Thornburg International Growth Fund (TIGAX)

Investing internationally is important for investor because of the global economy. Finding the right international companies to invest in can be challenging. The easiest way is to find the best rated international equity mutual fund. Thornburg International Growth A fund is one of the top international stock funds. Details fund’s review is described below.

Thornburg International Growth A (MUTF: TIGAX)

The Thornburg International Growth investment fund objective is to achieve long-term growth of capital. This Foreign Large Growth Equity fund invests mainly in companies stocks around the world with growth potential. It may own a variety of securities, including debt securities or bonds. The fund may invest in developing countries and in smaller companies with market capitalizations of <$500 million.

TIGAX Fund Details
Thornburg International Growth fund
  • Fund Inception Date: February 1, 2007
  • Ticker Symbol: TIGAX
  • CUSIP: 885-215-319 
  • Beta (3yr): 0.93
  • Rank in category (YTD): 2%
  • Category: Foreign Large Growth
  • Distribution: 0.23%
  • Net Assets: $ 196.33 million
  • Sales Load: 4.50%
  • Expense Ratio: 1.60%
  • Capital Gains: N/A
  • Number of Years Up: 2 years
  • Number of Years Down: 1 year
updated on 10/19/2011

Alexander Motola has been the fund’s manager of this Thornburg fund since its inception in February 2007. The minimum balance to invest in this best international stock fund is $5,000 for brokerage account and $2,000 for IRA account. The minimum subsequent investment for both accounts is $100. This fund charges 12b1 fee of 0.25% and front-end sales load of 4.50%. The fund total net asset is $196.33 million. This fund’s dividend yield is 0.23%. The annual turnover rate is 129%. This figure is higher than the average in the Foreign Large Growth category (82.75%).

The average expense ratio in the category is 1.50%, while the expense ratio of this TIGAX is 1.60%. Morningstar has rated 5-stars rating for this fund. As explained, this is the highest rating for any mutual fund. Since its inception, this fund has recorded with 2 years of positive return and 1 year of negative return. The performance of this fund since its inception is as follow:
  • Year 2010: 27.26%
  • Year 2009: 44.81%
  • Year 2008: -50.32%
This TIGAX fund has 13.47% YTD return. Based on the load adjusted return, this top fund has returned 32.31% over the past year and 7.69% over the past three years.

This foreign large growth stock fund can be purchased from 60 brokerages include JP Morgan, TD Ameritrade Inc, Scottrade Load, Edward Jones, E Trade Financial, Pershing Fund Centre, Firstrade, etc. This best fund is available in other classes, such as Class C (TIGCX), Institutional Class (TINGX), Retirement Class (TIGVX or TINVX or TINFX).

As of June 2011, the top 10 holdings of this Thornburg Fund are CNOOC Ltd (2.8%), Price Smart Inc (2.7%), Inc (2.5%), Baidu Inc ADR (2.5%), Orpea (2.4%), Xing AG (2.4%), Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA (2.4%), ASM International NV (2.4%), Cenovus Energy Inc (2.3%) and Carphone Warehouse Group Plc (2.3%). The top countries of this fund are UK (14.6%), China (10.5%), Japan (7.6%), Germany (7.0%) and France (5.2%). The top 5 industries of this TIGAX fund are Software & Services, Retailing, Consumer Services, Commercial & Professional Services and Health Care Equipment & Services.

According to the fund’s prospectus, investing in this fund involves investment risks such as Management Risk, Market and Economic Risk, Risk Affecting Specific Issuers, Smaller Company Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Credit Risk, Foreign Investment Risk, etc.

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