YTD Worst Performer Stock Mutual Funds of 2012

This article provides the YTD worst performer stock mutual funds including domestic stock fund and international stock fund. The worst performers are Westcore Select, The USX China A, etc. The following is the fund review details.
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These worst performer funds are sorted based on its year to date performance up to June 24, 2012. You can find the worst performer for U.S. domestic stock fund and international stock fund. You will also get the fund details such as fund performance, fund manager, yield, expense ratio, etc.

Domestic Stock Mutual Funds

Domestic stock mutual funds invest mainly in U.S. companies’ stocks. There are various domestic stock funds. They are large blend, large growth, large value, mid cap value, mid cap blend, mid cap growth, small blend, small value, small growth, technology, sector funds, etc.

The YTD worst performer domestic stock mutual funds of 2012 are:
  1. Integrity Williston Basin/Mid-North America Stock A (ICPAX)
  2. Nysa (NYSAX)
  3. Westcore Select (WTSLX)
  4. ING Value Choice A (PAVAX)
  5. Pacific Advisors Mid Cap Value A (PAMVX)
  6. Nuveen Tradewinds Value Opportunities A (NVOAX)
  7. Cambiar Aggressive Value Investor (CAMAX)
  8. Huntington Technical Opportunities A (HTOAX)
  9. WesMark Small Company Growth (WMKSX)
  10. Allianz AGIC Focused Opportunity A (AFOAX)
1. Integrity Williston Basin/Mid-North America Stock A (ICPAX)

The Integrity Williston Basin/Mid-North America Stock is rated with 2 star rating. The fund objective is to provide long term capital growth. It invests in foreign and domestic companies stocks. It has an expense ratio of 1.42%. The total assets are $451 million. The sales load is 5%.

This fund has a year to date return of -16.79%. The annualized 5 year return is 3.02%. You can buy this mid-cap growth stock fund with $1,000 initial investment. The top 2 holdings are National Oilwell Varco Inc, and Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp.

2. Nysa (NYSAX)

The Nysa fund utilizes its assets to buy stocks of publicly traded companies. The fund manager is Michael M. Samoraj since 2007. There is no yield. It also has a high expense ratio of 4.08% per year. The portfolio turnover rate is 184%.

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This mid cap blend stock fund has its 1-year worst total return in 2001 with -46.25%. The YTD return is -9.76%. As of April 2012, the top 5 sectors are technology, communication services, industrials, consumer cyclical, and energy.

3. Westcore Select (WTSLX)

As a no load fund, Westcore Select fund has an expense ratio of 1.05%. It is ranked with 3 star rating. The total assets are $513 million. The fund has returned -15.51% over the past 1 year, 4.10% over the past 5 year, and 6.39% over the past decade.

This worst performer domestic stock fund can be purchased from 90 brokerages. Some of the brokerages are Northwestern Mutual Investment Service, E*trade, Schwab, JPMorgan, etc.

Domestic Stock Fund Performance

NoFund DescriptionTickerCategoryYTD Return %Expense RatioTotal Assets (mil)
1Integrity Williston Bsn/Md-N Amer Stk AICPAXMid-Cap Growth-16.79%1.42%426
2NysaNYSAXMid-Cap Blend-9.76%4.08%2
3Westcore SelectWTSLXMid-Cap Growth-9.35%1.05%488
4ING Value Choice APAVAXLarge Blend-8.40%1.39%489
5Pacific Advisors Mid Cap Value APAMVXMid-Cap Blend-8.36%4.16%5
6Nuveen Tradewinds Value Opportunities ANVOAXLarge Blend-8.04%1.20%1149
7Cambiar Aggressive Value InvestorCAMAXLarge Value-7.71%1.36%187
8Huntington Technical Opportunities AHTOAXLarge Growth-7.53%2.18%8
9WesMark Small Company GrowthWMKSXSmall Growth-6.58%1.29%63
10Allianz AGIC Focused Opportunity AAFOAXMid-Cap Growth-5.93%1.45%3
11Columbia Select Small Cap A ESCAXSmall Growth-5.58%1.34%194
12Auer GrowthAUERXMid-Cap Blend-5.36%1.71%82
13FPA CapitalFPPTXMid-Cap Value-4.91%0.84%1153
14Royce Value ConsultRVFCXMid-Cap Blend-4.88%2.17%1406
15Foxhall Global TrendsDOIGXMid-Cap Blend-4.84%2.17%13

