Best Oppenheimer Mutual Funds for 2013

Best Oppenheimer mutual funds 2013, Top bond and stock fund by OppenheimerFunds. The 20 best mutual funds for 2013 are Oppenheimer Developing Markets, Oppenheimer Limited Term NY Municipal, Oppenheimer Global, Oppenheimer International Bond, etc. Best Oppenheimer Mutual Funds 2013

Top Oppenheimer Mutual Funds 2013

OppenheimerFunds Inc is part of MassMutual Financial Group. It manages more than $225 billion in assets, including mutual funds having more than 6 million shareholder accounts. John V. Murphy is the Chairman, President and CEO of this OppenheimerFunds Inc. It offers a wide selection of products and services to individual and institutional investors. Some of the products include mutual funds, managed accounts, investment management for corporations, hedge fund products, and retirement plans.

These best Oppenheimer mutual funds for 2013 are selected based on its performance history and transaction fee. These Oppenheimer funds do have a sales load. The funds are ranked with 3 star rating or higher by Morningstar. You may find the fund review below and other fund information. I also have selected my favorite funds below.

The 20 best Oppenheimer mutual funds for 2013 are:
  1. Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund
  2. Oppenheimer Limited Term NY Municipal Fund
  3. Oppenheimer Limited Term CA Muni Fund
  4. Oppenheimer Global Fund
  5. Rochester Municipals Fund
  6. Oppenheimer International Bond Fund
  7. Oppenheimer Senior Floating Rate Fund
  8. Oppenheimer Equity Income Fund
  9. Oppenheimer International Growth Fund
  10. Oppenheimer International Diversified Fund
  11. Oppenheimer AMT-Free NY Municipals Fund
  12. Oppenheimer PA Municipal Fund
  13. Oppenheimer NJ Municipal Fund
  14. Oppenheimer Rochester MN Municipal Fund
  15. Oppenheimer Rochester MD Municipal Fund
  16. Oppenheimer Global Strategic Income Fund
  17. Oppenheimer Limited Term Municipal Fund
  18. Oppenheimer Rising Dividends Fund
  19. Oppenheimer Global Opportunities Fund
  20. Oppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals Fund
Updated on 3/7/2013

Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund (ODMAX)

This Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund is ranked with 5-stars rating. It utilizes its assets to purchase stocks of companies in developing and emerging markets throughout the world. Justin Leverenz is the fund manager. It has 0.38% yield. The total assets are $32 billion. This class A fund has an expense ratio of 1.36% per year.

This top Oppenheimer mutual fund has a 5-year average return of 6.58%. It has returned 12.21% over the past 3 year, and 20.66% over the past 10 year. You can buy this mutual fund with $1,000 initial funding for regular brokerage and $500 initial funding for individual retirement account (IRA).

As of January 2013, the top 3 holdings are Baidu Inc ADR, America Movil S.A.B. de C.V. ADR, and Infosys Ltd. Its top 2 sectors are consumer defensive and consumer cyclical. The fund’s shares price is $36.33.

Oppenheimer Limited Term New York Municipal Fund (LTNYX)

The Oppenheimer Limited Term New York Municipal Fund objective is to provide high income level exempt from federal income tax and New York State and New York City. The dividend yield is 3.82%. The sales load is 2.25%. It has $5.7 billion of total assets. The expense ratio is 0.72% per year. It also has turnover rate of 15%.

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This best mutual fund can be purchased from 97 brokerages. The brokerages include UBS Financial Services Inc, E*TRADE Financial, Raymond James, JPMorgan,  Fidelity Retail FundsNetwork,etc. It is ranked with 5-stars rating. The other classes of this fund are: Class B (LTBBX), Class C (LTNCX), and Class Y (LTBYX).

Oppenheimer Global Fund (OPPAX)

This Oppenheimer Global Fund invests mainly in common stock of U.S. and foreign companies. Managed by Rajeev Bhaman since 2004, it has $9.1 billion of assets. The annual expense ratio rate is 1.22%. The holdings turnover rate is 12%. It also has a yield of 0.92%.

