Best Performing Diversified Emerging Markets Mutual Funds 2012

Best Performing Diversified Emerging Markets Mutual Funds 2012 are Nile Pan Africa fund, Fidelity Emerging Markets Discovery, etc. These funds invest in companies located in emerging markets region.

Top Performer Emerging Markets FundsTop Performer Emerging Markets Funds

Diversified emerging markets funds are part of international stock mutual funds. These funds utilize their assets in the financial markets of developing countries. These countries are located in Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Far East, and Asia. Some of popular emerging market countries are China, Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa, Indonesia, etc.

From this best performing funds list, you may find each individual fund review. You can find the fund performance, expense ratio, and yield or dividend from the table below. The list is sorted based on its year to date performance in 2012 (up to December 5, 2012).

The 12 Best Performing Diversified Emerging Markets Mutual Funds 2012 are:
  1. Nile Pan Africa A (NAFAX)
  2. Fidelity Emerging Markets Discovery (FEDDX)
  3. William Blair Emerging Markets Small Cap Growth Fund (WESNX)
  4. Columbia Acorn Emerging Markets A (CAGAX)
  5. Van Eck Emerging Markets A (GBFAX)
  6. Rochdale Emerging Markets (RIMIX)
  7. Driehaus Emerging Markets Small Cap Gr (DRESX)
  8. Mirae Asset Emerging Markets Great Consumer A (MECGX)
  9. Forward Select EM Dividend Investor (FSLRX)
  10. Wasatch Emerging Markets Small Cap (WAEMX)
  11. Templeton Emerging Markets Small Cap A (TEMMX)
  12. PIMCO Emerging Markets Fundamental IndexPLUS TR ST P (PEFPX)
Updated on 12/11/2012

Nile Pan Africa FundNile Pan Africa Fund (Ticker: NAFAX)

Nile Pan Africa Fund invests mainly in a focused portfolio of investments in the stocks, bonds, and cash. This top performer emerging market fund is managed by Larry Seruma and Andy Chen. The total net assets of this fund are rather small with only $16 million. The shares price is $12.85 as of December 6th, 2012. The fund benchmark is MSCI Frontier Markets Index.

Best Diversified Emerging Markets Mutual Funds

Since it is a new fund, there is no rating from Morningstar yet. The fund has 2.50% annual expense ratio and 0.43% 12-month dividend. It charges 0.25% management fee and 5.75% front end sales load fee. The CUSIP of this fund is 654124106. The year-to-date return is 33.23%.

As of October 2012, the top 10 holdings are Pinnacle Technology Holdings Ltd (6.91%), African Oil Corporation (6.08%), Afren PLC (5.82%), Zenith Bank PLC (5.25%), Invicta Holdings Ltd (4.95%), African Minerals Ltd (4.81%), United Bank for Africa PLC (4.80%), First Bank of Nigeria PLC (4.00%), Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (3.97%), and EOH Holdings Ltd (3.94%). The top sector exposures are Financial (24%) and Energy (18%).

Fidelity Emerging Markets Discovery (MUTF: FEDDX)

Fidelity Emerging Markets Discovery fund objective is to provide capital growth. It utilizes its assets to purchase stocks of companies that are tied to emerging markets. The expense ratio is 1.45% per year. Its total net assets are $45.58 million. The fund has been managed by Ashish Swarup since October 2011.

This best performing diversified fund is a no load equity mutual fund. Investors will need minimum initial investment of $2,500 for brokerage account and $500 for retirement (IRA) account. It has YTD return of 28.74%. The fund’s NAV is $12.28.

This international stock fund has total of 123 holdings. The top 10 holdings as of September 2012 are Uni-President Enterprises Corp, BS Financial Group Inc, China Taiping Insu Holdings Co Ltd, LG Corp, Yuhan Corp, Commercial International Bank Egypt SAE, Amorepacific New, LG Household & Healthcare Ltd, S1 Corporation and Kalbe Farma PT. They represent 11.36% of total portfolio.

As per October 2012, the top country diversifications are Taiwan (13.86%), Hong Kong (12.98%) and South Korea (12.82%).  The major market sectors are Financials (22.15%), consumer staples (17.05%), industrials (14.46%) and consumer discretionary (12.37%).

William Blair Emerging Markets Small Cap Growth Fund (WESNX)

William Blair Emerging Markets Small Cap Growth FundWilliam Blair Emerging Markets Small Cap Growth Fund aim is to provide long term capital appreciation. It invests majority of assets in stocks of emerging market small capitalization companies. It invests in common stocks, convertible stocks, and preferred stocks. The portfolio management team includes Jeff Urbina and Todd Mcclone. Both of them have been managing this fund since the inception in October 2011.

