YTD Worst Performer Bond Mutual Funds in 2012

This post is about worst performer bond mutual funds including taxable and municipal bond funds. The worst performers are YieldQuest Total Return Bond, Federated Municipal Ultrashort, etc. You can find the fund review below.

These worst performer bond funds are sorted based on its year to date performance up to June 24, 2012. You can find the worst performer for taxable bond fund and municipal bond fund. You will also get the fund details such as top holdings, fund manager, sales load, yield, expense ratio, etc.
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Taxable Bond Mutual Funds

These taxable bond mutual funds can invest in corporate bond, U.S. treasury, emerging market bond, international bond, and government bond. They can be categorized as intermediate term bond, high yield bond, world bond, emerging market bond, government bond, etc.

The YTD worst performer taxable bond mutual funds of 2012 are:
  1. YieldQuest Total Return Bond Inv (YTRIX)
  2. Capstone Church Capital (XCBFX)
  3. Guggenheim Long Short Interest Rate Strategy A (RYBSX)
  4. American Independence Absolute Return Bull/Bear Bond A (AABBX)
  5. Federated Prudent DollarBear A (PSAFX)
  6. Steel Path MLP and Infrastructure Debt A (MLPUX)
  7. American Independence Active Interest Rate Management A (AATMX)
  8. Brown Advisory Tactical Bond Advisor (BATBX)
  9. Northern Global Fixed Income (NOIFX)
  10. BlackRock International Bond Inv A (BIIAX)
1. YieldQuest Total Return Bond Inv (MUTF: YTRIX)

The YieldQuest Total Return Bond fund objective is to total return through income and capital growth. It is managed by Jay K. Chitnis and John N. Bliss III. The current yield is 8.43%. It also has an annual expense ratio of 1.25%. The portfolio turnover rate is 46%.

This intermediate term bond fund has YTD return of with -45.65%. This no load bond fund has returned -66.21% over the past year, -30.72% over the past 3 year, and -24.64% over the past 5 year. As of April 2012, the top 3 sectors are corporate bond, U.S. agency, and preferred.

2. Capstone Church Capital (Ticker: XCBFX)

Capstone Church Capital fund is a load fund invests in church mortgage bonds and loans. The church mortgage bonds are corporate bonds issued by non-profit organizations with Christian mission. Claude C. Cody IV is the fund manager. The sales load is 3.25% and the yield is 3.83%. Its expense ratio is 1.82%.

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You can buy this fund with $2,000 initial investment. This long term bond was offered by 19 brokerages. The year to date return is -5.52%. The 3 year beta risk is 0.04. It is rated with 2 stars by Morningstar.

3. Guggenheim Long Short Interest Rate Strategy A (RYBSX)

This Guggenheim Long Short Interest Rate Strategy fund is managed by T. Kirkham Barneby and Glenn Dorsey since 2010. Its annual expense ratio is 1.51%.  It has a sales load of 4.75%. This bond fund invests mainly in accordance with a highly quantitative investment model that is designed to identify a short-term interest rate outlook expressed in terms of exposure to the U.S. Treasury bond market.

Fund Performance

NoFund DescriptionTickerCategoryYTD Return %Expense RatioTotal Assets (mil)
1YieldQuest Total Return Bond InvYTRIXIntermediate-Term B-45.65%1.14%4
2Capstone Church CapitalXCBFXLong-Term Bond-5.52%1.82%40
3Guggenheim Long Short Int Rate Strat ARYBSXNontraditional Bond-2.67%1.51%77
4American Indep Abs Ret Bull Bear Bd AAABBXNontraditional Bond-1.77%1.25%26
5Federated Prudent DollarBear APSAFXWorld Bond-1.34%1.29%257
6SteelPath MLP and Infras Dbt AMLPUXIntermediate-Term B-1.30%-1
7American Indep Actv Intr Rate Mgmt AAATMXIntermediate Govern-1.06%0.62%10
8Brown Advisory Tactical Bond AdvisorBATBXLong-Term Bond-0.72%-30
9Northern Global Fixed IncomeNOIFXWorld Bond-0.71%1.08%13
10BlackRock Intl Bond Inv ABIIAXWorld Bond-0.43%1.16%233
11MassMutual Premier International Bond AMMNAXWorld Bond-0.40%1.20%42
12Wells Fargo Advantage Intl Bond AESIYXWorld Bond-0.35%1.02%1683

Municipal Bond Mutual Funds

Municipal bond funds invest mainly in various muni bonds whose interest exempt from federal tax rate or other states & local tax.

The YTD worst performer municipal bond mutual funds of 2012 are:
  1. Wells Fargo Advantage Ultra Short Term Municipal Income Inv (SMUAX)
  2. Federated Municipal Ultrashort A (FMUUX)
  3. BlackRock Short-Term Municipal Inv A (MELMX)
  4. PIMCO CA Short Duration Municipal Income A (PCDAX)
  5. Alpine Ultra Short Tax Optimized Income A (ATOAX)
  6. Frost Low Duration Municipal Bond A (FALMX)
  7. Bernstein Short Duration CA Municipal (SDCMX)
  8. SEI Tax-Exempt Short Duration Municipal A (SUMAX)
1. Wells Fargo Advantage Ultra Short Term Municipal Income Inv (SMUAX)

Ranked with 3 stars, Wells Fargo Advantage Ultra Short Term Municipal Income fund uses its assets to purchase municipal securities whose interest exempt from federal income tax. Its YTD return is 0.32%.

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AS of June 2012, the average effective duration is 0.33 years, and the average effective maturity is 0.89 years. The average credit quality is A. The top 3 holdings are Illinois St Var G O B 1.1%, New Jersey St Tpk Auth, and Georgia St Go Ref Bd.

2. Federated Municipal Ultrashort A (Ticker: FMUUX)

The Federated Municipal Ultrashort fund aim is to provide tax free income from federal regular income tax. Jeff A. Kozemchak is the current fund manager. With 2% sales load, it has $3.7 billion of total assets. The expense ratio fee is 0.80% per year. The yield is 0.77%.

You can buy this municipal bond fund with $1,500 initial funding. This short duration national muni bond fund has an annual portfolio turnover rate of 92%. Based on load adjusted return, this fund has a 5-year annualized return of 1.33%.

3. BlackRock Short-Term Municipal Inv A (MELMX)

BlackRock Short-Term Municipal fund has 0.67% expense ratio. It opens to new investors. The dividend yield is 0.80%. The top 5 sectors are State & Local General Obligation, Transportation, Industrial, Water & Sewer, and Education.

Fund Performance

NoFund DescriptionTickerCategoryYTD Return %Expense RatioTotal Assets (mil)
1Wells Fargo Advantage Ult S/T Mun In InvSMUAXMuni National Short0.32%0.70%7555
2Federated Municipal Ultrashort AFMUUXMuni National Short0.36%0.80%3749
3BlackRock Short-Term Municipal Inv AMELMXMuni National Short0.37%0.67%1034
4PIMCO CA Sh Dur Municipal Income APCDAXMuni Single State S0.37%0.73%261
5Alpine Ultra Short Tax Optimized Inc AATOAXMuni National Short0.41%0.88%1841
6Frost Low Duration Municipal Bond AFALMXMuni National Short0.46%0.85%82
7Bernstein Short Duration CA MunicipalSDCMXMuni Single State S0.51%0.63%101
8SEI Tax-Exempt Short Duration Muni ASUMAXMuni National Short0.51%0.63%733

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