Best Communications Mutual Funds 2012

The best communications mutual funds 2012 are T. Rowe Price Media & Telecommunications Fund, Fidelity Select Multimedia, etc.

Top Communications Stock Mutual FundsTop Communications Stock Mutual Funds 2012

The communications mutual fund is part of domestic stock mutual fund. This sector fund invests primarily in stocks of telecommunications and media companies. The companies may include cable television, wireless-communications, communications-equipment corporations, traditional phone companies. It may also include entertainment firms, broadcasters, film studios, publishers, and on-line service providers.

These top communications mutual funds are selected based on its expense ratio fee, turnover rate, management, fund performance, etc. You can find the fund review and fund performance or return below.

The 5 best communications mutual funds 2012 are:
  1. T. Rowe Price Media & Telecommunications Fund (PRMTX)
  2. Fidelity Select Multimedia Fund (FBMPX)
  3. Fidelity Select Wireless Fund (FWRLX)
  4. Fidelity Select Communications Equipment Fund (FSDCX)
  5. Wireless Fund (WIREX)
Updated on 10/13/2012

T. Rowe Price Media & Telecommunications FundT. Rowe Price Media & Telecommunications Fund (PRMTX)

The T. Rowe Price Media & Telecommunications fund uses its assets to purchase common stocks of media and telecommunications companies. The company may involve internet, publishing, movies, cable/satellite TV, telephones, cellular services, and technology and equipment. It also has an annual expense ratio of 0.83%.

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This best communication mutual fund has a 5 year annualized return of 6.47%. It has returned 21.95% over the past 3 year, and 18.55% over the past 10-year. It ranks with 5-stars and silver rating by Morningstar. The shares price is $58.70 (9/16/2012).

The top 5 sector diversifications are Media (56.6%), Telecom Services (24.3%), Hardware (9.3%), Telecom Equipment (3.2%) and Software (2.9%). The top holdings as of July 31, 2012 are AT&T, American Tower, Apple, Baidu, Comcast, Crown Castle International, Google, Time Warner Cable, Vodafone Group and Walt Disney.

Fidelity Select Multimedia Fund (FBMPX)

Fidelity Select Multimedia FundThe investment objective of Fidelity Select Multimedia fund is to provide capital appreciation. It invests majority of assets (>80%) in securities of broadcast and media industries companies. It may invest in domestic and foreign equities. Kristina Salen is the fund’s manager since 2006. It has $262 million of total net assets. The distribution yield is 0.60%.

There is no sales load for investing in this fund. For 2012, the YTD return is 19.72%. It has returned 13.98% over the past 1-year and 11.16% over the past 10-year. This top communication mutual fund is rated with 5 stars.

As of June 2012, the top 10 stocks  are Walt Disney, Comcast Corp Class A, Time Warner Inc, News Corp Ltd Class A, Time Warner Cable, DirecTv Class A, CBS Corp Class B, Viacom Inc Class B, Liberty Media Corporation Lib Cap A and Discovery Communications Class A.

Fidelity Select Wireless Fund (FWRLX)

Fidelity Select Wireless FundThe Fidelity Select Wireless fund utilizes its assets to buy common stocks of wireless communications services or products companies. It invests in domestic and foreign issuers. It has expense ratio of 0.89%. The fund’s dividend yield is 1.00%.

This best communications mutual fund has 5-year annualized return of 0.08%. Based on the load adjusted returns, the fund’s annualized performance is 9.44% for 3-year period and 13.65% for 10-year period. The fund’s NAV is $8.22 (9/26/2012).

The top holdings of this fund as of June 2012 are Vodafone Group PLC Spon ADR, Qualcomm Inc, AT&T Inc, American Tower Corp, China Mobile Limited SPON ADR, Sprint Nextel Corp, Motorola Solutions Inc, Crown Castle International Corp, SBA Communications Corp Class A and Apple Inc. These top holdings represent 59.82% of the total portfolio.

Fidelity Select Communications Equipment Fund (FSDCX)

This Fidelity Select Communications Equipment fund invests mainly in stocks of communications equipment companies. It was incepted in 1990. The current fund manager is Charlie Chai. It has 3-stars rating from Morningstar. The lasted divided was distributed in April 2012 ($0.01).

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The major market sector is Information Technology (97.29%). The top 5 holdings are Cisco Systems Inc, Qualcomm Inc, Ericsson Class B ADR, Juniper Networks Inc and Motorola Solutions Inc.

Wireless Fund (WIREX)

The Wireless fund objective is to provide long-term capital growth. The fund uses its assets to purchase equities of wireless companies. The companies include communication services; communication equipment; software and programming; computer hardware; peripherals; storage devices; semiconductors; and data networking for the wireless industry.

This is a no load mutual fund. It has 1.95% expense ratio. The total net assets are only $3.43 million. It has YTD return of 6.24%. Morningstar ranks this communication mutual fund with 3-stars rating. 
The top holdings of this fund as of March 2012 are Apple Inc, Qualcomm Inc, Intel Corp, Vodafone Group PLC ADR and SBA Communications Corp.

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Fund Performance
NoFund DescriptionTicker1 Year Return %3 Year Return %5 Year Return %10 Year Return %Expense Fee
1T. Rowe Price Media & TelecommunicationsPRMTX5.4137.998.9414.580.84
2Fidelity Select MultimediaFBMPX2.7339.344.417.30.94
3Fidelity Select WirelessFWRLX-2.5522.93.919.570.92
4Fidelity Select Communications EquipFSDCX-17.1331.93.665.130.91
6Fidelity Select TelecommunicationsFSTCX-0.2321.82-0.45.410.92
7GAMCO Global Telecommunications AGTCAX-3.6717.72-1.116.481.62


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