YTD Top Performer Balanced Mutual Funds in 2012

The year-to-date top performer balanced mutual funds up to July 1, 2012 are Fairholme Allocation, Columbia Marsico Flexible Capital, Harbor Flexible Capital, etc. Each fund review can be found in this post.

Best Performing Balanced Funds

These top hybrid funds are sorted based on its year to date performance up to July 1, 2012. Balanced funds invest in stocks, bonds, and cash. It may include common stocks, preferred stocks, convertibles, taxable bonds, municipal bonds, and short term instruments. The categories of balanced funds are world allocation, conservative allocation, moderate allocation, and aggressive allocation.

The YTD Top Performer Balanced Mutual Funds up to July 1, 2012 are:
  1. Fairholme Allocation (FAAFX)
  2. Columbia Marsico Flexible Capital A (CCMAX)
  3. Harbor Flexible Capital Inv (HIFLX)
  4. Strategic Latin America A (SLATX)
  5. Putnam Capital Spectrum A (PVSAX)
  6. Villere Balanced Inv (VILLX)
  7. JHancock3 Leveraged Companies A (JVCAX)
  8. AmericaFirst Quantitative Strategies A (AFIAX)
  9. Camelot Premium Return A (CPRFX)
  10. SEI Institutional Investment Trust Dynamic Asset Allocation A (SDLAX)
YTD Top Performer Balanced Mutual Funds of 2012
YTD Top Performer Balanced Funds of 2012
1. Fairholme Allocation (FAAFX)

The Fairholme Allocation fund is a relatively new balanced fund. Its objective is to provide long term total return from income and capital growth. This Moderate Allocation fund utilizes its assets to purchase focused portfolio of investments in the equity, fixed-income and cash. Bruce R. Berkowitz is the fund manager. The total assets are $266 million. It also has an expense ratio of 0.75%.

This YTD top performer balanced fund doesn’t have a Morningstar rating yet. It has a year-to-date return of 11.28%. The top 3 sectors are surety insurance, multi-line insurance and diversified banks. The top 5 holdings are MBIA Inc, American International Group Inc, Sears Holdings Corp, Bank of America Crop, and Jefferies Group Inc.

Note: Berkowitz also managed other funds such as Fairholme Fund (FAIRX), and Fairholme Focused Income Fund (FOCIX).

2. Columbia Marsico Flexible Capital A (CCMAX)

As an aggressive allocation fund, Columbia Marsico Flexible Capital fund invests mainly in equity securities, fixed-income and cash equivalent investments. It has a sales load of 5.75%. The expense fee is 1.60% which is high. The portfolio turnover rate is 214%.

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Investors can buy this hybrid fund with $2,000 initial funding. The balanced fund has a YTD return of 11.11%. The fund is introduced to investors on September 28, 2010. The top 3 stocks are Apple In, TJX Companies, and Lowe’s Companies Inc.

3. Harbor Flexible Capital Inv (Ticker: HIFLX)

The Harbor Flexible Capital fund has $18 million of total net assets. It uses its assets to buy stocks with growth potential, and fixed income. It may invest in high yield domestic and foreign bonds. The fund manager is A. Douglas Rao. The current yield is 0.20%.

As of July 1st 2012, its YTD return is 10.8%. There is no sales load. The top 5 sectors are technology, financial services, consumer cyclical, energy, and healthcare.

4. Strategic Latin America A (MUTF: SLATX)

The investment aim of Strategic Latin America fund is to provide income and long term capital appreciation. As a world allocation balanced fund, it has 0.55% yield. This top performer balanced fund invests in Latin America region stocks and bonds. Latin America includes Central America and South America excluding the Caribbean islands. Heiner Skaliks has managed this fund since 2010.

The YTD return is 10.79%. The top 3 holdings are Financiera Ind Sab De Cv 10%, Cemex, S.A.B. de C.V. ADR, and Cemex Fin 9.5%.

5. Putnam Capital Spectrum A (Ticker: PVSAX)

The Putnam Capital Spectrum fund invests in equity and fixed income securities. It may invest in floating and fixed rate bank loan, growth stocks, and value stocks. David Glancy is the fund manager. The dividend yield is 1.23%. You can buy this fund from 55 brokerages such as Fidelity, Schwab, Ameriprise Brokerage, TIAA-CREF Brokerage Services, Merrill Edge, etc.

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Morningstar has ranked this top performer balanced fund with 5 stars rating. The 3 year beta risk is 1.25. The investment style is mid blend. The top 4 stocks are DISH Network Crop, EchoStar Corp, Capital One Financial Corp, and Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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Other Top Performer Balanced Funds
NoFund DescriptionTickerCategoryYTD Return %ExpensesTotal Assets (Mil)
1Fairholme AllocationFAAFXModerate Allocation11.28%0.75%266
2Columbia Marsico Flexible Capital ACCMAXAggressive Allocation11.11%1.60%190
3Harbor Flexible Capital InvHIFLXWorld Allocation10.80%1.37%20
4Strategic Latin America ASLATXWorld Allocation10.79%1.74%27
5Putnam Capital Spectrum APVSAXModerate Allocation10.48%1.30%1038
6Villere Balanced InvVILLXModerate Allocation10.32%1.11%184
7JHancock3 Leveraged Companies AJVCAXAggressive Allocation10.22%1.35%1
8AmericaFirst Quantitative Strategies AAFIAXAggressive Allocation10.03%1.51%43
9Camelot Premium Return ACPRFXModerate Allocation9.77%1.78%18
10SEI Instl Invt Dynamic Asset Allc ASDLAXModerate Allocation9.72%0.50%565
11API Efficient Frontier Income AAPIUXConservative Allocation9.53%1.56%242
12SAAT Conservative Strategy Allc ASMGAXWorld Allocation9.51%0.12%30
13SAAT Defensive Strategy Allc ASTDAXModerate Allocation9.28%0.12%10
14HighMark Balanced Retail AHMBRXModerate Allocation9.07%1.24%24
15Holland BalancedHOLBXModerate Allocation9.02%1.50%26
16Mairs & Power Balanced InvMAPOXModerate Allocation8.50%0.79%219
17Wells Fargo Advantage Idx Asst Allo ASFAAXAggressive Allocation8.48%1.15%675
18SAAT Moderate Strategy Allc ASXMAXAggressive Allocation8.45%0.12%68
19Dodge & Cox BalancedDODBXModerate Allocation8.38%0.53%11808
20PSI Strategic Growth AFXSAXWorld Allocation8.34%1.90%16


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