This best performer emerging markets stock fund has total assets of $7.62 million. It also has 1.65% of yearly expense ratio. The year-to-date return is 26.72%. The Institutional Class (BESIX) has 1.40% expense ratio. Since inception turnover is 69.2%. The current share price is $12.61.

As per October 2012, the fund has 123 total holdings. The 10 largest holdings are Security Bank Corporation (2.2%), Puregold Price Club Inc (2.0%), China Overseas Grand Oceans Group Limited (1.8%), AAC Technologies Holdings Inc (1.8%), Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk PT (1.6%), Fibra Uno Administracion SA de CV (1.5%), Siam Makro Public Company Limited (1.4%), Kroton Educational SA (1.4%), Minor International Public Company Limited (1.4%) and Banregio Group Financiero SAB de CV (1.4%). The geographic diversification is Asia (61.2%), Latin America (25.6%) and Europe, Mid-East, Africa (13.2%).

Columbia Acorn Emerging Markets Fund (Ticker: CAGAX)

Columbia Acorn Emerging Markets Fund uses its assets to buy equities of companies located in emerging market countries, including frontier market countries. It has an expense ratio of 1.85%. This fee is slightly higher than the average category ratio, 1.59%. It also has small total assets of only $7.44 million.

This best performing diversified emerging markets mutual fund is managed by Fritz Zachary Kaegi, Stephen Kusmierczak, P. Zachary Egan and Louis J. Mendes. There is a 0.25% 12b1 fee and 5.75% front-end sales load fee. The year-to-date performance is 26.03%. Based on the load adjusted returns, the fund has returned 8.89% over the past 1-year.

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As of October 2012, the top 10 stocks in its holdings are Tower Bersama Infrastructure (3.75%), Far Eas Tone Telecommunications Co Ltd (3.26%), NagaCorp Ltd (3.13%), Hexagon Series B (2.70%), Archipelago Resources PLC (2.65%), RMI Holdings (2.63%), Ace Hardware Indonesia (2.63%), Coronation Fund Managers Ltd (2.44%), Home Product Center PLC (2.35%) and United Breweries Ltd (2.35%). The top countries are Taiwan (16.54%), Indonesia (12.28%) and South Africa (9.56%).

Van Eck Emerging Markets Fund (MUTF: GBFAX)

Van Eck Emerging Markets FundThe investment aim of Van Eck Emerging Markets Fund is to achieve long term growth through investment in stocks of companies located in emerging markets. The fund manager is David Semple. The fund has 1.09% dividend yield. The last dividend distribution was done in December 2011 ($0.13). It has $120.64 million total net assets as per October 2012. The fund’s expense ratio is 1.76%. It can be purchased from 97 brokerages. Morningstar ranks this fund with 1-star rating.

Based on the load adjusted returns, the performance of this GBFAX fund is as below:
  • 1-year: 2.50%
  • 3-year: 5.63%
  • 5-year: -6.72%
  • 10-year: 14.13%
As of October 2012, the fund has 101 holdings. The top 10 stocks are Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (4.0%), Tencent Holdings Ltd (2.8%), Kia Motors Corp (1.9%), China Minsheng Banking Corp Ltd (1.8%), Transneft (1.8%), Frashion Properties (China) Ltd (1.8%), Dufry AG (1.7%), Afren PLC (1.7%), Kunlun Energy Co Ltd (1.7%) and First Cash Financial Services Inc (1.6%). The top country weightings are China (26.5%), South Korea (11.6%) and Brazil (6.7%).

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Fund Performance

NoFund DescriptionTickerYTD Return %RatingExpense Ratio %Assets
1Nile Pan Africa ANAFAX33.23N/A2.516
2Fidelity Emerg Mkts DiscvFEDDX28.74N/A--52
3William Blair Emerg MktsWESNX28.26N/A1.658
4Columbia Acorn Emerging MCAGAX26.03N/A1.859
5Van Eck Emerging MarketsGBFAX24.911.76125
6Rochdale Emerging MarketsRIMIX24.33N/A2.25128
7Driehaus Emerging MarketsDRESX23.84N/A1.9764
8Mirae Asset Emerg Mkts GrMECGX22.98N/A1.8529
9Forward Select EM DividenFSLRX22.72N/A1.7942
10Wasatch Emerging MarketsWAEMX22.6251.961525
11Templeton Emerging MarketTEMMX21.8232.1324
12PIMCO EM Fdmtl IndexPLUSPEFPX20.9551.355619


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