Morningstar has ranked this world stock fund with 4 star and silver rating. As one of the best Oppenheimer mutual funds for 2013, it has 5-years annualized return of 4.74%. The fund’s NAV is $68.03. The minimum initial investment for IRA is $500. The top 3 stocks in its portfolio are Ericsson Telephone Company, eBay Inc, and SAP AG.

Oppenheimer International Bond Fund (OIBAX)

The Oppenheimer International Bond Fund is another 4-stars mutual fund. It invests majority of assets in bonds of issuers in both developed and emerging markets around the world. The mutual fund is introduced to investors on June 14, 1995. The assets are totaling $12.9 billion. It does have a high yield of 3.70%. Its expense ratio is below average, 1.02%.

As part of OppenheimerFunds family, this world bond mutual fund is ranked with 4-stars rating. As one of the best Oppenheimer mutual fund2 2013, it has returned 6.46% over the past 3 year, 5.54% over the past 5 year, and 9.27% over the past 10 year. The best 1 year total returned was achieved in 2003 with 25.87%.

The top 3 bond sectors are government bond (62.54%), corporate bond (25.27%), and agency/quasi-agency bond (4.25%). The risk is rated with high. It has an average effective duration of 6.06 years.

Oppenheimer Senior Floating Rate Fund (OOSAX)

Oppenheimer Senior Floating Rate Fund uses its assets to buy floating rate loans of U.S. and foreign companies. It has a high yield of 5.1%. This bank loan mutual fund has $7.9 billion of total assets. The portfolio turnover rate is 54%. Joseph Welsh and Margaret Hui are the fund managers. The shares price is $8.34 on February 9, 2013.

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This best Oppenheimer mutual fund has above average return. It has returned 7% over the past 1 year, 7.42% over the past 3 year, and 6.28% over the past 5 year. If you invested $10,000 in this fund 3 year ago, your capital would have grown to $13,558.

Oppenheimer International Growth Fund (OIGAX)

This Oppenheimer International Growth Fund aim is to seek long term capital growth through investment in stocks of growth companies located outside of U.S.A. This foreign large blend mutual fund has a yield of 1.16%. Its expense ratio is low, 1.28%. The portfolio turnover rate is only 15%. The fund’s NAV is 32.14.

As part of best Oppenheimer mutual funds for 2013, this equity mutual fund has 3-year average return of 12.56%. The top 5 stocks in its assets are SAP AG, BT Group PLC, Experian PLC, William Hill PLC, and James Hardie Industries PLC ADR. The top 2 sectors are industrials (21.90%), and consumer cyclical (16.38%).

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OppenheimerFunds Information

NoFund DescriptionSymbolCategoryRatingAssets
1Oppenheimer Developing Markets ADiversified Emerging Mkts513015.28
2Oppenheimer Limited Term NY Municipal AMuni Single State Short53866.7
3Oppenheimer Limited Term CA Muni AMuni Single State Short5380.68
4Oppenheimer Global AWorld Stock47005.91
5Rochester Municipals AMuni New York Long46953.77
6Oppenheimer International Bond AWorld Bond45883.87
7Oppenheimer Senior Floating Rate ABank Loan43224.33
8Oppenheimer Equity Income ALarge Value42717.14
9Oppenheimer International Growth AForeign Large Growth42640.47
10Oppenheimer International Diversified AForeign Large Blend41257.53
11Oppenheimer AMT-Free NY Municipals AMuni New York Long41225.97
12Oppenheimer PA Municipal AMuni Pennsylvania4828.15
13Oppenheimer NJ Municipal AMuni New Jersey4433.28
14Oppenheimer Rochester MN Municipal AMuni Minnesota4107.17
15Oppenheimer Rochester MD Municipal AMuni Single State Long449.54
16Oppenheimer Global Strategic Inc AMultisector Bond36403.81
17Oppenheimer Limited Term Municipal AHigh Yield Muni33563.61
18Oppenheimer Rising Dividends ALarge Blend32193.46
19Oppenheimer Global Opportunities AWorld Stock31849.37
20Oppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals AEquity Precious Metals31497.53



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