International Stock Mutual Funds

The international stock funds are investing mainly in equities of non-U.S. companies. The international stock fund has variety of categories. Some of the categories are emerging markets stock, China region, world stock, European stock, foreign large blend, foreign small/mid blend, etc.

The YTD worst performer international stock mutual funds of 2012 are:
  1. The USX China A (HPCHX)
  2. Nuveen Tradewinds Emerging Markets A (NTEAX)
  3. Oracle Mutual A (ORGAX)
  4. Direxion Monthly China Bull 2x Inv (DXHLX)
  5. Direxion Monthly Latin America Bull 2X Inv (DXZLX)
  6. Nuveen Tradewinds Global All-Cap A (NWGAX)
  7. ING Global Value Choice A (NAWGX)
  8. Encompass (ENCPX)
  9. Nuveen Tradewinds Small-Cap Opportunities A (NTSAX)
  10. Rydex Emerging Markets 2X Strategy A (RYWTX)
1. The USX China A (HPCHX)

The USX China fund is an international stock fund specialized in China region companies. The expense ratio is 2.25%. This stock fund is managed by Christopher Anci and Ryan Jenkins since 2012. It has a sales load of 4.5%.

This equity fund has returned -77.35% over the past 1 year, -34.63% over the past 3 year, and -33.54% over the past 5 year. Its year-to-date return is -49.22%. The top 3 stock is Oriental Dragon Corporation, China Wood Inc, and Changda International Holdings Inc.

2. Nuveen Tradewinds Emerging Markets A (NTEAX)

The investment objective of Nuveen Tradewinds Emerging Markets fund is to achieve long term capital appreciation. It uses its assets to purchase stocks of emerging markets companies. The total net assets are $60 million. The expense ratio is 1.83% per year.

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As of May 2012, the top 3 sectors are basic materials, energy, and communication services. The YTD return is -15.15%. Morningstar has ranked this diversified emerging markets stock fund with 1 star rating.

3. Oracle Mutual A (ORGAX)

This Oracle Mutual fund invests in US and foreign stocks. This world stock fund has $8 million of assets. The expense ratio is only 1%. The annual holding turnover rate is 254%. It opens to new investors.

International Stock Fund Performance

NoFund DescriptionTickerCategoryYTD Return %Expense RatioTotal Assets (mil)
1The USX China AHPCHXChina Region-49.22%2.25%2
2Nuveen Tradewinds Emerging Markets ANTEAXDiversified Emerging Markets-15.15%1.83%58
3Oracle Mutual AORGAXWorld Stock-14.55%1.00%8
4Direxion Mthly China Bull 2x InvDXHLXChina Region-13.04%1.90%6
5Direxion Mthly Latin America Bull 2X InvDXZLXLatin America Stock-12.71%1.90%26
6Nuveen Tradewinds Global All-Cap ANWGAXWorld Stock-11.90%1.24%645
7ING Global Value Choice ANAWGXWorld Stock-11.88%1.42%222
8EncompassENCPXWorld Stock-11.80%1.45%11
9Nuveen Tradewinds Small-Cap Opps ANTSAXWorld Stock-11.17%-4
10Rydex Emerging Markets 2X Strategy ARYWTXDiversified Emerging Markets-10.62%1.69%2
11AMIDEX35 Israel AAMDAXForeign Small/Mid B-10.61%2.62%12
12Third Millennium Russia ATMRFXEurope Stock-10.32%2.75%14
13New AlternativesNALFXWorld Stock-9.55%1.03%150
14EP Latin America AEPLAXLatin America Stock-9.42%-9
15ProFunds UltraEmerging Markets InvUUPIXDiversified Emerging Markets-8.74%1.66%24

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