Top Performing World Stock Mutual Funds January 2013

The top performing world stock mutual funds January 2013 are Artisan Global Equity fund, Third Avenue Value fund, Wasatch Global Opportunities, etc.

Top Performing World Stock Mutual Funds 2013Best Performing World Stock Funds 2013

World stock mutual funds invest mainly in equities of companies around the world. The fund invests mostly in companies located in developed countries such as U.S., German, United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, etc. It may invest in other globe’s smaller markets including emerging markets, and developing countries.

The top performing list is sorted based on its YTD performance in 2012. Investors can find the review and other fund information such as expense ratio, fund manager, yield, turnover rate, sales load, top holdings, top sectors, etc.

The top performing world stock mutual funds January 2013 are:
  1. Artisan Global Equity Fund
  2. Artisan Global Opportunities Fund
  3. Third Avenue Value Fund
  4. Wasatch Global Opportunities Fund
  5. MFS Global New Discovery Fund
  6. Alpine Global Infrastructure Fund
  7. Oakmark Global Select Fund
  8. Beck Mack & Oliver Global Fund
  9. MFS Global Equity Fund
  10. USAA World Growth Fund
  11. Hartford Global Growth Fund
  12. MFS Global Leaders Fund
Updated on 1/6/2013

Artisan Global Equity Fund (ARTHX)

Artisan Global Equity Fund is the best performing world stock mutual fund in 2012. Its fund aim is to provide maximum long term appreciation through investment in securities both within and outside the U.S., including emerging and less developed markets. Its total net assets are $16.7 million. The dividend yield is 0.19%. The expense ratio is 1.50%.

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This no load world stock mutual fund has YTD return of 30.16%. As of October 2012, the top 4 stocks in its portfolio are Linde AG, Nestle SA, Google Inc, and CALBEE Inc. The fund’s shares price is 13.30. The minimum initial investment requirement is only $1,000 for regular brokerage account.

Artisan Global Opportunities Fund (ARTRX)

Artisan Global Opportunities Fund uses its assets to buy common stocks and other equity securities of U.S. and non-U.S. companies, including depositary receipts (ADRs and GDRs). Its expense ratio is 1.34%. There is no yield currently. You can buy the mutual fund from 48 brokerages. The 3 year beta risk is 0.86.

This top performer world stock mutual fund has year-to-date return of 29.78%. The equity fund also has a 3-year average return of 16.99%. The following is the past 3 year performance:
  • Year 2012: 29.78%
  • Year 2011: -6.56%
  • Year 2010: 28.23%
  • Year 2009: 47.86%
As of December 2012, the top 5 stocks are Google Inc, Monsanto Company, Apple Inc, eBay Inc, and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Third Avenue Value Fund (TVFVX)

This Third Avenue Value Fund has total net assets of $2.7 billion. Its expense ratio is 1.40%. Morningstar analysts have ranked it with silver rating. Its investment style is large blend. The portfolio turnover rate is low, only 16%. It invests mostly in common stocks of well-financed domestic and foreign companies. It may invest in senior securities, such as preferred stocks and debt instruments. The fund’s shares price is currently $51.01 (1/6/2013).

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This top performing world stock mutual fund has returned 4.90% over the past 3 year, and 7.24% over the past decade. In 2012, the YTD return is 27.17%. The best 1 year total return was achieved in 2010 with 13.73%. The top holdings are Wheelock and Co Ltd, Henderson Land Development Co Ltd, and POSCO ADR. The top 3 sectors are real estate, financial services, and basic materials.

Wasatch Global Opportunities Fund (WAGOX)

Wasatch Global Opportunities Fund is a 5-star world stock mutual fund. It utilizes its assets to purchase common stocks, preferred stocks, and convertible securities of foreign and domestic companies with market capitalizations of less than $5 billion. The fund managers are Roger Edgley, J.B. Taylor, and Ajay Krishnan. It has $164 million of total assets. It has a high expense ratio of 1.84%. The managers use an investment style of Mid Growth. The fund 52-week range is $3.50-$4.35.

As of October 2012, the top 2 stocks in its portfolio are MonotaRO Co Ltd, and Wirecard AG. The top 3 sectors include: industrials, consumer cyclical, and financial services. If you invest $10,000 in this fund 3 years ago, your capital would have grown to be $14,382.

MFS Global New Discovery Fund (GLNAX)

MFS Global New Discovery Fund has only $7.5 million of assets. In 2012, its YTD return is 25.16%. This best performing world stock mutual fund invests mainly in U.S. and foreign equity securities, including emerging market equities. Managed by Peter Fruzzetti and Thomas H. Wetherald, this fund has a front end sales load of 5.75%. The expense ratio is 1.5%.

You can invest in this international stock fund with $1,000 initial funding. The other classes of this fund include Class B (GLNBX), Class C (GLNCX), Class I (GLNIX), Class R1 (GLNJX), Class R2 (GLNKX), Class R3 (GLNLX), and Class R4 (GLNMX). The top sector is industrials.

Alpine Global Infrastructure Fund (AIAFX)

This Alpine Global Infrastructure Fund is a load mutual fund. Its sales load is 5.5%. The dividend yield is 3.70%. The fund has a portfolio turnover rate of 189%. It uses its assets to buy U.S. and non-U.S. infrastructure-related issuers. The 3-year average return is 11.79%.

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Fund Performance
NoFund DescriptionTickerYTD Return %Expense Ratio %Assets (mil)
1Artisan Global Equity InvARTHX30.161.520
2Artisan Global Opportunities InvARTRX29.781.34334
3Third Avenue Value InvestorTVFVX27.171.42596
4Wasatch Global OpportunitiesWAGOX25.51.84157
5MFS Global New Discovery AGLNAX25.161.58
6Alpine Global Infrastructure AAIAFX24.49--56
7Oakmark Global Select IOAKWX23.951.23630
8Beck Mack & Oliver GlobalBMGEX23.691.2598
9MFS Global Equity AMWEFX23.421.37949
10USAA World GrowthUSAWX23.411.3730
11Hartford Global Growth AHALAX22.911.48185
12MFS Global Leaders AGLOAX22.721.4513


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