Best Industrials Mutual Funds 2012

Best industrials mutual funds 2012 are Fidelity Select Industrials fund, Fidelity Select Defense & Aerospace, ICON Industrials, etc.

Top Industrials Mutual Funds 2012

As part of domestic stock mutual fund, industrials mutual fund invests mainly in stocks of companies that provide services related to cyclical industries. The industrial companies may include aerospace and defense, automotive, chemicals, construction, environmental services, machinery, paper and transportation.

These top industrials mutual funds are selected based on its expense ratio fee, turnover rate, management, fund performance, etc. You can find the fund review and fund performance or return below.

The 5 best industrials mutual funds 2012 are:
  1. Fidelity Select Industrials (FCYIX)
  2. Fidelity Select Industrial Equipment (FSCGX)
  3. Fidelity Select Defense & Aerospace (FSDAX)
  4. Fidelity Select Transportation (FSRFX)
  5. ICON Industrials A (ICIAX)
Updated on 10/1/2012

Fidelity Select Industrials FundFidelity Select Industrials Fund (FCYIX)

The investment objective of Fidelity Select Industrials Fund is to seek capital growth. It utilizes its assets to purchase common stocks of industrial products, services, or equipment companies. This company may involve in the research, development, manufacture, distribution, supply, or sale of the products or services. It may invest in domestic and foreign equities.

Morningstar analysts rate this industrials fund with 4-stars rating. Its dividend yield is 0.58%. This best industrials mutual fund has $567.40 million of total assets. The YTD return is 11.99% and the 5-year average return is 3.74%.

The top 10 stocks as of June 2012 are General Electric Co., United Technologies Corp, 3M Co, Union Pacific Corp, United Parcel Service Inc Class B, Danaher Corp, Honeywell International Inc, Cummins Inc, Textron Inc, and Tyco International Ltd. These top 10 companies represent 47.44% of the total portfolion. The major assets allocation is in Domestic Equities (93.29%) and the top currency diversification is also US Dollar (98.22%).

Fidelity Select Industrial Equipment Fund (FSCGX)

Fidelity Select Industrial Equipment fund invests majority of assets in common stocks of industrial sector companies which offer services, products and equipment. The companies engage in the manufacture, and distribution on industrials related things. It may include integrated producers of capital equipment, parts suppliers, and subcontractors. It also can invest in U.S. and non-U.S. companies. The current shares price is $36.01 (10/2/2012).

The fund manager is Steven Bullock. This Fidelity fund was first introduced to investors in September 1986. The annual portfolio turnover as of September 12, 2012 is 101.00%. The annual expense ratio is 0.84%. This industrial fund has returned 16.34% over the past 3-year, 1.95% over the past 5-year and 9.51% over the past 10-year.

Some of the top holdings are similar to Fidelity Select Industrials Fund. For details, the top 10 of this FSCGX fund are General Electric Co, 3M Co, United Technologies Corp, Caterpillar Inc, Honeywell International Inc, Cummins Inc, Emerson Electric Co, Illinois Tool Works Inc, Danaher Corp and Regal-Beloit Corp.

Fidelity Select Defense & Aerospace Fund (FSDAX)

Fidelity Select Defense & Aerospace FundThe investment aim of Fidelity Select Defense & Aerospace Fund is to provide capital appreciation. It uses its assets to buy securities of companies principally engaged in the research, manufacture, or sale of products or services related to the defense or aerospace industries. It invests in domestic and foreign stocks.

This top industrials mutual fund has expense ratio of 0.86% per year. The most recent dividend was distributed in April 2012 ($0.14). The total dividend yield is 0.64% per year. It also has total net assets of $613.72 million. Morningstar has ranked it with 4-stars rating. The 5-year annualized return is 1.23%.

The top 10 holdings represent 70.91% of the total portfolio. They are United Technologies Corp, Boeing Co, Precision Castparts Corp, Honeywell International Inc, Raytheon Co, Textron Inc, Transdigm Group Inc, Esterline Technologies Corp, Rockwell Collins Inc and Heico Corp.

Fidelity Select Transportation Fund (FSRFX)

The Fidelity Select Transportation fund utilizes its assets to invest in common stocks of companies principally engaged in providing transportation services or companies. These companies are mainly engaged in the design, manufacture, distribution, or sale of transportation equipment. It may also invest in domestic and foreign issuers. It is considered as a non-diversified mutual fund.

This Fidelity Select Transportation fund has total net assets of $180.29 million. The minimum initial investment for investing in this fund is $2.500. This year, the newly appointed fund manager is Matthew Moulis. Based on the load adjusted return, this fund has returned 10.13% over the past 10-year and 16.48% over the past 3-year.

The fund has total of 51 holdings as of June 2012. The top 5 holdings are United Parcel Service Inc Class B, Union Pacific Corp, CSX Corp, Norfolk Southern Corp and Fedex Corp. The fund’s NAV is $49.89 (10/2/2012).

ICON Industrials Fund (ICIAX)

ICON Industrials FundThe ICON Industrials Fund objective is to achieve long-term capital growth. It invests >80% of its net assets in equity securities of companies in the Industrials sector. It may invest in common stocks and preferred stocks of companies. It doesn’t have any restriction in term of market capitalization. It is non-diversified.

The expense ratio rate (1.75%) is higher than the category average (1.32%). The fund asset is only $40.36 million. It only has 1-star rating from Morningstar. The year-to-date return is 4.63%. Last year (2011), it ended with negative return of -4.73%. The maximum sales load is 5.75%.

The top 10 stocks in its portfolio are General Electric Co (9.20%), Caterpillar Inc (8.46%), Norfolk Southern Corp (8.37%), Union Pacific Corp (7.70%), CSX Corp (6.91%), United Technologies Corp (6.54%), 3M Co (4.58%), United Parcel Services Class B (4.56%), Illinois Tool Work Inc (4.09%) and Danaher Corp (3.98%).

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Fund Performance
NoFund DescriptionTicker1 Year Return %3 Year Return %5 Year Return %10 Year Return %Expense Fee
1Fidelity Select IndustrialsFCYIX0.9436.556.449.40.9
2Fidelity Select Industrial EquipmentFSCGX1.6638.715.377.420.89
3Fidelity Select Defense & AerospaceFSDAX10.8731.584.179.90.88
4Fidelity Select TransportationFSRFX0.1633.693.978.130.9
5ICON Industrials AICIAX-2.8528.4-0.073.433.46
6Rydex Transportation InvRYPIX-1.0825.68-1.942.741.38


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