and Morgan Stanley (1.95%).

JHancock Income fund (JHFIX)

Morningstar analysts rank this JHancock Income fund with 3-stars and Bronze rating. It has YTD return of 3.41%. The fund managers are Daniel Janis III, John Iles, Barry Evans and Thomas C. Goggins. The total net assets are $3.6 billion. It has 0.93% annual expense ratio. The fund is in the Multisector Bond category. The fund has 22 years of positive return since the inception in 1986. The top issuers are Republic of Philippines (2.73%), Government of New Zealand (2.45%) and Korea Treasury Bond (2.04%).

John Hancock Funds Information

NoFund DescriptionTickerCategoryRatingAssets (Mil)Assets (MS) Expense RatioYield
1JHancock3 Disciplined Value Mid Cap AJVMAXMid-Cap Value51190.92$3,300.0 1.29%0.29%
2JHancock3 Global Shareholder Yield AJGYAXWorld Stock5310.97$2,100.0 1.42%2.45%
3JHancock3 Core High Yield AJYIAXHigh Yield Bond5223.61$274.2 1.24%6.72%
4JHancock3 Disciplined Value AJVLAXLarge Value41521$4,700.0 1.24%0.71%
5JHancock Bond AJHNBXIntermediate-Term Bond41436.84$2,000.0 1.02%4.22%
6JHancock2 US Equity AJHUAXLarge Blend427.89$1,800.0 1.35%0.95%
7JHancock Income AJHFIXMultisector Bond31711.45$3,600.0 0.93%5.05%
8JHancock2 Lifestyle Growth AJALGXAggressive Allocation31016.14$12,700.0 1.45%1.53%
9JHancock Balanced ASVBAXModerate Allocation3542.26$1,000.0 1.18%1.89%
10JHancock US Global Leaders Gr AUSGLXLarge Growth3541.96$935.7 1.30%0.00%
11JHancock Regional Bank AFRBAXFinancial3527.22$574.0 1.38%0.50%
12JHancock2 Lifestyle Conservative AJALRXConservative Allocation3513.44$4,100.0 1.32%3.16%
13JHancock2 Lifestyle Moderate AJALMXConservative Allocation3460.07$4,500.0 1.37%2.72%
14JHancock Tax-Free Bond ATAMBXMuni National Long3455.54$520.3 0.86%3.94%
15JHancock2 Floating Rate Income AJFIAXBank Loan3420.02$3,100.0 1.20%4.56%
16JHancock3 Rainier Growth ARGROXLarge Growth3356.13$1,100.0 1.27%0.00%
17JHancock Financial Industries AFIDAXFinancial3283.32$316.8 1.42%0.26%
18JHancock2 Alternative Asset Allc AJAAAXMultialternative3245.15$576.4 1.78%1.24%
19JHancock CA Tax-Free Income ATACAXMuni California Long3242.52$278.4 0.86%4.08%
20JHancock High-Yield Muni Bond AJHTFXHigh Yield Muni3219.23$295.6 0.89%4.09%
21JHancock Investment Grade Bond ATAUSXIntermediate-Term Bond3183.97$245.3 0.98%3.45%
22JHancock3 Small Company AJCSAXSmall Blend3118.99$166.7 1.44%0.00%
23JHancock MA Tax-Free Income AJHMAXMuni Massachusetts3105.07$129.2 0.87%3.32%
24JHancock3 International Core AGIDEXForeign Large Value397.8$1,200.0 1.58%3.02%
25JHancock3 International Growth AGOIGXForeign Large Growth383.02$205.3 1.59%1.79%
26JHancock NY Tax-Free Income AJHNYXMuni New York Long352.95$65.7 0.93%3.51%
27JHancock Greater China Opp AJCOAXChina Region347.99$69.7 1.80%0.30%
28JHancock2 Emerging Markets AJEVAXDiversified Emerging Mkts325.08$2,500.0 1.75%0.69%
29JHancock3 International Value Eq AJIEAXForeign Large Value39.2$331.5 1.60%0.92%
30JHancock2 International Growth Eq AJTIGXForeign Large Growth34.56$33.5 1.35%0.58%
31JHancock2 Global High Yield AJYGAXMultisector Bond30.14$549.2 1.30%5.49%
32JHancock2 Short Duration Credit Opps AJMBAXNontraditional Bond30.05$1,200.0 1.25%3.25%

John Hancock Funds Performance

NoFund DescriptionTickerYTD Return %1 Year Return %3 Year Return %5 Year Return %
1JHancock3 Disciplined Value Mid Cap AJVMAX11.00%15.76%13.52%9.54%
2JHancock3 Global Shareholder Yield AJGYAX12.54%17.27%13.04%5.91%
3JHancock3 Core High Yield AJYIAX5.31%13.41%12.73%N/A
4JHancock3 Disciplined Value AJVLAX12.03%17.44%11.99%6.13%
5JHancock Bond AJHNBX2.98%9.82%8.51%8.96%
6JHancock2 US Equity AJHUAX12.91%15.44%12.83%6.16%
7JHancock Income AJHFIX3.41%9.77%8.01%8.85%
8JHancock2 Lifestyle Growth AJALGX7.39%11.32%8.31%3.29%
9JHancock Balanced ASVBAX8.41%12.47%8.55%4.29%
10JHancock US Global Leaders Gr AUSGLX6.74%8.53%12.79%7.33%
11JHancock Regional Bank AFRBAX7.47%12.59%4.53%1.87%
12JHancock2 Lifestyle Conservative AJALRX3.32%8.15%7.17%5.70%
13JHancock2 Lifestyle Moderate AJALMX5.04%9.80%8.07%5.31%
14JHancock Tax-Free Bond ATAMBX1.51%5.93%6.26%5.85%
15JHancock2 Floating Rate Income AJFIAX2.92%7.19%5.90%5.46%


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