Best Columbia Mutual Funds for 2013

Best Columbia mutual funds for 2013; top stock, bond, balanced fund by Columbia Management Investment Advisers. The best mutual funds for 2013 are Columbia Dividend Opportunity Fund, Columbia Income Builder Fund, Columbia Tax-Exempt, etc.

Best Columbia Mutual Funds 2013
Best Columbia Mutual Funds 2013
Top 22 Columbia Mutual Funds for 2013

As part of Ameriprise Financial, Columbia Management Group is among the nation’s largest asset management. Established in 1894, it is currently managing more than $300 billion in assets for individual and institutional investors. It ranks as the top 10 largest asset managers in the U.S. Columbia Management offers products such as mutual funds, closed end funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), 529 plans, variable products, and offshore funds.

These best Columbia mutual funds for 2013 are selected based on its performance history. These Columbia funds do have a sales load. The funds are ranked with 3 star rating or higher by Morningstar. You may find the fund review below and other fund information. I also have selected my favorite funds below.

The 22 best Columbia mutual funds for 2013 are:
  1. Columbia Dividend Opportunity Fund
  2. Columbia Seligman Communications & Information Fund
  3. Columbia Dividend Income Fund
  4. Columbia Income Builder Fund
  5. Columbia US Government Mortgage Fund
  6. Columbia Small Cap Index Fund
  7. Columbia Contrarian Core Fund
  8. Columbia Limited Duration Credit Fund
  9. Columbia Mid Cap Index Fund
  10. Columbia Corporate Income Fund
  11. Columbia European Equity Fund
  12. Columbia Tax-Exempt Fund
  13. Columbia Acorn Fund
  14. Columbia Diversified Equity Income Fund
  15. Columbia Strategic Income Fund
  16. Columbia Large Cap Growth Fund
  17. Columbia Income Opportunities Fund
  18. Columbia Capital Allocation Moderate Fund
  19. Columbia High Yield Bond Fund
  20. Columbia Acorn International Fund
  21. Columbia Mid Cap Value Fund
  22. Columbia Marsico Focused Equity Fund
Updated on 3/6/2013

Columbia Dividend Opportunity Fund (INUTX)

The Columbia Dividend Opportunity fund utilizes its assets to purchase dividend paying common & preferred stocks of any size companies. It is managed by Laton Spahr, Steven R. Schroll, and Paul Stocking. Its dividend yield is 3.80%. The expense ratio is 1.08% per year. The holdings turnover rate is 28%.

Top Mutual Funds 2013

Morningstar has ranked this best Columbia mutual fund with 4 stars rating. It has returned 16.12% over the past 3 year, and 9.31% over the past 10 years. In 2012, its YTD return is 13.09%. This year-to-date return is lower than the S&P 500 total return in 2012, 16%.

This large value mutual fund has Enbridge Inc and General Electric Co as its top 2 holdings. The top 3 sectors are financial services, healthcare, and energy.

Columbia Seligman Communications & Information Fund (SLMCX)

Columbia Seligman Communications & Information Fund is a 4-star mutual fund. It invests mainly in equities of companies operating in the communications and information industries. The class A fund has a sales load of 5.75%. Its total assets are $3.4 billion. This technology mutual fund is open for new investors. You can buy this fund with $2,000 initial funding.

As one of the best Columbia mutual funds for 2013, the best 1 year total return was achieved in 1999 with 74.52%. It has a low risk rating. The following is the past 5 year performance:
  • Year 2012: 7.46%
  • Year 2011: -4.86%
  • Year 2010: 15.29%
  • Year 2009: 59.92%
  • Year 2008: -36.52%
Columbia Dividend Income Fund (LBSAX)

This Columbia Dividend Income Fund objective seeks total return through investment in a diversified portfolio of income-producing equity securities. The total assets are $7.2 billion. It is quite popular among investors as well. Its portfolio turnover rate is only 23%. The current shares price is $15.71. The fund management uses large value as its investment style.

LBSAX fund is available from 113 brokerages. Morningstar analysts rank this best fund with silver rating. This equity mutual fund has a 5 -year average return of 5.37%. If you invest $1,000 10-year ago, your initial capital will be $2,468 now.

Columbia Income Builder Fund (RBBAX)

Columbia Income Builder Fund has a high yield of 3.77%. It uses its assets to purchase bond funds, equity funds, cash investment, and alternative investment strategy. Colin J. Lundgren, Gene R. Tannuzzo, and Zach Pandl are the fund managers. The fund’s NAV is $11.53. This conservative allocation mutual fund has an annual expense ratio of 1.09%.

Top 20 BlackRock Mutual Funds 2013

This best Columbia mutual fund has a year annualized return of 10.01%. The top 3 holdings are Columbia US Government Mortgage I, Columbia High Yield Bond I, and Columbia Dividend Opportunity.

Columbia Tax-Exempt Fund (COLTX)

Columbia Tax-Exempt Fund invests majority of assets in investment grade municipal bonds. It is managed by Kimberly Campbell. It provides a tax free high yield of 3.97%. The assets are totaling $4.6 billion. You can purchase this fund with minimum initial investment of $2,500 for brokerage account. The last dividend is distributed on January 20, 2013 in the amount of $0.05. The fund’s shares price is $14.33.

This Columbia mutual fund has returned 6.61% over the past 1 year, 7.35% over the past 3 year, and 5.22 over the past 10 year. The average effective duration is 7.25 years and the average effective maturity is 16.43 years. The average credit quality is BBB.

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Fund Information

NoFund DescriptionCategoryRatingAssets (M)
1Columbia Dividend Opportunity ALarge Value43372.93
2Columbia Seligman Comms & Info ATechnology42495.72
3Columbia Dividend Income ALarge Value42198.29
4Columbia Income Builder AConservative Allocation4811.42
5Columbia US Govt Mortgage AIntermediate Government4731.85
6Columbia Small Cap Index ASmall Blend4687.84
7Columbia Contrarian Core ALarge Blend4678.07
8Columbia Limited Duration Credit AShort-Term Bond4662.51
9Columbia Mid Cap Index AMid-Cap Blend4585.65
10Columbia Corporate Income AIntermediate-Term Bond4144.58
11Columbia European Equity AEurope Stock457.28
12Columbia Tax-Exempt AMuni National Long33805.48
13Columbia Acorn AMid-Cap Growth33440.18
14Columbia Diversified Equity Income ALarge Value32426.82
15Columbia Strategic Income AMultisector Bond31510.63
16Columbia Large Cap Growth ALarge Growth31393.51
17Columbia Income Opportunities AHigh Yield Bond31393.21
18Columbia Capital Allocation Moderate AModerate Allocation31337.04
19Columbia High Yield Bond AHigh Yield Bond31282.8
20Columbia Acorn International AForeign Small/Mid Growth31052.43
21Columbia Mid Cap Value AMid-Cap Value31005.84
22Columbia Marsico Focused Eq ALarge Growth3944.68


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