T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Fund (TRBCX)

T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth fund (TRBCX) is a popular U.S. domestic stock mutual fund. This investment fund provides capital growth. This large growth equity fund focuses its investment in stocks of large and mid-cap growth companies.

T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth (MUTF: TRBCX)

The investment objective of T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth fund is to provide long-term growth of capital. Its secondary objective is to provide income. This equity fund invests majority of assets in the common stocks of large and medium-sized blue chip growth companies. It may also purchase other securities including foreign stocks, futures, and options.

Fund Details
T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth
  • Fund Inception Date: June 30, 1993
  • Ticker Symbol: TRBCX
  • CUSIP: 77954Q106
  • Beta (3yr): 1.10
  • Rank in category (YTD): 7%
  • Category: Large Growth
  • Yield: 0.06%
  • Capital Gains: 0%
  • Expense Ratio: 0.72%
  • Net Assets: $ 36.0 billion
  • Number of Years Up: 14 years
  • Number of Years Down: 4 years
  • Annual Turnover Rate: 44.20%
Updated on May 2017
This T. Rowe Price fund is managed by Larry J. Puglia. He is the Vice President of T. Rowe Price group. He started managing this growth stock fund since its inception in June 30, 1993. The fund has dividend yield of 0.11%. The most recent dividend distribution was in December 2011 ($0.02). The fund benchmarks are Lipper Large-Cap Growth Funds Average and S&P 500 Index. The 3-year beta risk is 1.10. The fund has annual expense ratio of 0.77%. This is a no-load fund. There is also no management fee for investing in this fund.

This domestic stock fund is ranked with 4-stars by Morningstar. It also has Bronze rating. Based on the load adjusted returns, the fund has returned 26.35% over the past 3-year and 5.27% over the past 5-year. The YTD return is 18.76%. The best 1-year total return was recorded in 2009 with 42.57%.
  • Year 2017: 14.54% (YTD)
  • Year 2016: 0.98%
  • Year 2015: 11.15%
  • Year 2014: 9.28%
  • Year 2013: 41.57%
This large growth mutual fund can be purchased with a minimum initial investment of $2,500 for brokerage account. For retirement account, the minimum initial investment is $1,000. There are 93 brokerages that provide the sale of this fund, such as E Trade Financial, JP Morgan, T. Rowe Price, Vanguard, Schwab Retail, Ameriprise Brokerage, Fidelity Retail Funds Network, Td Ameritrade Inc, etc. There is no other class for this fund.

As of March 2012, the top 10 holdings represent 36.82% of total net assets. They are Amazon.com Inc, Apple, Baidu, Danaher, Google, Master Card, Praxair, Qualcomm, Starbucks and priceline.com. As of March 31, 2012, this Blue Chip Growth Fund has a total of 137 holdings. The top sector diversifications are Information Technology (32.9%), Consumer Discretionary (23.9%), Industrial & Business Services (13.9%), Health Care (9.8%) and Financials (9.2%).

According to the fund website, the principal risks for investing in this fund are Active management risk, risks of stock investing, foreign investing risk, investment style risk, etc.

  • No sales load
  • Low expense ratio
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Note: This T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Fund (TRBCX) is part of Kiplinger's 25 Best Mutual Funds.


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