Best Performing Intermediate Government Mutual Funds February 2013

The best performing intermediate government mutual funds February 2013 are Morgan Stanley Mortgage Securities, Western Asset Mortgage Backed Securities Fund, etc.

Best Performing Intermediate Government Funds 2013Best Performing Intermediate Government Funds 2013

The intermediate government mutual fund is part of taxable bond mutual fund. It invests mainly in debts or bonds backed by the US government or its agencies. It may invest in U.S. treasuries, GNMA, and other government bonds. Typically, this fund has durations between 3.5 and 6 years. The volatility is moderate (between short government and long government bonds).

This top performer bond mutual fund list is sorted based on its 1 year total return performance up to February 4th. You can find the fund review, expense ratio, yield, ranking, share price, management, top holdings, credit rating, etc.

The best performing intermediate government mutual funds February 2013 are:
  1. Morgan Stanley Mortgage Securities A
  2. Western Asset Mortgage Backed Securities A
  3. Columbia US Government Mortgage A
  4. Goldman Sachs US Mortgage A
  5. Invesco US Mortgage A
  6. JHancock Government Income A
  7. Principal Government & High Quality Bond A
  8. BlackRock GNMA Inv A
  9. Putnam US Government Income A
  10. Morgan Stanley US Government Securities A
  11. Dupree Intermediate Government
  12. Access Capital Community Investment A
  13. ING GNMA Income A
  14. Oppenheimer US Government A
  15. Payden GNMA
  16. Managers Intermediate Duration Government
  17. Fidelity GNMA Fund
  18. Prudential Government Income A
  19. MainStay Government Inv
  20. T. Rowe Price Summit GNMA Fund
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Morgan Stanley Mortgage Securities Fund (MTGAX)

This Morgan Stanley Mortgage Securities Fund aim is to provide high income level. It invests mainly in mortgage-related securities of any maturity. It has a high yield of 3.72%. The assets are totaling $75 million. Its expense ratio is quite high, 1.16%. The fund’s shares price is $8.99. The bond in its portfolio has an average effective duration of 1.81 years.

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In 2012, this best performing intermediate government mutual fund has total return of 8.41%. Morningstar has ranked it with 1 star rating only. The top 3 bond sectors are Agency MBS Pass-Through (41.81%), Non-Agency Residential MBS (14.95%), and Agency MBS CMO (13.63%).

Western Asset Mortgage Backed Securities Fund (SGVAX)

The Western Asset Mortgage Backed Securities Fund has a 12-month yield of 2.97%. It has a sales load of 4.25%. Ranked with 4 stars rating, it utilizes its assets to purchase a portfolio of mortgage-backed securities. This Legg Mason mutual fund is introduced to investors on November 5, 1992. The minimum initial investment is $1,000 for brokerage account and $250 for retirement account.

Based on load adjusted returns, this intermediate government mutual fund has returned 6.25% over the past 3 year, and 5.77% over the past 5 year. It has worst 3-year total return of 2.61%. The assets are allocated as follows:
  • Bonds: 97.83%
  • Cash: 3.27%
  • Other: -1.1%
Columbia US Government Mortgage Fund (AUGAX)

Columbia US Government Mortgage Fund is a load mutual fund. Its expense ratio is 0.85% per year. It has yield of 2.83%. The portfolio turnover rate is quite high, 545%. This taxable bond fund managers are Jason J. Callan and Thomas Heuer. It invests in mortgage-related securities that either are issued or guaranteed as to principal and interest by the United States government or its agency.

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This 4 star mutual fund has a 3-year average return of 8.01%. In 2012, it has year-to-date return of 6.95%. The top 2 bond sectors are Agency MBS Pass-Through and Agency MBS CMO. The average credit quality is AAA (investment grade).

BlackRock GNMA Fund (BGPAX)

BlackRock GNMA Fund invests mainly in Government National Mortgage Association (“GNMA”) securities. The lead manager is Matthew Kraeger. It has yield 3.42%. It has assets totaling $1.5 billion. You can invest in this fund with as little as $1,000. It is available to be purchased from 110 brokerages.

This best performing intermediate government mutual fund has returned 4.41% over the past 3 year, 5.45% over the past 5 year, and 4.60% over the past decade. The best 1 year total was achieved in 2000 with 11.67%.

Fund Performance

NoFund DescriptionSymbolExpensesYieldYTD Return %1 Year Return %3 Year Return %
1Morgan Stanley Mortgage Securities AMTGAXAverage3.72%0.777.896.41
2Western Asset Mortgage Backed Sec ASGVAXAverage2.97%0.997.757.38
3Columbia US Govt Mortgage AAUGAXAverage2.83%-
4Goldman Sachs US Mortgage AGSUAXAverage2.05%-
5Invesco US Mortgage AVKMGXBelow Average3.96%-0.213.854.4
6JHancock Government Income AJHGIXAverage2.86%-0.493.514.84
7Principal Government & High Qual Bd ACMPGXLow3.33%-
8BlackRock GNMA Inv ABGPAXAverage3.37%-0.442.885.18
9Putnam US Government Income APGSIXAbove Average4.60%-0.462.83.68
10Morgan Stanley US Govt Secs AUSGAXAbove Average2.44%-0.352.664.88
11Dupree Intermediate GovtDPIGXAbove Average2.90%-0.982.645
12Access Capital Community Investment AACASXLow3.79%-0.372.413.56
13ING GNMA Income ALEXNXAverage3.51%-0.392.374.9
14Oppenheimer US Government AOUSGXAbove Average1.93%-0.592.335.7
15Payden GNMAPYGNXBelow Average3.34%-
16Managers Intermediate Duration GovtMGIDXBelow Average1.72%-0.362.294.63
17Fidelity GNMA FundFGMNXBelow Average2.30%-
18Prudential Government Income APGVAXAbove Average2.16%-0.442.274.93
19MainStay Government InvMGVNXAverage2.26%-0.522.173.81
20T. Rowe Price Summit GNMAPRSUXBelow Average4%-0.572.144.7


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