Top Performer Closed End Funds of Week 41, 2011

The following is the top performer CEFs for week 41 of 2011. The top performing funds include Alpine Global Premier Properties, Foxby Corporation, ING International High Dividend Equity Income and more.

These past 2 weeks have been great for investor. The market provided double digit returns. Closed End Funds were among the top performing funds. The following funds have returned 10% or higher for the past week. Majority of these outperformers are global equity funds, growth funds, real estate sector funds, etc.

The 12 Top Performer Closed End Funds CEFs 2011 (Week 41) are:
  1. Alpine Global Premier Properties (AWP)
  2. Foxby Corp (FXBY)
  3. Equus Total Return (EQS)
  4. RENN Global Entrepreneurs (RCG)
  5. ING International High Dividend Equity Income (IID)
  6. Avenue Income Credit Strategies (ACP)
  7. JF China Region Fund (JFC)
  8. Templeton Russia & East European (TRF)
  9. DCA Total Return Fund (DCA)
  10. Lazard World Dividend & Income (LOR)
  11. Gabelli Global Utility & Income (GLU)
  12. Aberdeen Australia Equity (IAF)
Note: Week 41 = October 10, 2011 till October 16, 2011

Table 1: Funds information

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