25 Best Performing Closed End Funds List September 2012

The 25 best performing CEFs 2012 list. The top funds are Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund, Thai Fund, etc.

best performing cefsTop Performer CEFs 2012

Closed end funds (CEFs) are mutual funds with a fixed amount of shares (or units). They are similar to exchange traded funds (ETFs). They can be bought and sold on stock exchanges (NYSE and NASDAQ). These investment funds can be traded at a discount or premium to the Net Asset Value (NAV).

From this list, you may find lots of sector equity funds are the top performers. The top performing sectors include: real estate, mortgage bond, emerging markets, high yield bond, corporate bond, etc. You can find the fund performance, expense ratio, and yield or dividend from the table.

The 25 best performing CEF 2012 List are:
  1. Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund (AWP)
  2. Nuveen Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund 2 (JMT)
  3. Nuveen Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund (JLS)
  4. H&Q Life Sciences Investors Fund (HQL)
  5. Thai Fund (TTF)
  6. Western Asset Mortgage Defined Opportunity Fund (DMO)
  7. Turkish Investment Fund (TKF)
  8. First Trust Specialty Finance and Financial Opportunities Fund (FGB)
  9. PIMCO Global Stocksplus & Income Fund (PGP)
  10. LMP Real Estate Income Fund (RIT)
  11. ING Clarion Global Real Estate Income Fund (IGR)
  12. Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund (RQI)
  13. Thai Capital Fund (TF)
  14. PIMCO High Income Fund (PHK)
  15. Neuberger Berman Real Estate Securities Income Fund (NRO)
  16. PIMCO Income Strategy II (PFN)
  17. PIMCO Income Strategy Fund (PFL)
  18. RMR Real Estate Income Fund (RIF)
  19. Diamond Hill Financial Trends Fund (DHFT)
  20. John Hancock Bank and Thrift Fund (BTO)
  21. H&Q Healthcare Investors (HQH)
  22. NASDAQ Premium Income & Growth Fund (QQQX)
  23. Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund (CLM)
  24. Nuveen Preferred Income Opportunities Fund (JPC)
  25. Cohen & Steers Select Preferred & Income Fund (PSF)
Updated on 9/7/2012

Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund (Ticker: AWP)

Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund objective is to provide income for investors. It utilizes its assets to purchase global stocks and bonds of real estate companies. The annual expense ratio is 1.31%. The current share price is trading 5.41% discount to its NAV. Samuel A Lieber is the fund manager. IT also has a high dividend yield of 8.57%.

Top Performer Municipal Bond CEFs 2012

The year-to-date return is 42.85%. This global real estate fund has returned 20.14% over the past year, and 17.84% over the past 3 year. The average UNII per share is -$0.4225. The top 4 countries are USA, Brazil, Singapore, and United Kingdom (UK).

Nuveen Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund 2 (JMT)

Nuveen Mortgage Opportunity Term 2 Fund invests majority of its assets in mortgage backed securities (MBS). It has $122 million of total net assets. The fund’s inception date is February 24, 2010. This best performing CEF is managed by Michael F Garrett.

Best Mortgage Bond Closed End Funds 2012

This CEF has YTD return of 39.62%. It has 114 holdings. The annual portfolio turnover rate is 35%. The top 3 sectors are mortgage backed securities (65.75%), MLP (30.71%), and short term debt (3.97%).

Thai Fund (TTF)

Thai Fund is another best performer fund. Its YTD return is 36.64%. Its annual expense ratio is 1.06%. The current share price is $16.33. It has 1.44% distribution yield. Kenneth Paek is managing this emerging markets stock fund.

This closed end fund has a 3 year annualized return of 30.33%. The top 3 stocks in its holdings are Cp All Public Company Limited, Advanced Info Service Public Company Lim, and Siam Commercial Bank Public Company.

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Fund Performance
NoFund (Ticker)TypeYTD ReturnLipper RankExpense RatioYield
1Alpine Glbl Prem Prop (AWP)Real Estate42.85%101.29%8.60%
2Nuveen Mtge Oppty Term 2 (JMT)US Mortgage39.62%81.58%7.74%
3Nuveen Mtge Oppty Term (JLS)US Mortgage39.16%161.44%7.75%
4H&Q Life Sciences Invtrs (HQL)Sector Equity38.39%31.77%10.09%
5Thai Fund (TTF)Pacific Ex Japan36.64%81.99%3.43%
6Westn Asst Mtge Def Opp (DMO)US Mortgage34.63%242.24%8.09%
7Turkish Investment Fund (TKF)Emerging Markets34.09%51.05%2.07%
8First Tr Spec Fin&Finl (FGB)Sector Equity34.00%51.85%8.12%
9PIMCO Gl StksPLUS & Inc (PGP)Opt Arb/Opt Strat33.74%32.71%9.97%
10LMP Real Estate Income (RIT)Real Estate33.61%191.82%6.24%
11CBRE Clarion Glbl RE Inc (IGR)Real Estate33.45%281.03%6.13%
12Cohen & Steers Qual Rlty (RQI)Real Estate33.35%371.87%6.64%
13Thai Capital Fund (TF)Pacific Ex Japan33.18%161.99%0.00%
14PIMCO High Income (PHK)High Yield Lvgd32.64%31.16%10.38%
15Neuberger RE Sec Inc (NRO)Real Estate32.63%462.21%4.99%
16PIMCO Income Strategy II (PFN)General Bond32.08%81.24%7.41%
17PIMCO Income Strategy (PFL)General Bond31.85%151.51%8.72%
18RMR Real Estate Income (RIF)Real Estate31.71%552.78%4.96%
19Diamond Hill Finl Trends (DHFT)Sector Equity31.71%71.40%0.44%
20J Hancock Bank & Thrift (BTO)Sector Equity31.62%91.37%5.02%
21H&Q Healthcare Investors (HQH)Sector Equity31.59%111.47%7.53%
22NASDAQ Prem Inc & Gro (QQQX)Opt Arb/Opt Strat30.17%61.04%7.46%
23Cornerstone Strat Value (CLM)Core Funds29.97%41.55%20.39%
24Nuveen Pref Inc Opps (JPC)Income & Pref Stk29.36%51.70%9.17%
25Cohen & Steers Sel P&Inc (PSF)Income & Pref Stk28.55%101.78%7.75%


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